82 Today? No! 28!!

82 Today? No! 28!!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Happy Birthday to our Mum. Getting younger by the year! We’ve had a very pleasant couple of days, mooching and chatting.

Delicious cake kindly made by Sheila. Thanks Sheila!!

And this evening we’re going on a special excursion. Big surprise. The parents don’t know where we’re going. They just know smart dress required! More will be revealed….

As for Clarity – it’s the last day of the Sale of the Season today. So until midnight today, you can still dip in online, and treat yourself to any of the Christmas stamps, stencils, Grooviplates and Fresh-Cut dies (35% off + Clarity members’ discount). Barrrginnn!

Here’s that step by step I promised you yesterday, using our Christmas outline stamps.

Forgive me for pulling an old one out the bag. Want to spend time with the parents.

Here’s how it works. Cover up two areas at the top at bottom of the sphere before inking up with black Archival.  

  Stamp your snow globe onto white Stencil card.

  Mask off the outside with the mask, and cut out the stand mask too.

  Make a scene with some of the little miniature stamps. There are countless computations if you consider all the little mini stamps from all the outline stampsets now…  

  Make a mask to expose just the sky.

  Use a brayer and make-up sponge to create a night sky, and add a little of the same colours – black and blue mix – to the periphery of the whole globe.

  Then mask off the globe and add depth and shade to the stand. 

  Looks 3-d? Not quite yet….

  Add a couple of white triangles to the left and right with a pastel stick, or white pencil, and some snow with white acrylic paint and a Groovi stylus.   Then mask the globe and stand again, and lightly brush blue ink back and forth where you left the blanks in the globe line art.    THAT’s the trick. THAT’s what makes the sphere jump off the page.


  Mount on black and layer to finish.


Piece of cake! What ? Another piece? Oh okay, twist my arm!

It’s amazing how much you find when you’re looking for something specific, isn’t it?! Just not the thing you’re looking for! Here’s a little medley of artwork I grabbed from my photo stash whilst looking for outline art! Just in case you’re looking for ideas…

And don’t forget those Groovi Crackers! That template is a must have! I would love to personalise the crackers for everybody at the festive table. I need more time !!! Click HERE to see the product and examples

Love & Hugs

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “82 Today? No! 28!!

  1. I love this project. One of my all time favourites. Never quite looks like this when I do it though. Lol.
    Happy 28th birthday to your lovely Mum.
    Have a lovely evening. Xxx

  2. Happy Birthday to your mum, have a lovely evening, making special memories. Brilliant demo, lovely card. Placed my order this afternoon after making a list, editing it, changing my mind, and trying to limit my spend. Great offers, thank you. xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom for today & I hope you all have a fabulous time tonight. Sounds exciting – look forward to hearing all about it in due course. Off to finish my order on the website, I thought I had most things I needed but just need to double check before pressing the order button !!

  4. Thank you so much for that great step-by-step today, very helpful. Alles alles Gute für Ihre Mum, und viel Freude heute Abend. Sehr herzliche Grüße.

  5. Happy Birthday to your mum. Enjoy your time together.
    Yesterday was my mum’s 97th birthday! Unfortunately she wasn’t well and dementia has taken such a hold that she didn’t understand the significance of the day. But we did and we were there with her. Such an awful disease As I said enjoy your time with your aged ones while they are still aware. xx

  6. Happy Birthday to youuuu!
    Now you are eighty twoooo!
    Tonight, I hope you enjoy your secret family trip
    With plenty of celebratory beverages to sip!
    Blow out the candles and make a wish….
    Because that cake looks lovely on the dish!! xx

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mum ! I was 60 yesterday and proud to be. I think I might have to get the snow globe now it is a lovely project ! I can spend my birthday voucher – better get a move on as I can’t decide what else to get. Have a great evening, look forward to seeing where you’ve gone ! X

  8. Happy birthday Barbs mum!! Hope your evening is fun and lots of lovely memories made! Love the snow globe and it is always good to have a recap on an idea. Xx

  9. Excellent project and well worth revisiting this step by step! It is definitely one of my all time favourites – the way the snow globe jumps off the page, it’s magical! So big thanks for sharing the tricks and techniques needed to make this kind of magic.
    Congratulations to the Birthday Girl! Mooching with Mum is the perfect way to help her celebrate x

  10. Hi Barb,
    Wishing your Mum a very happy birthday, and many more to come. Thank you for showing us the snow globe project again – I love it. The outline stamps are brilliant to work with. Hope you’ve had a lovely time with your Mum and Dad and that your Mum has had a lovely day. Love and hugs,Alison. Xx

  11. Funnily enough – as a newbie – I like it when an old project is revisited – especially if I have the stash!!
    Thanks Sandra

  12. Happy Birthday to your lovely Mum. Alles alles Liebe & Gute zum Geburtstag 😊 Hope your Mum had a fab day today. Bet she got spoilt rotten! 😊

  13. Hello Barb, a beautiful step by step, great to revisit the techniques. Hope you had a lovely evening and that Mum and Dad enjoyed the surprise. Take care all. Bx

  14. Belated Birthday Wishes to your Mum, Barbara.
    Hope you all had an amazing evening last night.
    Thankyou for the step by step Barb, I’ve always loved this card.
    Love and hugs, Angela

  15. Happy birthday to your mum. Enjoy your special evening together. Love this step by step and I always appreciate a refresher. With a memory like mine old projects are often completely new projects!

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