Look it up on You Tube.

Look it up on You Tube.

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in! Still at work here. Trying to do some forward planning, although I seem to be burying myself in art and ideas here! So I thought I’d surface for half an hour and come chat to you!

Yesterday, I blogged that Alcohol Ink piece with the Treescape stencil:

and a couple of you asked me how I did it. I thought I’d send you to our Claritystamp YouTube Channel. It contains a substantial library of How to’s, and I know for sure that I covered this technique. Here is the link to two of them, showcasing another set of fantabulous stencils:

the little Floral Friends Rounds.


I think I forgot to mention the most important ingredient! When I spritzed the Chromo card, I used Blending Solution to spritz. This is what will rejuvenate the alcohol ink on the plastic stencil.


Must crack on. Until tomorrow

Yes. So now you know the rest of the story. And while you’re in the library, enjoy today’s latest video. It has been posted on our other blog,

Clarity Matters.  A neat little Mini Make for Christmas .

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

9 thoughts on “Look it up on You Tube.

  1. I love looking at the claritystamp YouTube library especially when I need some inspiration! They are a fantastic way to motivate yourself!
    Thank you for doing them!
    Enjoy your evening! Love and hugs Xxxx

  2. Love what you do on youtube. Have every sort of card from clarity except chromo card but it’s now on order along with spritzer bottles. I tried this technique when you did it originally but discovered I had no spritzer bottle and a paint brush isn’t quite the same!! Anyway, looking forward to trying this when my order arrives. Keep up the good work. Hx

  3. Thanks for indicating which video gives the instructions -probably missed that one because I didn’t have the stencils used – and am still wary of my gel plates!! Might try it, as I do have the trees, but not sure about the gel press yet. I always seem to get in such a mess with it.

  4. I adore these mini stencils they are perfect for the small Geli plates. Pity I get in such a pickle as I don’t like getting messy. I will eventually crack a method of doing it cleanly. Will have to watch more YouTube’s.

  5. Love the videos , very informative , need my craft room back so I can play without thinking of everything I need before I start 😁😁

  6. I actually managed to see yesterday’s you tube. Great idea. I have a very active one year old today to look after so busy day ahead. X

  7. Hi Barb, sorry to hear you are still needing to put in long work days. Hopefully in doing so means you can have this afternoon off for pottery. I look forward to seeing how your tile progresses. Your youtube channel is brilliant, it’s the only one I subscribe to.
    Perfect demos on everything possible Clarity, perfect camera work, and the splash of fun/comedy factor. I watch every single one, and I keep an index of the ones I want to go back to, which is most of them. I hope you enjoy your pottery and can switch off from everything for an afternoon. Love you xxx

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