Let me give you an Outline…

Let me give you an Outline…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Got the family over for roast lamb today, so thought I’d come and chat to you early, before they arrive. It’s Mum’s birthday tomorrow – celebration time!!

I was looking back through my photos, of all the step by steps I have done on the blog over the years. GOOD GRACIOUS!! You don’t realise how quickly the time flies! It feels like only yesterday that we were launching these outline stamps – but it’s ages ago!!

Remember these? I love them. Right up my street. I recall a few years ago at the NEC, I was demming canvas boards with them. Still got a whole stack of them!

Clearly, I got stuck on the stag!!

I have already given loads of them away as gifts, too! I remember doing a cool toadstool, but I think I gave it to a friend who liked it. Maybe it’s time to wrap a few more up and put them under the tree….

These stampssets come with masks. That’s why they are so easy to infill the outline.

You can cover up the outside with the mask that comes with the shape,
and then create your scene inside.
Then you can cover up the inside with the mask – and do the background! Simples!

There are several of these Outline stamps, and they are all in our Christmas Season Sale until tomorrow, midnight. Here is just a selection of them:

There’s a lovely Snow Globe, too….

If you were thinking of what to make friends and family for Christmas, look no further! These canvas boards are quick, inexpensive, easy – and very lovely. Most importantly, they are made by hand by you. I will dig out a step by step for tomorrow!

You can find all the Outline Stamps and their miniatures in the Sale here.CLICK HERE.  And guess what! They are all available as Groovi Plates too!

Must dash. The folks will be here soon, and the lamb’s still in the fridge!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

18 thoughts on “Let me give you an Outline…

  1. Dear Barbara, thank you for sharing these images.i do remember them and they as wonderful now as they were first round.have lovely lunch.
    Kind regards
    Wendy Woodhouse/or my nickname Wendlin Whisp

  2. I’ve always loved these stamps. I have the Christmas Groovi set which I am working on at the moment, making Christmas cards.

  3. A very happy birthday for tomorrow to your beautiful, kind and gentle Mum 💖 big hugs from Samuel and me 💖
    I adore the outline stamps and would love to see a Groovi demo of them! I love them all, but being obsessed with Robins, I know which one I would pick 😉
    Love always xx

  4. I really love these stamps Barb and I have quite a few, must check before I buy more, I have used the candle, snow globe and bird already for Christmas cards this year. Great idea though the canvas boards to make them into presents. Must have a try at that. Enjoy your afternoon with your lovely parents. Did you have to make my mouth water saying about your lovely lamb dinner? Only kidding.xxx

  5. I hope your mum has a very happy birthday. What better way to start the celebrations than with roast lamb. Will there be fresh mint sauce too? I am drooling 😂😂

  6. These work beautifully with the inner scenes Barbara and it would be a job to choose a favourite as they are all great. Hope you are having a lovely lunch to celebrate your Mum’s birthday and wishing her a very happy one! Perhaps you could waft a plateful of that roast lamb over the ether…it is my favourite roast dinner. x

  7. These are versatile stamps, used them a lot last year. Must check to see if I have the Grooving plates.
    Enjoy your lamb dinner. Happy birthday wishes to your mum.
    OH roasting chicken today so it’s feet up for me, no washing up either !!! I love being pampered 💝

  8. Very best birthday wishes to your mum for tomorrow. Enjoy your lamb roast (my favourite too) and precious time with your family. Hugs. Annette X

  9. Love these when you released them, the little scene inside the outline is so effective. Have a lovely Sunday with your family, roast is always yummy! Xx

  10. I adore the snowglobe and love the way it really looks 3-d. Remember following along to the step by step you blogged back in August 2017 – it’s one I bookmarked, because it’s so effective and achievable! And I’m a romantic who loves a snowglobe!

  11. I have most of these stamps and love them. I think the globe was on a calendar last year or the year before? I know I have the instructions with my stamps. Never thought of using them on canvases -great idea.

  12. I remember coming to Colman’s rushden and you doing those canvases they ar beautiful would be a wonderful gift to receive hope you had a great dinner and family time night night x

  13. Well, that’s it I’m now 60 ! Had a lovely birthday and I even got a Clarity voucher – I opened the envelope, pulled out a card and thought, how did my sister get my clarity stencil and make a better card than I could do ?! Then I realised I’d got a voucher ! Now what to spend it on, I had already listed some sale stuff but might change that to some more recent plates as, to be honest, I have more than enough Christmas that I haven’t even used yet…. Still I have tilll tomorrow to think ! Hope you had a lovely lunch, I had Mum to lunch today and then everyone else for a cuppa/Prosecco and cake ! Now I’m ready for bed. ! X

  14. Hello Barb, such beautiful stamp sets, and beautiful images on the canvas boards. Hope everyone enjoyed the lamb, wish your Mum a very Happy Birthday from me. Take care all. Bx

  15. I have some of these stamps but I’m blowed if I can remember which ones and as l am on my hols I can’t check. I know I had plans to use them as a base for some embroidery but like all good plans it’s still waiting in my imagination! Xx

  16. Love these Barbara. Think family will get these this year instead of cards. Hopefully they will be kept instead of adding to waste after Christams like cards do.

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