Aha! An Idea!

Aha! An Idea!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Wednesday’s blog from the heart, right? So let me tell you what’s going on at this end…I’ve been drawing!

During the retreats, we were using 3-way overlay stamps, and somebody suggested we ought to have some Christmas 3-way overlays, because you can create such cool art so quickly! And Christmas is the one occasion where you really do make more than one card! So as with most things, I have to park them until 1) I’ve got time, and 2) I have had a design idea, and 3) I’m in the mood. Because as you know, you have to be in the mood , don’t you?!

Well yesterday was they day. I woke up with the idea, grabbed my sketching pencils and went off to work. I usually do this sort of work at home, but yesterday there was way too much going on at work to disappear for a day with my pencils! And it’s quite nice working with the art team in the next room – great for bouncing ideas off. Also, Lucy is going to convert my drawings into the 3-way stamps, so it is great to liaise with her.

I thought scenes within baubles would be cool. There is a Peace on Earth one, with deer and trees…

Then I did a Nativity one, because that was mentioned at the retreat…

And the third one was a jolly one, with a snowman and bunting.

The guys at work really liked them, and Lucy was excited to get working on them. We all agreed they would make great Groovi plates too, so they will be created at the same time. Different lineart, different process. But definitely doable!

Yes, so it was a smashing day for me. I came home on a real high, because I actually got to do what I really enjoy, and the results were pleasing too. Now I am excited to see them finished.

There’s nothing quite like it really. To have an idea, then translate what you have in your head onto paper. Next, hand it over to a talented team who then create special line art – for not only 3-way overlay stamps but also Groovi plates. The film negs and the files will then get handed to production, and prototypes will be made. We will test them, to make sure they do what we want. If that box is ticked, we go into mainstream production. And this can all happen within a week. All in house. Everything. The art, the design, the product, the packaging, the lot. That’s pretty epic, if you think about it. Makes me very proud.

And then?

You good people take the tools which we make – the stamps and Groovi plates – and YOU become the artists. You put your spin on our line art – and then the whole wonderful creative process begins again! You have an idea what to do with the new 3-way overlay stamps and Groovi plates, you gather all your ingredients – and then you go into production!

Brilliant, innit. Blimming brilliant.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

42 thoughts on “Aha! An Idea!

  1. I thought Wednesdays was pottery day Barb, I hope you haven’t given up or is it there’s still a lot of packing to from last week? See you at Leyburn.

  2. They look awfie braw Barb, no wonder you are happy and excited. Can’t wait to see the end results, methinks they will be finding a home here! I love your own artwork. I didn’t realise how quickly you can put an idea into production, I thought it would take a lot longer. I hope that now you have a good team around you, you get the time to do what you love to, and what we love you to too, Barb designs. Thanks for the sneaky peaks of the originals. Can’t believe how quickly you drew them too. Puts my wee meagre effort at colouring in today to shame…! Hope you have a lovely evening, love you xxxx

  3. Ooooh now THEY look awesome. I love that you do it all in-house and am pleased you got to do what you really enjoy too. Looking forward to these. 😁😁😁 xx

  4. Ooooooo they look lovely, might just have to make room in my Clarity Christmas folder for those. Love the 3 way overlay stamps. Xx

  5. Fabulous, fantastic & festive.
    Looking forward to seeing these as Groovi Plates and hopefully it won’t be long before they are available. Can feel my purse strings twitching again x

  6. Ok you asked for this!!😂😂 Now we know you can turn things around quickly & you are sitting twiddling your thumbs…I had a thought.
    I have a friend who is blind and I would love to be able to wish her happy Christmas – in braille. Embossed Groovi has a wonderful raised texture and I think you are the woman that could make it happen! I will leave that one in your capable hands……..😂 No pressure xxxx

    1. I think that’s a brilliant idea, Lynne, a braille alphabet Groovi plate. That shouldn’t be too hard for the A Team at Clarity. xx

        1. RNIB will send you out a free braille alphabet but you could do it with six dots on the dots plate, as all braille is based on those six dots. There are a lot more characters in braille than the alphabet. We have recently changed to UEB to combine with the US and Australia instead of using our own script but there used to be 60 characters, some of which we have agreed to abandon. However, library books will not be re-brailled.

          If you just want to say Happy Christmas, the RNIB transcription unit in Ivybridge will braille a simple message onto sticky tape, which you can just add to your card, or you can buy braille Christmas cards from RNIB, which have a standard message and a textured image.

          Be careful if you buy braille cards on e bay. The first one I got was supposed to say Merry Christmas but actually said ‘Tatty Teddy is sh*t’. A satisfied worker somewhere!

          1. What great ideas. Thank you so much for that information Ali. I shall keep it for future reference. X

  7. Hi Barb,
    These look fabulous I must say. Can’t believe that you can get them from an idea I your head, into a design on paper and then into production so quickly. Would be interested in seeing the Groovi plates, but dies would be good too. It sounds as though you have had a lovely day though as well. Love and hugs Alison xx

  8. Love your new designs and the samples. They will be fabulous in Groovi and stamps. Thought I would not be buying any more Christmas goodies as I have just resurrected some old ‘stuff’ during my declutter. Looks like I will have to be more ruthless to make room for these new items.
    I was impressed with the reading by Grace while those
    beautiful samples were being shown during Maria’s shows today. It worked very well.
    Glad you had a successful and satisfying day today.
    Sleep well 🍒🍒🍒

  9. Wow, those drawings look fantastic, thanks for sharing the sneaky peaks with us. Look forward to seeing the end results.

  10. Love the new designs,will be fabulous as stamps.Can’t believe you can turn them around so fast ,but then of course you do have a great team indeed in Clarity!

  11. I spent ages today, colouring in a Welsh dragon for a friend’s birthday card. I thought I had done well, then saw what you had produced! I have talent envy! 😂
    What beautiful designs.
    How come you weren’t at pottery? Has the new term not started yet? I hope you are still doing it!
    Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette X

  12. Great art Barbara, can’t wait to see the finished results. Dies would be good too, I never bothered much with dies before Clarity started making them but now I’m smitten. They have enabled me to make much quicker cards that look really lovely,
    Stamping takes me longer and Groovi longer still but love it all, Love and hugs xxx

  13. You have my dream job!! What a pleasure it would be to be part of your team! As long as I can ever remember all I’ve wanted to do was create art and make a living at it- but not be a starving artist! Lol 😝
    You’re so lucky to be able to have a team that can create what you want and to see it come to fruition must be so rewarding!
    Simply amazing! I can’t wait to see these in my hands!

  14. They look fantastic would love those how exciting can feel a spend coming on. It’s great to hear you had such a great time drawing them we will look forward to using them night night xxx

  15. These designs might also be good as 3-way overlay stencils, which I think would be something new for Clarity. You could say it would be a moment of Clarity innovation!
    I am looking forward to playing with my panoramic dies, gel press, masks and You hung the moon stamp set I received recently. Thanks for the colouring book and free papers, Barb.

  16. Those new designs look wonderful and I’m amazed you can turn around the production process so quickly. In my head I can see blue and white china ornaments using those stamps – quirky vintage baubles! No time this year though – all my cards will be your treescape die cuts thanks to a bit of DT inspiration from the retreats xxx

  17. Can’t wait to get my hands on those Barbara. Such an advantage having the full support team all in one place for a quick turn around when inspiration strikes. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

  18. These look fabulous. I’m now going to have to rethink my decision not to buy any Christmas related craft items this year!

  19. These lookgreat can’t wait to get them and play hope they are out soon loads of ideas for christmas cards that I need to send abroad keepup thegood ork
    Fran xx

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