¡Ay, caramba!

¡Ay, caramba!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. What a fab Selly Telly Weekend we had on HOCHANDA! Just so busy! Cherry’s beautiful stamps, then Tina and Jim’s Picot Flowers! Unreal! And what a pleasure it was too! Really fun! Let me introduce you to the Sunday crew…we worked our socks off!

From Left to right. Barb – that’ll be me then!
Molly – Floor Manager
Paula – Presenter
Paul – Barb’s right hand
Charlotte – Producer
Chris – Director/Cameraman
Oooh I say! Who’s that snuck in at the other end?
SAM CROWE? What’s she doing there???

Sam Crowe on HOCHANDA. What a splendid idea! Well, she did her screen test on Sunday, and nailed it brilliantly. Now she’s down here at Clarity Towers for the week, and we are making a plan for 2020 – as you do! So now you know why she was at Hochanda. Sam’s personality, artwork and designs will be a perfect addition to Arty Clarity. She’s been a loyal and lovely friend and design team member for several years; Sam’s developed a wonderful mixed media style of her own – and she’s definitely more than capable of teaching and entertaining us all on telly. She spent the day behind the scenes, watching how it works, and was really, REALLY impressed what what a friendly, helpful crew they all are. And that without exception. You should have seen us all after the 2-4 Stamp & Groovi show! Clapping and Hi-fiving. These young people were genuinely delighted that we had such a brilliant sell out result. It was a serious 2-hour power show! We were all going like the clappers! Proper teamwork makes the dream work, eh?

Exciting times. I love working with these young creatives. I genuinely enjoy HOCHANDA; it’s so refreshingly relaxed but professional. And believe you me – other TV channels are available, and I have had a taste of several.

Thank you so much for watching and supporting. Not only does it feel good to know that you like what we are serving – it also helps keep the wheels on the Clarity train oiled! Onwards and upwards with vigour!

Time for supper: cheese on toast! We took a vote. Log fire. Cheese on toast with a cuppa in front of the box. Unanimous. Now I just need to convince the other 2 we want to watch Sanditon on Catch up! Sidney’s a bit of a Poldark, isn’t he? At lots of levels…

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

33 thoughts on “¡Ay, caramba!

  1. Congratulations on the shows , brilliant . I’ve just caught up on sanditon love these sort of shows . Thinking I’ll have to do overtime to get everything or remortgage the house 😂😂 keep up the great work x

  2. I enjoyed the shows on Sunday, those stamps were a must even before they were launched. Love the designs. Great to hear Sam Crowe is going on the telly too, learnt so much from her You Tube videos. I have been watching Sanditon, oooo Sidney is a bit of a dish! XX

  3. Fantastic shows, super samples, all made for an exciting weekend, and a definite mega spend !!! Paul looked tired so I hope he gets a good rest tonight. You as usual looked full of beans.
    The new presenters did well today, haven’t seen them before. Look forward to seeing Sam on telly.
    Are you really considering picot butterflies? Yes, yes, yes please. These would be a wonderful addition to the stash.
    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Hi Barb, so happy for you, your team, and Hochanda. Your shows were superb from this side of the camera too. Made my Sunday a good one, a wee oasis in my day. What brilliant news that Sam is going to start on Hochanda. I think I can learn a lot from Sam, from what I’ve seen on her Clarity youtubes. Enjoy your cheese on toast. I miss toast, hot toast with butter melted in, or cheese toasties, fresh wholemeal granary bread that you cut yourself, mmmm. Ah well, at least I was able to enjoy those things before all my food allergies came to the surface. What is Sanditon? I guess it’s something not on freeview, none of your good programmes ever are…!!! Hope you have a lovely evening with your feet up xxx

    1. Hello Brenda
      Sanditon is on Sundays, 9pm, ITV. Next week is the last one. It is a story based on an unfinished novel by Jane Austen. Due to various circumstances I haven’t watched any of the episodes either.

      1. Thanks Roz. I’ve just checked, it’s only on ITV, not STV, that’s how I haven’t noticed it. I can’t watch it online either, as ITV player doesn’t let you watch if you are in the STV area 🙁. I’ll remember the name in case STV has it on at some point in the future. Xx

  5. Looking forward to seeing Sam on Hochanda. She has a brilliant talent of turning a wee bit paint and stencils and stamps into amazing artwork and shares how she achieves it with others in her easy going way. I was at her workshop last week in Newton Ayecliff and it was amazing.
    Loved watching the shows, the design team are so talented with all their samples.

  6. Very excited to hear Sam is coming to the telly box! I look forward to catching up with your shows when I get home. X

  7. Great shows and Cherry’s designs are beautiful but I have resisted (for the time being…lol!). Sam on selly telly will be very entertaining and informative, she has a fab sense of humour and does some great techniques. One thing tho’ is she going to have a clean Gelli plate? Sorry but i had to ask….Rofl!

  8. I watched your stamping shows on Sunday and they were simply awesome, might have had to buy a few stamps!! 😉😉 Ooh R Sam on TV – what a brilliant idea, she will go down a storm. I always knew you were something special when I first saw you at the NEC 20ish years ago and you have never failed to disappoint. Onwards and upwards forever!! Love Clarity. Xxxxx

  9. Love that Sam is coming to tv she is an inspiration. Glad the shows were a success never doubted it the designs were so 😎

  10. Hi Barbara and everyone, loved the shows on Sunday.
    The flower and leaf dies as so special, a lovely addiction to my now growing Clarity dies.
    You never disappoint us with brilliant products for everyone.
    Thank you and all your talented design team and staff for all your hard work .
    Lynn xxx

  11. Loved the shows today – thanks for the email reminding me of your blog and the clarity matters blog – I do read them!!

  12. Exciting news that Sam is joining the tv crew on Hochanda always love watching and learning from Sam. Have couple shows to catch up on from today but loved the ones seen looking forward to playing with them pop in through letter box. Enjoy you week with Sam xx xxx

  13. Congratulations to you all. Really happy to know that Sam will be on Telly as love her inspirational videos. And yes…Sidney is definitely the new Phwaw on a Sunday night …especially when he’s been skinny dipping. Wink wink. Love and hugs, Jeanette xx

  14. Well done all! I’d just like to add that, having watched Sam on YouTube and some live demos, I’m a huge admirer of her style and talent. She will be a smash hit on Hochanda without a doubt and I look forward to the first Sam Crowe Show! All the best.

  15. Congratulations to all on a fantastic Sunday. Great demonstrations and lovely new items. Looking forward to seeing Sam on Hochanda, so pleased her test went well.

  16. Fantastic news! Congratulations Sam! You’ll be great on live TV. Really looking forward to your Hochanda debut!

  17. Hello Barb, the shows were brilliant, and the products are just awesome. Looks like a great team to work with, and Sam, you will just add more brilliance to an already sparkling team, looking forward to seeing you on the telebox. The cheese on toast sounds really yummy. Take care all. Bx

  18. Sam will be brilliant on TV. Such a lovely person. The weekend shows were great and I got to see most of them which was even better. Well done. X

  19. What a great weekend. Well done to all the team. I loved Cherry’s stamps and the picot flowers. Spent Monday afternoon and evening playing with one of Cherry’s birds which I won in the raffle at Leyburn. Tried stamping on stencil card and parchment but think I must have used the wrong ink for parchment. It took nearly all day to dry and still left a print on the kitchen roll! Learning process. I also finished a card for my friend’s birthday which I will post on FB in a couple of days. Looking forward to seeing what Sam does when she comes onto Hochanda. She will do so well. She is just such a lovely person. Have a good week. Hx

  20. Thanks, Barb, it was a fantastic weekend. I just hope you’ve all had some rest after putting so many miles and hours on the clock! xoxo

  21. Congratulations to Sam for becoming part of Clarity’s TV team, she will be great! I love the photo of you all with the Hochanda Sunday crew, and can tell that it is a very special place and how well you all get on together. Looking forward to seeing Sam on Hochanda soon. x

  22. Hi Barb,
    The shows were brilliant and it was good to see you working with Paula – you certainly have a fan there! Wow! Sam Crowe on tv! How did you manage to persuade her! Really looking forward to seeing her shows – she is very inspirational and might even persuade me to get all inky, painty and generally mucky! Hope the cheese on toast went down well. I watched the first episode of Sanditon but couldn’t get into it. Might have to give it another go. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  23. I an very pleased that we will see more of Sam, I thoroughly enjoyed her U Tube Tuesdays and hope to see her do more more. Still waiting for my order!

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