E for Easy Groovi

E for Easy Groovi

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Wanted to share a very simple Groovi piece I made recently, using one of those fab new funky framers that Linda Williams has come up with, combined with one of my floral Groovi ABC plates – the E for Edelweiss.

Linda’s Fancy Frame Collection

I opted for one of the tangles frames…

Linda’s Tangled Frames Duet

Very simple to complete. No cutting involved at all; just some basic whitework and colouring in. Coloured in from behind with Pergaliner pencils, and blended with Dorso oil. You can see how I have filled the funky frame with floral elements from the Edelweiss letter. The double-line frame around the outside is taken from the square nested picot Groovi plate.

As I said, very simple. You could make this with absolutely no prior knowledge of parchment or groovi art.

Until tomorrow,

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “E for Easy Groovi

    ‘Eavens above!! How do you find the time to produce such lovely pieces? Can’t stop!… have an ENORMOUS parcel to open from you now I have cleared my table to put it on!! … note reference to your previous blog ! Excellent!!! Ha ha
    theuva Barbara! xx

  2. E for Enchanting
    Hi Barb, just my thing – easy Groovi. Beautiful, thanks for sharing. Hope your week started well, and things are calming down a bit at Clarity Towers. I managed some nice Mindfulness crafting today, one of my comfort zone crafts. My head needs to work on my next wee craft challenge to myself, aka haven’t a clue what to do next!!! Hope you have a good evening, love you xxx

  3. Hi Barb just starting out with groovi still waiting for mine to be delivered from hochanda, thank you for the inspiration. Can’t wait to get started.


  4. Elegant excellence love it , haven’t got the new frames yet , funds a bit low as car needs mot and service , maybe next month xx

  5. E is for empowering… which is exactly what you and the Clarity team have done for all of us by creating all this Groovi goodness. Thank you! xoxo

  6. Beautiful piece of work, thanks for the inspiration.
    Received all my orders except 2. The frames are on the way so expect they will arrive tomorrow together with a big grin from postie saying “it’s Clarity time – again!”. Considering the number of requests for the floral stamps which caused the sell-outs I expect someone is still working hard to make them all. I am happy to wait.
    Miserable weather this afternoon, but looking forward to the Indian Summer we have been promised. Not so sure about the ‘beast from the east’ forecast for the New Year though.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Beautiful…….I’ve always loved the look of the Groovi system and finally taken the plunge and placed my first order. All the shows on HOCHANDA over their and your birthday celebrations just blew me away. I’ll be watching every video possible in future and hope I can achieve anything that’s even a quarter of what you and Paul do, I would be a happy bunny 😊

  8. Absolutely beautiful card Barbara
    My frames arrived this morning not had time to play YET. tomorrow is another day do you mind if I use your creation as my inspiration ?

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