Twas Grace!

Twas Grace!

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. All excited and chuffed here. Today’s Youtube featuring Twas the Night Groovi Art by our splendid Groovi Design team, has been narrated by our daughter Grace. Just listen to this –

Many of you know that Grace has built a successful voiceover career over the past few years in New York, so she was the obvious choice for reading this lovely Christmas adaptation of the Christmas verses by Clement Clarke Moore!

But did you know that she is actually also the very reason I started drawing these little verses over 25 years ago! You see, I used to read the poem to the kids every Christmas Eve, and as soon as she could read, Grace took over. I shall never forget the first time she volunteered. She would have been about five years old, and we had just come back to the UK from California. She had said to me that she would like to read it in front of Oma and Grandad on the 24th, but if she got stuck on a word she said, “I’ll wink at you, and you can help me”. So on the big night, there she was, sat on a little stool in her little blue velvet dress, holding the book. And then she began… “Twas the night before – and then she look at me and winked. “Christmas,” I whispered to her… I recall thinking that we were in for a long night! Yes, so Grace has had lots of practice with this little poem, and I’m sure you’ll agree, she doesn’t need much prompting now.

Ah. And now I have just had another hilarious little memory bubble to the top. About the same time, she was so serious about reading and singing – and her little brother Mark, used to enjoy winding her up. I remember she was trying to recite something, and he – two years younger – was stood next to her. Every time she got to a crucial part in her recital, he cut in with “Zipadeedooda, zipadeeay, my oh my, what a wonderful day!” Well, she would get all annoyed with him and tell him to quit, so he would say sorry, sorry, sorry, and zip it. But then as soon as she started again, he would start to grin, and at the exact same point of her performance …zipadeedoodaaaa. She would get so frustrated!! And he would laugh like a little imp! There was absolutely nothing I could do, except scold him and comfort her. He found her button – and he pressed it! It was pretty funny though.

Anyway, time to go home. Funny how the mind can transport you back to a bygone time – and it’s as if it were yesterday. Lovely to listen to Grace now. And Mark still enjoys winding his sister up!! And she still bites!!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS. And the point of all this today? Our Maria is showcasing the Groovi Twas the Night Collection on HOCHANDA tomorrow 12 noon and 4pm. Hope you can join her xx

21 thoughts on “Twas Grace!

  1. Aww, beautiful blog Barb, thanks for sharing. Made me smile inside, and outside. Memories sure can evoke strong feelings, good and bad. Glad it’s the very good kind you are reliving. Is it a wee brother thing, my wee brother used to take pleasure in winding me up all the time too, and yes, I did always bite too… He’s forgiven now. It’s my sister-in-law who has to put up with it these days!!! Hope you have a lovely evening, and a happy pottery class tomorrow, if you’re going. Love you xxx

  2. Ha ha can just picture the scene ,. Little brothers can be so annoying , ive got 2and a younger sister …recorder is set for tomorrow , have got a couple of these might have to re – look next month at the others after pay day . xx

  3. That brought a little tear to my eye. What special memories.
    I did the same with my girls and they both read it to their children. It is such a lovely tradition and long may it continue.
    I can’t buy the plates, but will definitely be watching the lovely and talented Maria tomorrow.
    Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Love the plates and the samples. My little story is posted on ClarityMatters. Made me think of Dad. Some of the younger local kids called him Santa. In his later years he had a long wispy white beard which mother hated. He used to wind her up by fluffing it out and with a cheeky grin and a twinkle in his eye wish her a Merry Christmas. I loved him so much and miss him every day.
    Enjoy your pottery tomorrow.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. I read your blog through and then went back to listen to Grace. She has such a beautiful voice, but I kept waiting for Mark to butt in with his Zippadeedoodaa bit. Lol. I have the stamps because they are more my thing but shall still watch my lovely friend Maria tomorrow. Xxxx

    1. 😂🤣😂
      That would’ve been funny Dawn.
      Love it❣️
      I love Christmas & Clarity do a great job in encapsulating it to enable new traditions in our families, as well as remembering the old ones. 🎄❄️🎅🤶
      Looking forward to seeing new ideas from the DT for these plates…..👍

  6. Absolutely beautiful….you must be so proud of your gorgeous daughter..!! It’s one of my favourite poems…my mum used to read it to me, now at 65 my grandchildren love it too….!! I have all the stamp set, & will get the Groovi Plates too….thank you for the lovely memories…love Anne x

  7. I love this set so much. I also read the story every Christmas Eve. Samuel and any other relatives present all sit and listen to my every word. I always wanted to be a narrator but I’m not a patch on Grace. She has the most beautiful and clear voice. I fell in love with the stamp set but I’m much better at Groovi than stamping, so I have changed it to Groovi on my little personal Clarity wish list, lol. I have a few Christmas addict friends too, so I may share it with them too. I’m out tomorrow but have set the Sky+

  8. Younger siblings winding older ones up seems to be the norm ( it was in our house & still is when they get together !!) but if either one is in trouble or needs help they are there like a shot.
    Looks like another busy few Clarity days again going by the email with TV programmes that arrived yesterday.

  9. Grace and the set are both beautiful. I’m already working with the bauble plate… indeed, it will be the image on all my Christmas cards this year. Oh, and it’s not just little brothers who can be imps… I know a big brother who still torments the heck out of his two now not so little younger sisters. Grin xoxo

  10. I so enjoyed listening to Grace reciting the poem, she has such a lovely voice, you must be so proud of her and your son. I never had a brother but I had a lovely sister who was seven years older, too many years between us though to wind each other up. I have the original stamps alongside the last of the set you released, also the groovi plates really love them, I will watch Maria to hopefully get even more ideas. I’m well away on my Christmas cards this year, not many more to

  11. Grace has a beautiful tone to her voice and no wonder she has been so successful with her voice overs Barbara, and can just imagine her at 5 years old reciting this with little brother Mark butting in. Thanks for telling us the story and for the DT’s beautiful Interpretations of the different parts of the story using these gorgeous images. x

  12. Hi Barb,
    Yes, Grace has certainly done this lovely poem proud, and you have every right to be justifiably proud of both her and Mark. They have both done well ( and will continue to do so). I love this set of plates and thankfully I have them all ( my bank manager will be delighted!).
    Looking forward to seeing the new embroidery plates as well. My sister still knows which buttons to press, but thankfully we both get on really well now although when we were little we fought like cat and dog! Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  13. a wonderful reading of a beautiful poem , Grace has a very lovely voice , on like mine, I sound like a Lancashire mini mouse . The art work and groovi samples are a delight. x

  14. That was beautiful. Well done Grace. Our kids were often squabbling and certainly knew how to wind each other up or get one into trouble. Now they are all best pals and love nothing more than getting together. Memories. xx

  15. I seem to be a day behind! Love this poem and had a beautiful book with it in when I was little. I can still remember all the reindeers names. Was just watching Maria on Hochanda too. XX

  16. This is still a tradition in our house, I read it to my daughter every Christmas Eve, even now she is grown up and married we still read it each Christmas Eve, we now have a baby grandson and the tradition continues. I Will get this set of plates to make a wall hanging to celebrate our lovely traditions.

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