A Bauble step by step and a Bloggy Sale heads up…

A Bauble step by step and a Bloggy Sale heads up…

Hi there,

Good of you to pop in. Always nice to know somebody’s out there! Earlier today. Lost my way with the early morning blog routine there for a bit. Back on track now. Got a lot on my plate…

Here’s a little step by step, using one of the new 2-way bauble stamps I drew. These are proving to be very popular indeed, so the more ideas, the better, eh!

  1. Let’s begin. Load the negative image, the second stamp in the set, with a selection of Distress Oxides, and plant on a piece of Clarity Stencil Card. Don’t buy any Oxides yet though!

HEADS UP!! Wait until this coming Thursday, because they are in the INKY DAY SALE at a brilliant price. Seriously. 24 hours.

  • 2. Spritz the ink left on the stamp with water, and plant a second image on another piece of Clarity Stencil Card cut into quarters. Leave it to dry. The first image make a lovely card. I’ve got loads! But you can always get a second watercolour image off the stamp, too.
  • 3. Clean the stamp, ink it up with Versamark. Stamp straight over the top of the same image. Sprinkle clear embossing over the ink, tap off excess and heat to set.

By the way, the embossing powders are on sale on Thursday too!

  • 4. Next step: you need an ink pad which is water-based or dye-based, which you can wipe off the glazed area. So: Artistry inks, Distress inks, Distress Oxides, Adirondacks. I say I say I say ! Thursday is your day!!!

Use a blending tool and sponge (Ahhh! That’s a TUESDAY THING! It’s a Bottled inks day!)

  • 5. Load the round sponge with a dark grey, moody blue, dark ink pad, using small circular motions. Start on the bauble and work your way out. When you have got seriously dark coverage, wipe the bauble clean. Magic.
  • 6. Then spritz and blot the whole little piece. That will mottle the background.
  • 7. When the ink has dried, round up the sides with scissor blades, and mount on a second white piece of card using matching Pergamano brads. We have loads of colours.
  • 8. Add a sentiment – JOY – from the Christmas and Occasions Stickers. I love these!

Psst. If you’re wanting to buy them, hold fire and wait till GRAY FRIDAY…They’re quite new I know, but it IS Christmas, and you need them NOW, not in January!

9. The Ranger Distress Markers are the last finishing touch. Use them to create a drop shadow and add interest to the moon. The Mustard Seed pen will lift the darkness, like a blotter. The Picket Fence pence will whiten it. Creates a very atmospheric little sphere…

Distress Marker Set. Hang on! Let me check…Yep. DAY 4 Bloggy Blitz Sale… 30% off, plus your club discounts.

Here are the three new baubles of the season. CLICK HERE TO INVESTIGATE. 

There’s still a buy all 3 sets for the price of 2 on the website! I just spotted it!

According to our stats, these are the second biggest selling Claritystamps of the year. Guess what was the biggest selling set? Yep. the Floral ABC. That gives us all hope then, especially me, with my ‘O’ level art! And on that happy note, I’m about to get inky-painty, investigating a whole new type of stamp we have developed. Coming very soon !

Before I get messy, I have to say it again: if you aren’t a Clarity New Design Club member, you really ought to consider the 10-15% savings – apart from all the monthly stash !!! I just checked the prices. Get in early, while stock lasts. I don’t usually bang on about the selly side of our business, I get too caught up in the art part; but this next week – starting tomorrow and leading right up to our GRAY DAY SALE WEEKEND – is too good NOT to take full advantage of. A huge range of NON CLARITY PRODUCTS go on sale each day, from Monday to Thursday. And then, Friday – Brace yourself Rodney! It’s GRAY FRIDAY!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS Just checked. The baubles aren’t in the GRAYDAYSALE. Anything that new isn’t, only because I personally HATE it when I buy something, and a week later it’s in the sale! But the 3 for 2 still stands xx

28 thoughts on “A Bauble step by step and a Bloggy Sale heads up…

  1. Wow love the look of this way of using the bauble stamps, thanks for the step by step guide. Also thanks for the heads up on the week ahead, need to make a list of what I am missing ready to act as soon as the bargains appear online. I could help FC with his purchases for under the tree.
    Enjoy your inky painty session & I look forward to seeing what the new products are x

  2. Thanks for this and the heads up to check each day. Currently covered in glittery crafty goodness making Christmas cards xx

  3. We all love a bargain, and thanks so much for your generosity, and for giving us the heads up so that we don’t buy and then find things are reduced!!! A little kindness goes a long way xxx

  4. Love, love, love these baubles. Made a few cards already just using them in their basic way and they are fab. Love the results..
    I now need to find more time to play to create the above.
    Thank you Barbara.

  5. Whoooo, still got a bit of the dosh left from the small inheritance – making a list already.
    Do you have a suggestion box please? I just have a couple of ideas regarding the new design clubs (specifically stamping); 1 – please could you consider including a suitable sized l piece of masking material with the monthly stamp – if the stamp is ‘maskable’ that is and, 2 – why isn’t there a New Designs Club display board (s) when you are at open days etc. I bet more people would join if they could get an idea of what might be on offer (I loved that little umbrella die).
    Hope you are all well
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

    1. Hi Maggie. Good ideas indeed. We really need to get our act together regarding the club! Mind you, I am pitching it on telly the next Sunday I am on, so that will certainly help, too. And I’ll be selling the complete sets from last year and the year before, so that will help those who want to collect the whole set, and those who want to catch up. xx

  6. A big thank you for thinking of your customers rather than the bottom line – it’s not every business that would encourage potential customers to delay a purchase in order to take advantage of a forthcoming sale (though I have to say, Mum had similar good service this week from a well-known health food shop – “H****** & B******” – she went in for some frankincense and the assistant suggested that she might want to wait until next week, when it would be on offer). Of course, it’s that kind of good service that keeps us coming back for more!

  7. Hi there, yes, I’d be peeved if new things were in the sale, although I woudn’t be if they were things I hadn’t got round to buying yet LOL !! Grooving this afternoon and the cat from next door but one decided to join me ! I posted a pick on FB page. I’m doing another of the ones we made at Ronk’s class on Thursday in Oxford. Have a good evening and week. X. P.s. new stamp idea – oh no ! X

  8. Thanks for not putting the new things in the sale – it is so frustrating, as you recognise. You are still so naughty! I hope it covers all the new ventures that are coming. I am looking forward to the details… Love the step by step.

  9. I have a question: Is the Club membership also available in the U.S.? If so, where will I find it to join them? Thank you for all you do! I really enjoy your products as I discovered the Groovi system earlier this year. A real ‘newbie’ to parchment! Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!

      1. Yes please Barbara dies for baubles. I am making Christmas decorations at Berkswell pottery on Saturday. I understand your love xxxx

  10. What’s that….sounds like something in pain? Oh dear…its my credit card groaning in anticipation of the week/Gray Day weekend! Roflol! Aah well, it has to be done and there’s a lot worse out there we could be spending on. Step by step looks good…not yet got the bauble stamps…just saying! x

    1. For a minute there, I wondered why the pain! You are comical! I went online to wish Linda Williams a very happy birthday this morning, got side-tracked, and within half an hour was £150 lighter! And I had forgotten to go chat to Linda!! Gulp.

  11. Hi Barb,
    Thank you for the heads up re different offers. As others have said it’s not something that many firms would do. I am very sorely tempted with the baubles and I do love the Groovi ones too. I have finished my Xmas cards for this year but they would come in handy for next year! Looking forward to the Oxide sales too!!! I did promise myself that I wouldn’t / couldn’t buy anything ……. BUT!! Really love the art you’ve created for us today. Oh no! A new type of stamp! I’ll never be rich!! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  12. This is a great look with these baubles Barbara, the dark background is so different, quite dramatic, and love the grungy look with the distressed edges. x

  13. Love the art you have created with the baubles. I would love to see these as Dies for next year.
    Thanks for the heads up on the forthcoming offers. I have a small list of “would likes” but not essentials, so If they come up in the next few days I will be spending some of my Christmas money. You really spoil us and I am very grateful for all the savings we make.
    A while ago I invested in some blank masking sheets from Clarity and have made masks for many of the club stamps. Usually get 2-3 masks out of 1 sheet and they last well if looked after. Perhaps Margaret-Ann could consider this?
    Had a busy, busy day today, unfortunately no crafting, so off to eat and relax now. Have a good evening.

  14. I need all the help I can get! I am definitely not an artist. I have had a play last night and this afternoon with acrylic paints, stencils and Relief-Papierpaste with varying degrees of success. I loved Sam’s demonstration but get so frustrated when it all goes pear shaped! The gel plate was a disaaaaaster – as someone once said! I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong – too much paint, paint not dry before next layer goes on – who knows! I’ll check YouTube Tuesdays again tomorrow and see if I can sort it out! That will be in between shopping!! Thanks for your demo today. Have a good week. Hx

  15. That is very Arty Barb, looking forward to the sales and Gray Friday, may just pick up something for my Christmas present. Take care all. Bx

  16. Barbara did a lovely demo with these the last time she was at the nec Birmingham 2019 I believe and was wondering if anyone had a video of it many thanks

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