Bloggy Blitz Sale Day 2 – Bottled Inks etc

Bloggy Blitz Sale Day 2 – Bottled Inks etc

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in again. Wow! You certainly found the flakes and pastes yesterday! How interesting it is to see how many more of us are stretching ourselves in the mixed media world, trying new things. There’s something very freeing about just going with the arty process, isn’t there? And I’ve learned not to be so judgemental of my own work, too.

Right. Day 2 in the Clarity House, and what’s on offer for 24 hours? WOOHOO!! My faves! The best in the building!!

25% off Adirondack Alcohol Inks

These sell well all year round, because you also love them. But they don’t go off, they last for years, so dive in! We have a limited stock on these, so when they’re gone they’re gone. First come, first served!

RRP £4.00 BBP £3.00

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.70

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.55

25% off Bottled Alcohol Ink Packs

We have got triple packs of Ranger Alcohol Inks in a variety of colour combinations with some rather charming names; Beach Deco, Nature Walk and Dockside Picnic to name just three. The colours have obviously been gathered together in sets by experts – they work well together.

RRP – £13.00 – BBP – £9.75

+10% Gold Club Member – £8.78

+15% Diamond Club Member – £8.29

Blending Solution

A completely essential item to include with your alcohol inks is the blending solution! Add one to your basket now.

HEADS UP! Next week, I’m launching a superb new line of Claritystamps. One of the best demos I’ve got lined up involves alcohol inks. Just sayin….

25% off Distress Re-Inkers

Mmmm. Here’s another one of my all time faves. Have you ever tried the Shaving Foam trick? I did it years ago in a Youtube. Let me see if we can dig it out….

These re-inkers from Ranger are fantastic for your inky projects and with a wide variety of colours, there is something for everyone. Head over to our Claritystamp Youtube Channel, and type in BOTTLED INK. You will be amazed what you can do with bottled inks!

RRP – £5.00 – BBP – £3.75

+10% Gold Club Member – £3.38

+15% Diamond Club Member – £3.19


25% off Distress Oxide Sprays

These sprays are pretty epic. Top tip: wear gloves!! They’re like liquid Distress Oxide Pads in a handy spray bottle. They’re a fusion of dye and pigment ink – very, very cool and quintessentially mixed media.

RRP – £6.00 BBP – £4.50

+10% Gold Club Member – £4.05

+15% Diamond Club Member – £3.83

25% off Alcohol Yupo Paper

This synthetic paper is great for your alcohol inks. In fact, its how our Designer Papers were created (don’t forget to check those designer papers out on Friday )

RRP – £10.00 BBP – £7.50

+10% Gold Club Member – £6.75

+15% Diamond Club Member – £6.38

25% off Alcohol Ink Applicator Tools

These applicator tools and felts are the gear you need to apply alcohol ink to Yupo Paper or Chromo Card. E for Essential!

RRP – £4.99 BBP – £3.74

+10% Gold Club Member – £3.37

+15% Diamond Club Member – £3.18

25% off Alcohol Ink Applicator Felt

And here’s the refill pack of felts.

RRP – £4.99 BBP – £3.74

+10% Gold Club Member – £3.37

+15% Diamond Club Member – £3.18

25% off Artistry Ink Blending Tool

RRP – £2.99 BBP – £2.24

+10% Gold Club Member – £2.02

+15% Diamond Club Member – £1.91

25% off Artistry Ink Foam

RRP – £2.99 BBP – £2.24

+10% Gold Club Member – £2.02

+15% Diamond Club Member – £1.91

Not to be confused with the felt. These round blending tools and sponges are just the ticket for applying dye based ink to card. Get the round ones for that job, and add a pack of round refill sponges to your basket – one for every colour!

25% off Ink Blending Tool (Square)

We’ve also got the square sponges. I actually use them for dabbing acrylic paint through stencils. They can be washed, by the way.

RRP – £4.25 BBP – £3.19

+10% Gold Club Member – £2.87

+15% Diamond Club Member – £2.71

25% off Alcohol Ink Blending Foam

Here are the refills. Well worth getting. A foam pad for each colour ink, with a few to spare for paint.

RRP – £4.25 BBP – £3.19

+10% Gold Club Member – £2.87

+15% Diamond Club Member – £2.71

25% off Cut ‘n’ Dry Felt

Ever wanted to create your own custom stamp pad? Now you can with the cut ‘n’ dry felt. Have you ever done this? It’s really clever. Watch this old Youtube tutorial of mine. My hair was so short!!

RRP – £7.00 BBP – £5.25

+10% Gold Club Member – £4.73

+15% Diamond Club Member – £4.46

And finally, now for something fabulous…

25% off Ranger Mica Powders

I know right! Mica ‘POWDERS’. Inks sale… Powders? Just wait. Just add water to a spritzer bottle with the powder and voila… ink spray. Add water on a blending mat and boom… mineral paint. Use them on adhesive tape for a metallic finish. So many possibilities. Check out the Youtube on the Clarity Matters blog to see a load of tricks n tips.

I want to show you a really old video of mine, which uses mica powders in conjunction with double-sided adhesive sheets.

RRP – £2.99 BBP – £2.24

+10% Gold Club Member – £2.02

+15% Diamond Club Member – £1.91

I think that’ll do it for today. Happy shopping! Tomorrow we turn the focus onto PAINTS and the fantastic GelPress Plates! They’re another must have for me. With ink or paint!

love and hugs,

Barb xxx

9 thoughts on “Bloggy Blitz Sale Day 2 – Bottled Inks etc

  1. Wow I can see another order being placed , already had email about yesterday order . Just a thought ,would it be possible to put all my orders in one pile and send as one , would that save postage , or even be feasible due to storage space ? I am loving seeing all the items I’d not thought about for a while . Thanks Barb

  2. OK, so I think today’s the day to finally invest in some alcohol inks, the question is, which ones?
    There used to be two 6 bottle starter sets, but I can find out which colours they contained, can anyone help?
    Alternatively I welcome suggestions for good colours to start with – and please don’t just say “all of them” 😉
    Many thanks in advance

  3. Hi again Barb – I am not going to order anything today, but I have already had an email to say that my little order from yesterday is on it’s way! I am holding fire for the moment – did I hear you mention Designer Papers on Friday?!
    I would just like to say a very big THANK YOU for the lovely comments yesterday – they mean such a lot.
    I am also happy to say that during the last few months we have sold our cottage in Cornwall and have bought a bungalow in Ledbury, where we have very special friends and many family members are within an hour’s drive. Best of all, I am finally getting a craft room – it will have to double up as a guest bedroom, but it’s doable! I feel so blessed – at last I will just be able to leave things out and shut the door. Enjoy your shopping everyone, Gilly x

  4. Thank you, Barbara, for the amazing sale and your real consideration in putting up the great demos to help. No wonder you have so many loyal customers. You really are someone special.

  5. Since postage to the US is high, I’m finding that I’m afraid to order since the next day’s might be something I want more, LOL! Too bad, since I will probably miss out on a lot because of that darned postage. When is that New York branch opening for us over here so we can get some relief from that high cost of mailing?

  6. Just checking my inks – may have to order later. Have reserved pennies for the new plates which look just up my street.
    What’s next I wonder?
    Received 2orders in 1 box yesterday followed 15 minutes later by another order, but not able to play today, tomorrow is reserved for a massive
    Clarityfest!!! 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Decided to have a go at mixed media, but missed out yesterday because of using the wrong browser when trying to place my order! I’m a crafter, not an IT person, and had no idea till I emailed Clarity and Louise got back to me. Thank you Louise.
    Have now successfully placed an order and look forward to possibly placing a few more!!
    Thanks Barbara and the Clarity Team.

  8. Hello Barb, another wonderful Blitzy offer, so many goodies, but have to sit on my hands, as I know exactly what I am waiting for. Love the videos, always good to go back and look at hings you have and how to use them. Take care all. Bx

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