Bloggy Blitz Sale Day 1 – Mixed Media

Bloggy Blitz Sale Day 1 – Mixed Media

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in! Where did that year go?!? Well, it’s that time of year again, when we have a Bloggy Blitz Sale of all things non Clarity, in the lead up to GRAY FRIDAY! We will be running parallel on both blogs this week; the guys have got all the details listed on the Clarity Matters Blog, and – time permitting – I shall be adding a little colourful artwork and a few tricks n tips.


Mixed Media – Up to 50% off!

Today is Mixed Media Monday. You can get up to 50% off a selection of our fantastic mixed media products for the next 24 hours!

40% off – Relief Paste – Texture Paste

Viva Decor Reliefpaste

Texture paste is perfect for use with stencils, and creates a wonderfully tactile surface on canvas projects – Paint over it, ink over it, whatever you like! It’s a marvelous addition to any mixed media project.

£6.98 £4.19

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.77

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £3.56

50% off – Découpage Kleber & Lack – Glue, Sealant & Varnish 3 in 1

Remember these little canvases? Well, this is the gear we use to attach the copy paper to the canvas board. For use in traditional découpage, this paste is also perfect layered paper projects, and for sealing canvas projects once they’re complete. I think it’s an Essential.

£5.99  £2.99

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.70

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £2.55

50% off – Foto Transfer Medium

Cor! We had some fun with this! It works so well!

This paste is used to transfer images from pictures or photos to canvas, with complete ease – It’s magic!

£5.99  £2.99

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.70

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £2.55

25% off – Servietten Technik – Glue & Top Coat

Perfect for use with delicate papers and tissues, this is the glue and sealant you would want to use with fine papers.

£3.49  £2.62

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.36

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £2.22

25% off – Modelling Cream

Rich, decadent texture paste with a metallic sheen. Pull through stencils or use as paint. Splendid stuff!

£10.00  £7.50

+ 10% Gold Club Member £6.75

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £6.38

25% off – Inka Gold

A metallic wax product, ideal for bringing metallic finish to various surfaces. Can be used in combination with texture paste for a really unique finish.

£7.00  £5.25

+ 10% Gold Club Member £4.73

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £4.46

25% off – Mica Paste

A fantastic Gold Mica Paste, rich and versatile. Perfect for parchment, and brilliant on other media.

£14.99  £11.24

+ 10% Gold Club Member £10.12

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £9.56

Just below are a few essential mixed media tools that you’ll want to stock up on –

25% off – Palette Knives – Set of Three

£4.99  £3.74

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.37

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £3.18

25% off – Size 14 Flat Brush

£2.50  £1.88

+ 10% Gold Club Member £1.69

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £1.59

25% off – Sponge Brushes

£2.99  £2.24

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.02

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £1.91

25% off – A5 Frame Mounts & Backing Boards – Set Of Four

£8.99  £6.74

+ 10% Gold Club Member £6.07

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £5.73

25% off – 12″ x 12″ Frame Mounts & Backing Boards – Set of Four

£17.99  £13.49

+ 10% Gold Club Member £12.14

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £11.47

33% off Clear Display Stands And Canvas Boards

Although these products are part of the Clarity range, we think they should be included – but at our 33% clarity discount:

Clear Display Stands (All Sizes)

Canvas Boards (All Sizes)

25% off Pentart Range

And finally, we’ve knocked 25% off our range of Pentart products.

Gesso Paste White & Black

£10.99  £8.24

+ 10% Gold Club Member £7.42

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £7.00

Heavy Body Gel Matte & Glossy

£5.99  £4.49

+ 10% Gold Club Member £4.04

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £3.82

Shiny Gel Paste

£5.99  £4.49

+ 10% Gold Club Member £4.04

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £3.82

Structure Paste

£7.00  £5.25

+ 10% Gold Club Member £4.73

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £4.46

Pentart Metal Flakes Set One & Two

These are – in the words of Tina Turner – simply the best. This is where I would be spending my money. The metallic flakes randomly strewn and attached to canvases and abstract cards are a game changer. And the sets come with the glue you need to do the job.

£35.70  £26.78

+ 10% Gold Club Member £24.10

+ 15% Diamond Club Member £22.76

Looking for a little inspiration in the Mixed Media department? Look no further, here’s a lovely tutorial which features the metallic Modeling Cream.

And here’s another, our most recent video at the Clarity YouTube channel, featuring Sam Crowe using texture paste with stencils and paint. Marvelous stuff.

Right then, Clarity friends and budding mixed media artists! You’ve got 24 hours to pick up any of these products at a bargain price. Perfect for gifts, or to gift to yourself! Stockpiling springs to mind here….

And one more thing: If you’re not in the Clarity Club, when you look at the additional savings, you may want to consider joining 1, 2 ,3 or all 4 clubs BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER! Call Louise or Jeannine today, on 01732 868215, then they will push your membership and thereby your additional discounts through immediately.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Bloggy Blitz Sale Day 1 – Mixed Media

  1. Thank you for the awesome sale 😁
    I watched the u tube by Sam the other day love the techniques x
    Off to order now x

  2. Not for me either as I am not massively into mass media and already have what I need.
    Looking forward to seeing what else comes up this week.

  3. It’s party time! Waiting for the post already!!! I have never done messy but I love the effect that Sam got on Tuesday’s youtube and have tried it and loved it. As Maria was using a similar technique in her youtube, that encouraged me to get the modelling cream. Think you are all in for a busy week but hopefully a good one. We have a really hard frost this morning. Everything is white but there is a beautiful blue sky and a day filled with sunshine ahead. Hx

  4. Hi Barb – it’s been a LONG long time since I commented here. A lot has happened since then – hubby has been so ill for 18 months and to cut a long story short – we have been living with relatives in Warwick for several months now, and they have been looking after us both. Last Tuesday Neill had an upgraded pacemaker fitted, complete with 2 leads and a defibrillator – the one lead pacemaker and a combination of the wrong drugs had damaged his heart and he was in heart failure. However, I cannot praise the hospital here in Warwick enough – they have been amazing. I haven’t been able to craft for SO long, but I have put a little order in today and it’s my step forward to crafting again. I shall stop now, as I am in danger of taking over your blog – sorry Barb! I have watched you on tv whenever it has been possible and you never fail to lift my spirits. Thank you xxxx

    1. Sending you and Neill a big hug Gilly, sounds like you’ve both had a bit of a year. Lovely to see you though and enjoy playing when you get the time xx

    2. My very best wishes to you and Neill. So glad the hospital was on the ball. I know how stressful it can be in these situations but thank goodness for supporting family. Hope your new foray into crafting helps you to relax.
      Love and hugs 🍒

    3. Hi Gilly,
      So sorry to hear that Neill has been so poorly – you must’ve been worried sick. I’m glad to hear that it sounds as though the medics are on top of it now. I hope that you have been taking care of yourself too and that you’re ok. I’ve missed you on the blog. Sending you both lots of love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  5. Hi Barbara
    Goodness this year has flown by hasn’t it, I’m looking forward to Friday but will have to be a bit selective this year I think . New laptop required urgently by penniless student takes priority unfortunately! It’s good to see the you tube inspiration, one day I will have a play with messy!
    Love Diane xxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Some fabulous offers today but I’m being very good – waiting for those oxides to appear. I’m trying to get into mixed media and do have quite a bit of stuff already, so I’ll have to make do with that. I have a feeling that you’re going to have a very busy couple of weeks though!!! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  7. Hello Barb, this was very tempting, but am waiting for other items to make their way into my basket. Love the videos though, very inspiring. Take care all. Bx

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