One Day at a time

One Day at a time

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Late again! The days just seem to fly by at the moment. Is it me, or does time speed up as you get older? But inbetween skipping from one job to the other, this afternoon I took the time to sit in the garden and soak up a little sunshine – and it was lovely. Simply lovely. There’s nothing like a cup of tea and a five minute pause for thought in the garden…

Those two pesky gits Wurka and Hollick have been really driving the bus again recently. Time to put the brakes on and kick them into touch again. They creep up on me, you know. Just when you think you’ve got the life-work balance sussed, they pitch up again!

But it’s ok. They are in for a surprise. In fact, Dave and I are going on a date tomorrow! We are taking the bus to Brighton! Packed lunch and a flask of coffee. Just like the pair of old pensioners that we are !! Hahahaha. Stops right outside the house, and it’s about £6 return. Result!!! I love Brighton and I L-O-V-E LOVE the Lanes!

When you work like we do, 12 to 15 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, there comes a point when you start to wear down, when your fuse starts to get shorter, when little banal things start to grind your gears. And that’s when you need to get off the bus – or in this case – get on it !!!

Now we all know this blog is called One Day at a Time, right? It’a a daily blog after all, and One Day at a Time is my code for living. It’s the best way to travel! And we know that Friday’s Blog’s a private peek, right? And forgive me if I’m starting to repeat myself (it’s an age thing…), but look what it says on the inside of our wedding rings…

So when I say it’s my code for living, what I really mean is it is OUR code for living. It serves us very well indeed. All we have to do is get through today. Tomorrow is a New Day. And we’ll deal with tomorrow tomorrow. I’ve got my plastic poncho at the ready, in case it rains, (totally cool, and much more practical than a brolly!) – but the weather is set to be glorious.

Tina and Paul are having a brilliantly Groovi time on HOCHANDA with Tina’s new needlework plates. Set to sell out. Hope you can join them at 9am tomorrow. Our bus is at 9 too! Parallel worlds….

Love & Hugs until tomorrow,

Barb xx

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  1. Aww, what a special private peek Barb. Methinks I must have something in my eye… Made me smile to read you and Dave are having a day off, a date tomorrow. I’m sure it’ going to be a special day for you both. And much deserved.

    Aye, time does speed up the older you get, it’s scientific, but I won’t bore you with the explanation, unless you really want me to, yes, no?!!!

    I’m trying to follow your one day at a time, be in the now. So hard when you are autistic pretty much impossible actually, with the way our brains are wired. But I sure do need to live by your philosophy so I keep trying.

    No indian summer up here sadly, you’re clearly not in the sharing mood down your way this time!!! But I plan to have a good day too, in my own wee way of what is doable, after chores, a day of not worrying, and trying to immerse myself in craft, and lots of play and fun with my wee cat.

    I hope you have the special memory making day you both deserve tomorrow. Love you xxx

  2. Hi Barb,
    I’m sure time speeds up as you get older! It only seems like yesterday since I retired yet it’s seven years ago! I hope you and Dave have a fabulous time in Brighton tomorrow. We have a painting that we bought in a gallery in the Lanes about 15 years ago. Tina’s new embroidery plates are fabulous and will be finding their way to me in a few days – yeah! Can’t wait to play, but I’m hoping that there will be stitching guides to print out again otherwise I will be lost! Off to watch the 8pm show now on catch up. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  3. That’s great, have a fab day the both of you. I like it, a date day. Pete and I had one in Stratford last month on my birthday. Does you the world of

  4. Oh Barb what a wonderful day you’ll both have. I live in a little village called Rustington which is not that far from Brighton. The weather was beautiful today and set to be good tomorrow. I too am trying to live one day at a time whilst I wait for surgery for an ovarian tumour. Every day is a new day and crafting a real way of coping with my disability and with my waiting. You Barb are an absolute inspiration, I love to watch you craft on TV and your personality just oozes out of the tv screen. I feel like I know you! You are a very lovely lady whom I hope to meet one day. Have an incredible day out in Brighton tomorrow, watch the crowds and we all look forward to hearing all about your date day out. Hugs to you both xxx🏖🏖

  5. Enjoy your date together – haven’t been to Brighton for years. Crafty day off for me tomorrow so I’m a very happy bunny! X

  6. Good to get off the treadmill and into the slow lane occasionally. Enjoy Brighton and the Lanes. I hope the bus goes through some lovely countryside. It should be picnic weather tomorrow. xx

  7. Tomorrow is a nothing planned day(I think, unless I have forgotten something important). Time goes by so fast and I need to have nothing planned days regularly just to keep me from imploding! Probably crafting, perhaps some overdue housework, but will be watching Hochanda no matter what!!

  8. Sounds great day in Brighton and for £6 each bargains cost more to park car. Have to laugh as you know Bob retired end of March also as you now I have lot pain in shoulders so though what can I do well to start with crochet a shawl cause in winter cold air around my shoulders and knees makes my joint more painful. so made one It seem to ease shoulder pain crocheting ones work through pain for few days then made thought will make a blanket then thought I’ll make us one each to oldies sitting together in are chairs know bobs Retired haha are girls laughed at me not that I’m over 65 but like you turned 60 bobs got his bus pass waiting to see if they can get one may be we will come meet you in Brighton next summer but futher on bus night night enjoy your night.out xxx

    1. A friend with terrible shoulder pain went to the International College of Oriental Medicine in East Grinstead. She could not move her head. GP said it was arthritis. She came out feeling beaten up but with less pain and able to look over both shoulders. She had several more treatments but the worst of it is still gone 10 years on. Worth trying? I had acupuncture for neck pain – went for three days the first time and never returned after the second, though I can still hear it crunching. That was at the hospital though. I don’t know what you have locally. The shawls sound great by the way.

  9. One day at a time is my mantra at the moment. Having been told my sight is deteriorating, and have had to give up driving, so it was a bitter-sweet day today when the car passed its MOT!
    I have now got to get used to using public transport – so you never know I may bump into you in the Lanes one day, if I have summoned up the courage to get a bus to Brighton. 🙂

  10. Have a great day in Brighton tomorrow with Dave. Much better to use the public transport when you can then you can see the countryside as you go along & the driver has a rest.
    I am off out with my OH tomorrow as well, we are catching the train to Cradley Heath to visit 2 churches that are open tomorrow for Heritage day so following in the footsteps of my ancestors & hopefully meeting up with a new 3rd cousin who is over from Canada doing the same thing.

  11. Reading this at 03.10 ,not because I can’t sleep but have to go to work in 10 mins 😭 hate these hours , recording the shows will catch up on them later , after Moto GP .. have a lovely day in Brighton xx

  12. Have a lovely day out. Time certainly is going quicker. The battery on my watch went yesterday and I complained that it had only lasted a few months. Found the receipt as we have lifetime replacement batteries and it was replaced 3/9/17!. Where have those 2 years gone?????

  13. Time definitely goes quicker as we age, especially the 6 months between dental appointments! 😳
    I have tried, to no avail, to take one day at a time, but I have always been a worrier and can’t seem to change. It is in my DNA unfortunately.
    Have a fantastic day in Brighton with Dave. I have always wanted to visit there and have heard so much about The Lanes. Have fun. Hugs. Annette X

  14. Enjoy your day in Brighton. Sometimes life is just about getting through life, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, but we all get there. Ordered the new plates.

  15. Sounds like a great day out, enjoy! I’ve decided to have a chill out day too so will be found upstairs in my craft room getting Groovi and then collecting my ‘stuff’ together for Linda’s class on Sunday xx

  16. Just reading this now ,do hope you are having a lovely day together.I totally agree with one day at a time .Reminds me of a phrase I had on a little mirror “In your haste along the way take time to smell the flowers “Warm regards Carmel

  17. Hi Barbara, you can say that again- time really does fly. Can’t believe we’re heading towards Winter again and the festive season. OMG, most shops are already full with Christmas cakes, mince pies, Lebkuchen etc.
    As for Brighton, just LOVE it too and like you I LOVE LOVE The Lanes. Do you know The Little Tea Room in the Lanes? Really lovely place and love their cream teas. Ray and I also love to go for long walks along the seafront (with breaks, of course) and I told him next time we should have a picnic on the beach. To us Brighton is just the place to unwind and recharge those batteries. Sounds like you need some of that so hope Dave and you are having a wonderful day in Brighton today! Oh, how I wished I could have a day in Brighton right now. Have been home in Germany for almost a month as my Mum has been very ill (all because of a tick bit) and it’s not been easy and rather stressful. Do need a break.
    But Ray will be coming over tomorrow so that’s good.
    As I write, I’m catching up on all your shows I missed on Hochanda. Love them and while I can’t afford to buy anything atm sone of the products have already found their way on to my wishlist.
    Have a great day and enjoy this gorgeous late Summer weather. Hugs xxx

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