A Night to remember…

A Night to remember…

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in! I can spill the beans now! Mum’s birthday surprise yesterday was a wonderful, posh meal on a very lovely pullman carriage. They had no idea. It was tipping down when we set off, cats n dogs as they say, and I know my parents were wondering who on earth would venture out in flood warning weather! But I’d paid a pretty penny for this little soirée – and we were doing it!

Their faces were a picture when we turned into a steam locomotive station ! It was the Britannia Gala Dinner on the Bluebell railway. Quite an auspicious occasion among steam train enthusiasts. We had a full house, too – or should I say standing room only? It was blimming fantastic.

At 7pm we took our seats in a wonderfully restored pullman carriage called Christine, built in 1928.

At 7.30 on the button the beautiful steam train gently pulled out of the station, and we set off on our 3 1/2 hour round trip.

It was like going back in time. A real bite of history. The silver service with white gloves, the traditional food that was served, the ambience…

…the sound of the steam engine – oh! And the whistle and the horn! That was just exciting!

So we chugged along, from station to station, were waited on hand and foot, chatted, reminisced – and had a superb evening together.

I don’t think it could have been any better, any more magical. If you ever want to do something very, very special. I highly recommend Dinner on the Golden Arrow. Is it an older person’s sport? Maybe. But I know Grace and Mark would love it too!! Just so different, so elegant, so rich and warm.

I will leave you with a short sound bite. Close your eyes and let me take you back in time, about a hundred years….

Back to work tomorrow. Tomorrow morning anyway !! We all know what she gets up to on a Wednesday afternoon!!

Life is good.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

30 thoughts on “A Night to remember…

  1. Oh how fabulous. That would be right up my street. You all look so relaxed and happy and what a superb menu too. Going to have to go some to top that for next year Barb. 😉😉 Have a good morning at work and a fabulous afternoon pottering about! (Did you see what I did there?) Lol xxx

  2. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    Well what a wonderful night you all had, I bet your mum and dad had a fabulous time.
    Such a special night to remember for one and all.
    Have a good day at pottery tomorrow.
    Lynn xx

  3. Brill….so does this mean we will be having loco stamps (please) for all the train mad chaps!! We are spoilt in York, we live fairly near the railway line and hear all sorts at all times. My uncle Harry was station master at a tiny little station called Newton Kyme – closed by Mr Beeching. When we visited (when I was little) we used to play in the train sheds and they had a well in the garden!! – wouldn’t be allowed these days, health and safety. Happy birthday to youe lovely Mum. You dad looks well too – and…..get Dave all poshed up!!!
    Enjoy your pottery tomorrow.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) – in case you’ve forgotten, Bendy is the cat!

  4. WOW that sounds Fabulous!! AND I live near enough to do it sometime. I’ll have to look up how often they do it as my friend’s 90th birthday is next June and she’d love to do something like that -if we can get a dog-sitter! I’m so glad you and your parents had such a wonderful time. Everyone needs special spoiling every once in a while!

  5. The evening sound wonderful, I bet your Mom & Dad will be talking about it for weeks if not months !!
    Enjoy your pottery tomorrow.

  6. This is exactly what my sister’s and I did for my mum and step dad. A day trip on the Northern Belle. A no expense spared day trip to Carlisle on the Orient Express sister train. A trip to remember. They are so worth it, parents.. aren’t they

  7. Wow what an amazing treat.I would love it. Mike and I did the flying Scotsman a couple of years ago and definitely want to do a meal or afternoon tea. What is there not to love just magical

  8. This is exactly what my sister’s and I did for my mum and step dad. A day trip on the Northern Belle. A no expense spared day trip to Carlisle on the Orient Express sister train. Quite a few years ago now. A trip to remember. They are so worth it, parents.. aren’t they

  9. Wow Barbara, what a wonderful birthday surprise for your Mum. Beautiful photo of you all together.
    Enjoy your potting tomorrow.

  10. What wonderful memories you have created and shared. You are really blessed to have both parents and to be able to share so much family time with them. Sounds like an amazing trip. Enjoy pottery tomorrow. Hx

  11. Looks a wonderful evening happy birthday to your beautiful mum. I would mind that stem train sounds great struggling along chow chow !! Have fun at pottery tomorrow afternoon love Joy xxx

  12. Looks amazing. What a wonderful treat for your mum and dad. I remember watching the steam trains going past my aunt’s house when I was young. X X

  13. Oh, Barbara, what a wonderful surprise and present. We can see how you were all having a good time.

    Enjoy the pottery tomorrow.


  14. How wonderful! I have always wanted to do one of those murder mystery train journeys. So different, fun and nostalgic, all rolled into one! Glad you had a good time & I enjoyed the “shut your eyes and listen” moment xxx

  15. Hubby and I used to visit the Bluebell Steam Station on our way back from trips to Battle & Hastings. I’ve always loved steam trains so that would be awesome! Happy you had a lovely time xx

  16. What a lovely birthday gift. Wonderful memories. A great photo of all of you. Enjoy pottery – your talents shine through. xx

  17. Wow Barbara what a fabulous trip to celebrate your Mum’s birthday, they will remember that always. You and your Mum look so elegant, and your Dad and Dave so handsome to match that very beautiful train and fabulous wood panelled carriages. We have the West Somerset Railway near to where we live and have had a trip to Minehead and back on it and it is a lovely trip but it certainly can’t beat that!

  18. Hello Barb, well that is certainly a fantastic present, and so lovely that you and Dave got to enjoy it with Mum and Dad. Must look into this. Take care all. Bx

  19. Morning Barbara, what a Lovely birthday surprise for your Mum! So pleased she loved it and you all had such a wonderful evening! Great photo too! I’ve been on the Bluebell Railway before (not the Pullman carriage for dinner though) and had a great time. Loved it.
    Have a fab day! Xx

  20. Such memories, I went to school by steam train and my Dad was a porter and used to jump down on the track, reach up for me to carry across the track to plonk me on the other platform to save climbing the steps on the footbridge ! We lived very near the station and I used to deliver his dinner if he was in the signal box on nights, helped prime the lamps for the station. All those magical smells, smuts from the smoke and sounds of the chugging along the track. Would love to try and get to the Bluebell Railway!

  21. I did this for my other half whose birthday is in December. I was a wonderful trip with the added bonus of carol singers at one of the stops made. A truly wonderful evening. I’m so glad you experienced it and had a wonderful time. Xx

  22. Glad you all enjoyed the special outing. We too have experienced the wonderful food and service on the Bluebell Pullman steam train, a few years back, departing from our Chester General station. Our kids bought it us for our 50th anniversary and we had a complimentary bottle of champagne and chocolates waiting for us on our table when we boarded. The food was out of this world and the attention to detail was superb, a real treat. I wouldn’t say it was a trip for “oldies” as there was a mixed age group of adults on the train. We reciprocated the trip for our eldest son and our daughter in law for their 25th anniversary last year and they loved it. I don’t know about a train stamp/ groovi plate going into production, but I think some of the beautiful marquetry panelling on the carriage walls may have given Barbara some inspiration!

  23. Wonderful occasion..will always be remembered. We went on the orient express from Leeds up the dales for my husbands 50th birthday. 22 years later and now with Alzheimer’s he remembers this from beginning to end in great detail including stuff from the menu that I had forgotten. Your parents have yet another amazing memory x

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