Fabulous Filigree Stamps and Groovi – a step by step.

Fabulous Filigree Stamps and Groovi – a step by step.

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Up with the songbirds this morning, so thought I would look at the week ahead. Lots to do, lots to consider.

One of the highlights this week is on Wednesday 6pm on Hochanda TV, when our lovely Maria launches a collection of superb filigree stamps AND Groovi plates, designed by Mel. I got caught up playing with them yesterday evening – and they are pretty special.

Decided to do a stamping step by step for you, so you can see how fab they are. You will recall I mentioned them a week ago, when we visited Standen House, and chanced upon a William Morris exhibition. “Ooooh!” I thought, as we walked through the halls and rooms of that magnificent Arts & Crafts residence. “I know what to do now!”

So many of William Morris’s designs are negative paintings. Not that they are miserable! No no!! On the contrary! What I mean is that the colour is injected in the backgrounds, which makes the images stand out or pop, as we often say today.

He also designed wallpapers which tesselated seamlessly, and so although the designs weren’t symmetrical, he was able to create marvellous textiles which were hand-printed on the roll. Mel’s drawings will do that for you too. They are epic.

Today I want to explore the idea of negative design. Ready? It is so easy! Just think background!

I could have spent hours darkening the drop shadows more and enhancing the filigree leaves, but you get the drift, don’t you?

This pair of swirls is just one of five: We have called them Beauty, Peace, Joy, Hope and Faith. This pair is Joy. The stamps come with masks too…

The other important thing to remember is that these lovely designs are being launched as A6 Groovi plates too. In fact, the ODS IS the Groovi plates! Even easier for positioning and layering than stamps!

There are so many possible combinations within each pair! And when you combine the various filigrees, the number of permutations is staggering. Just in case you need a little guide to help you with some design combos, we are including inspiration sheets.

I have a feeling these flourishes will be hugely popular. They are very addictive! Whether you use them as frames, or pattern build with them, or do as I do and create negative art – they are very, very lovely to use.

So don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday at 6pm and watch what Maria comes up with. She has a talent for thinking outside the box, so this should be very cool indeed.

Lou Withers and Paul are pairing up tomorrow on Hochanda at 10am and 2pm. So that should be entertaining too! Hahahaha!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

22 thoughts on “Fabulous Filigree Stamps and Groovi – a step by step.

  1. Very lovely, simple and elegant artwork today. Looking forward to Maria’s shows and seeing all the DT samples too. For now I’m off to make some more Christmas cards …

  2. Ooooh, these look nice, wonder if I NEED them??? 🤔🤔🤔 I’m still waiting on my alphabet stamps so not sure if I should get these or not?? Hmmmm what do you think I will do?? Answers on a postcard!! 😂😂😂😂 Love this negative art Barb, so beautiful. Xxx

  3. Stupendous !!! I can sit for hours doing this kind of colouring, it is so mindful and relaxing. Both stamps and Groovi plates are definitely on my list of must have’s as in the past I have traced patterns from a huge William Morris book hubby bought me years ago.
    Every time I think “I ain’t gonna buy no more!” you come up with something irresistable to the detriment of my bank account. I have so enjoyed my Clarity journey, long may it last.
    Off now to help clean the car before it gets too hot then an afternoon of crafting.

  4. lovely art work you make it look so easy will look forward to the groovi plates.thank you for the colouring book it is beautiful,keep up the good work

  5. The finished artwork is fantastic, I need to show this to my granddaughter as the step by step to how you coloured it all in will be easier for her to understand than me trying to explain with just words.
    More shows to put on to record – great. Love watching how Maria & the Design Team have interpreted the new products. My list for Leyburn is growing !!

  6. Barb, this has elicited the loudest WOW from me, love the step by step of these beautiful designs. Need to make some considered purchases I think. Have a great day everyone. Bx

  7. Ooooooo these look amazing. Will be watching tomorrow and Wednesday. Love Paul and Lou, their last show was fantastic fun. Maria is great at explaining in her demos too. Xx

  8. Have always loved flourishes,they can look great heat embossed in silver or gold .Will have to strongly consider buying these as being Clarity they will be far superior quality !

  9. How beautiful do love swirl or two always loved those first to swirls you made one was big than the other and joined together making a perfect simple card so looking forward to seeing those ones in action. And really looking forward to Paul and Lou tomorrow loved the last show think it was Paul’s face bless must make sure record is set xxx

  10. I love these designs and I know that Maria will do some amazing things with them . I have been baking today for our ENGG meeting tomorrow, when we hope to raise some money for Macmillan. I can’t wait to see everyone. Hugs. Annette X

  11. Hi Barb,
    I really like the look of these and the fact that they are in Groovi is even better. Love William Morris designs. Only problem I can see is I’m running out of money!!! I’ve got a list as long as my arm already for Leyburn! Love and hugs Alison xx

  12. At last your timing is impeccable. 🤗
    Often Clarity on Hochanda clashes with F1 or, as is the case tomorrow – our bowls committee meeting – so I catch up on rewind, but tomorrow I need to stay in for the plumber & the window man, so can’t move from the living room😂📺 YiPpEeeeeee…..

    1. BTW….
      Loving the September’s activity on Clarity Calender. Defo going to have a go before I turn the page. Today I was told it’s 100 sleeps till Christmas. YaBaDaBaDoOoOo🎊👼🎅🎄🐏👳🤴🤴🤴🎆

  13. Hi Barb, thanks for the step by step, that”s going to help me with my learning to do shading. It’s amazing to see you turn a flat image into something that looks so 3 dimensional.
    That style of swirly things is not my thing, but I’m waiting to see what the other designs are like. I do love that font though, if the words are being sold separately. I’ll hopefully be watching all the shows you talk about. Love you xxx

  14. Beautiful swirls and the negative colouring looks fabulous Barbara. Will hopefully catch Lou and Paul tomorrow and then Maria on Wednesday too. x

  15. This design looks super, can’t wait to see the others. Beautiful what you’ve done to it too. The Groovi one should be interesting.xxx

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