On the Buses..

On the Buses..

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Late again, but what a great day we’ve had! On the buses!! At 8.30am we stepped out of our house. At 8.32am – bang on time – the bus to Churchill Square, Brighton came along.

“2 returns to Brighton please,” says I.

Driver: “How about a family day out for £10, and you can use all the buses in Brighton all day too?”

Done Deal!!!

Barrrrgin!!!!! Ten quid?? 5 squids each?? A one and a half hour tour of the wonderful East Sussex countryside on the top deck of a bus?? The South Downs? Lewes? Good grief! It was superb.

Breakfast at Bills, then hours of mooching round the lanes.

Dave found his favourite place…
…and so did I! What a feast of colour, tastes, smells, sound and sunshine!
The bloke at the front clearly didn’t share my enthusiasm…
Check out the blue skies!
It was banging!
See the sea?

Brighton really is a wonderful town. Music on every corner, lots of young people, loads of tourists – just full of life.

Tomorrow is the triathlon, so it will be double mobbed. At 3pm we hopped on the bus back, and at 4.30 on the button, he dropped us off outside our front door again. Perfect.

For years I have hated that the bus stops right outside our house, that the people on the top deck can look straight in our bedroom window. Not that they do, but they could. I have waited years for the old tree to grow enough to block their view. What an arse I am. It’s a double-decker bus on its way to Brighton, not an armoured tank invading Crowborough!

I had another little epiphany today. There was a bit of traffic, and the oncoming cars were stopped too. 3 posh cars in a row: an Audi-Doody, an Aston Martin and a Porsche Carrera. The bloke in the Audi-Doody looked up at me and I looked down at him. And I reckon I know what he was thinking: poor person on the bus. Not like him, rich person in an Audi-Doody or an Aston Martin or a Porsche Carrera. Poor people who have to ride the bus. Although I can’t actually say for sure that he was thinking this, I can say for sure that I have thought this when I have seen people on a bus when I was sitting in my Audi-Doody. And again I say, what an arse I am. Fancy being such an arrogant snob. So I swallowed a huge dose of humility today. The people on the bus were just regular people, students, elderly couples, young mums with kids – just people who chose to ride the bus! For whatever reason. I should know that !!! So I have to work on that part of my brain which decided that poor people ride the bus, because who knows what other nonsense it has stored!

Time to go.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

26 thoughts on “On the Buses..

  1. Oh Barb, what a lovely blog. Pleased you had a wonderful day with Dave, very well deserved.
    I too had a good day – the loft is empty – the skip is full and I can move in the craft room so the rest of the clearing up will be easier. I had no idea how much gear I had left over from when I did workshops, it really had accumulated in various boxes not opened since we moved. All the part finished and demo cards are now completed ( including the parchment ones ) and in a box ready to take to the charity shop. All in all it has been a fruitful week.
    Time certainly seems to go faster as we get older but as you said yesterday “one day at a time”
    I seem to get a lot more done these days not worrying about tomorrow.
    Off now to listen to the second half of the proms then an early night with my new book.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  2. It is nice to be one of those poor people on the bus now and again – levels the head doesn’t it. I used to go everywhere on the bus, then I passed my test and got a car and that was that. Some people only ever get to ride a bus, doesn’t make them lesser people, in fact, they may be the richer ones as they get to look at all the things we miss by driving, open fields, children playing, birds of prey soaring through the skies, etc etc etc – oh those poor people on the bus. Audi-doody!!! Tickled me that did. Lol. Glad you had a lovely day together in the beautiful sunshine. Xxxx

  3. Sounds like you both had a fabby day, brilliant. Bet it’s done you both a world of good. The Lanes look great. I used to love having a good look through places like that, soaking up the atmosphere. Providing it wasn’t busy as then I would be looking for an escape route double quick!!!

    Every day is a learning day, and everyone still has plenty to learn until the day they die. It’s choosing to notice something you need to learn, then choosing to learn from it that speaks volumes to the good person you are. As for poor people riding on a bus, if the fares are anything like they are up here, sadly, a trip on a bus would be a treat… Cauld, blawin a hooley, and cloudy up here, winter jammies on, rain about to hit. Me, jealous?…!!! I think it would be strange if you did like people able to see into your house!!! We’re all with you on that one, for sure.

    I hope you have a good day tomorrow too. Love you xxx

  4. Loved the photos of Brighton. Never been there. The colour of the sky took me by surprise! Not seen that colour for a while! We’re into jumpers and thick tights! I could easily have lit the fire tonight but resisted! Poured with rain late afternoon and forgot to stop. The hills were hidden by the mist but I have a warm house and had to work anyway! Two things to be grateful for. I have a warm house and work! Glad you had a lovely day. Love reading your blog. Hx

  5. Hi Barbara, glad you and Dave had such a great time in Brighton and were so lucky with the weather! As for bus journeys, I love it!
    Have a great Sunday. Xx

  6. Well we both have free bus passes but have never used them. Think we need to. It is so easy to just jump in the car ( well not exactly jump anymore, gently ease in ). I look forward to when I can take Taylor for a ride on the bus. Glad you enjoyed your day. X X 😊

  7. Lovely to see Brighton in all her brightness! Lived near there for years,( now in Thanet), so glad it you enjoyed your bus ride. Me for the proms now!!

  8. A lovely blog Barbara? Have something in common, we have a bus stop opposite our house too, not used much nowadays only by the school buses. Hey Barb, haven’t you got your bus pass yet? When we went to Brighton last year we parked at the Marina for free (4 hours) then caught the bus into the centre using our bus passes. It gave us time to browse around the Lanes have lunch and do a little shopping. What a gorgeous day it as for you though. Great to have a day out. Takes you out of yourself. Bet you feel better for it.xxx

    1. Hi Pam,
      Hope you are both well. Unfortunately, we now have to wait until we are 66 ( or older!) before we can get our bus passes – whenever you get state pension. Only another 2 years for me – although by then, they could have scrapped them! That would be just my luck!!! Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  9. Brighton and the Lanes look fantastic. The weather was on your side. Glad you had a fab day and enjoyed the bus ride. Lots of benefits to taking the bus, time to enjoy the scenery, no worries about parking the car or getting a penalty ticket and the chance to speak to other travellers. Not poor at all. Have a quiet day tomorrow ready for the onslaught on Monday. xx

  10. Sounds a grand day out ! If you lived in Oxford you’d prefer the bus to driving in the traffic ! Or should I say sitting in the traffic ! Bus lanes are wonderful things ! We’re in Nerja, Spain at the moment, thankfully any rain has been at night and there was an electrical storm to watch last night, lasted most of it I think ! Some poor people in other parts of Spain and not that far from here really have had floods and lives lost. 🙁

    I have shows to catch up on and might mange that on the sunbed tomorrow ! Glad you had a great day! X

  11. Nothing like riding through the countryside upstairs on a double decker bus. You can see over the hedges & see for miles (sometimes) that we all miss when driving. The Lanes look interesting. The weather turned up trumps as well for a change, seems to always change when we have planned something in advance.
    I met up with my newly found 3 x 1 removed cousin & his family today & it was if we had known them forever. I think we could have still been there now talking had we not all got to get home/back to accommodation. I knew he had a spinal injury 7 years ago but hadn’t realised he was in a wheelchair most of the time. His retirement hasn’t turned out as he had planned but was over the moon that he had made it to England to see where his father had lived & worshipped. To be in the Church today where our ancestors had been & share that moment was a real goosebump feeling. The only downside was the 2 houses opposite the church where his family lived had been pulled down & was now the entrance to a car park !!
    As you say One Day at a Time & make the most of it – you just don’t know whats round the corner that will change your life completely.

  12. Hi Barb,
    It looks and sounds as though you and Dave have had a fabulous day out in Brighton today. I know what you mean about Brighton, there is a definite energy about the place. It’s a bit far to go for the day from here though! We have been lucky with the weather today and actually saw blue sky. There is a definite chill in the air though once it gets dark. Thank you to Clarity for the downloadable instructions for Tina’s new embroidery plates. Love and hugs, Alison xxxx

  13. It sounds like the perfect day out! I remember when I was MUCH younger and went to visit my mother in Australia. I took 2 of my small nephews by bus to the railway station and then a train to Sydney for the children to go to a special show. When they got back all they talked about were the bus and train rides each way!! Neither of them (at 7 and 9) had ever been on public transport before. I think they enjoyed the show too -I did!

  14. Only been to the Brighton Lanes once. Found a fab skirt but £100 out of my price range – not buying it has been my big regret ever since. Mind you it was in 1976 and I was a student. ;~}

  15. Sounds a perfect day no stress of traffic finding a parking place . Looks very busy we ones had a train one day trip to Brighton from Bedford train station just for £10 return a Saturday special took 3 hours to get there but was lovely relaxing with are for children wander around play on beach have to look into if do something similar know Bob has his bus pass can go anywere on bus I’m trying to get one and one for Katie too so lots ok forward to days out like that. We did nothing exciting today just flu jabs this morning Night night night xxx

  16. Haven’t been to The Lanes for years but it does have a great vibe, a very eclectic place and it was a glorious day, just look at that blue sky! We all tend to think that people riding the bus are somehow deprived but just look at the great view you get which the person driving the car never sees because you have your eyes on the road all the time and you can relax instead and enjoy the ride. Glad you and Dave had a super day Barbara, and another good one tomorrow too I hope. x

  17. We love to get the train or bus to places – you can have a proper chat, both get a great view and no parking hassles! Can’t believe the difference in the weather – we had gales and showers and the heating is definitely on. Glad you had a relaxing and enjoyable day together xxx

  18. Glad you had a good day and the weather 😊
    I really enjoyed my visit to Brighton recently and the buses are fantastic …. Didn’t realise they stopped outside your door! Food for thought 😉

  19. I went to Brighton on a coach trip last year and what a fab day we had – enjoyed every minute of it. I also enjoy riding on the bus and belong to a happy little group of ladies who use our bus passes to travel around our county to places of interest. When we arrive, it’s “coffee time” then see what the town has to offer in the way of lunch……(we seem to focus our trips on eating and drinking !). I always seem to return with a purchase of some kind too! We always have a good time and the bus passes are well used. We call ourselves “The Bus Pass Group”…..or “The Ladies What Lunch”. There have to be some perks to getting old 😁😁. Keep enjoying life Barb xx

  20. Hello Barb, thanks for sharing this lovely post. I have only been to Brighton twice, but loved the Lanes. I think it is time for another visit. Did Dave buy anything? Did you? Many people get the bus, I drive, so know what you are saying. Wish the buses went to places we wanted to go to, would make it easier. Take care all. Bx

  21. We had a lovely day in Brighton when we came down for Ditton. Loved the Lanes! I painted a mug and bought stuff for my son’s hipster beard, and lots of other bits n pieces you don’t normally see on a high street.

    Glad you had a great time and good idea to ride the bus – no parking problems and charges, saving on petrol too. Fabby xxx

  22. Ooooh I miss living in Brighton! It’s a such a great vibe and creative place. Have you thought about doing a creative workshop there? It would be great for those of us that live on the south coast and can’t make it up north for all the wonderful events you host. 🙂

  23. Hi Barb. I’ve never been to Brighton, it’s several hours by train, and I did plan an outing there once, but then my diagnosis kicked in, and I don’t think I could deal with the travelling there and back now, what with changes at different stations, and I’ve never driven – probably a good thing too, going by the way I walk! And that’s something I do miss, the ability to walk for miles but hey ho and all that. I do have a disabled bus pass now, so can get about a bit. There’s some glorious countryside around me, and the views, in all seasons, are well worth the headaches of public transport, and we’re all the same in a traffic jam… I’m glad you had such an enjoyable day out, and hat’s off to the driver for making the suggestion.
    I’ve been playing with the dies I bought during the 7 for 6 offer; there goes the kid’s inheritance, but I’m worth it…
    I love what you do, thanks for doing it.
    Chris xx

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