E for Epic. E for End

E for Epic. E for End

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in.

Just got home after a very E for Exciting Clarity Birthday weekend! What an E for Epic Live TV time we had! And how E for Exceptional were the sales? Thank you so very much !

Here is the little E for Edelweiss demo that I did this morning at 9am, which led to the complete sell out of our Floral ABC and Numbers bundle! In case you didn’t watch, here’s the step by step…

Mount on a 5×5. E for Edelweiss. And the little white flowers pop out of the frame, see?

Thank you if you watched. I know many of you did, and I also know thousands of you placed orders, too! Please can I ask you to bear with us while we plough our way through the orders? The number of orders is unprecedented, we didn’t foresee this kind of response. We can only physically do as much as we can do. Rest assured we are pedal to the metal, and your order will be sent as soon as we get to it. Just let us get our heads down and focus on the task at hand! All hands on deck in TV dispatch this week!!!

Time to call it a day. The Red Bull and Proplus has worn off….

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

24 thoughts on “E for Epic. E for End

  1. The shows have all been brilliant, you must both be shattered. I know my order will be with me as soon as humanly possible. There are only so many hours in a day Barb and you deserve at least a few hours off before putting that pedal to the metal. I’m not surprised they were so popular, they are gorgeous. Thank you. Xxxxx

  2. Amazing weekend, I love watching Hochanda and all of your shows were incredible. I can’t wait for my goodies to arrive. You must be so proud to be able to gauge so cleverly what we all want and so proud of your design team whose wonderful samples were so inspirational. Congrats to all xx

  3. Absolutely Brilliant Clarity Designs Excelling, Fantastic, (by) Gray ….. How I Just …. [o]K I’m giving up now ! well done everyone ! X

    1. To continue….. Love My New Original Perfectly Quintessential Really Special Type………. Of craft.!! Someone finish it off!! Xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Clarity.
    WOW what a weekend for you all..
    So many amazing new products and demos..I managed to order the new papers.. they are amazing and look forward to when they arrive.
    Thank-you Barb and all the clarity team for all your hardwork to bring us the great shows.
    Congratulations and again many thanks ..

  5. So happy for you that your designs were so well received and sold out! Just watched the first show on recording and the look on your face was priceless. Looks like I missed out on the deal as I was working, but maybe next time – the designs and samples were all absolutely beautiful. x

  6. Brilliant shows, Barbara and Paul, so many excellent demonstrations and tips. And well done Hochanda supporting Clarity’s Birthday Weekend so well. As for the deliveries of the goodies – well they get here when they get here! No worries! More importantly make sure you take some time to recover from your marathon weekend. Clarity Matters, but so do you!

  7. What a brilliant weekend! Congratulations to you all.
    On the news tonight, the news correspondent was talking about the current political situation and said that ‘Everyone needs Clarity’. How right he was! 😂
    Sleep well. Hugs. Annette X

  8. Barbara, you and the team EXCELLED yourselves with an EXCEPTIONAL set of samples and EXCITING demos. Not surprised these products were all a sell out. After such a busy weekend you must have been happy to get home a bit earlier following the “non-5 o’clock show”.
    Had a look at Clarity Matters early this morning and saw the new framers coming up in the Pergamano show. Just the sort of thing we need for variety.
    Question: Is it possible to get an Octagon and a Heart in picot dies? They would be very useful.
    Have a good evening.

  9. The weekend shows were just super ,I have recorded them and will watch them again maybe more slowly this time !placed my order for the alphabet stamps and will be excited to receive them ,I knew they would be superb once I saw them come out as groovi .Your emotional response Barbara was really moving and so genuine.Do hope you and Paul and all the team have some down time you worked so hard .warm regards Carmel

  10. Well done everyone at Clarity for the amazing 26th birthday celebrations. A weekend filled with inspiration and new goodies to please everyone….except maybe the bank manager. Xx

  11. What a thoroughly enjoyable Clarity weekend it was. Epic! I tried to sit on my hands but to no avail. I have spent a fortune with Clarity. The last straw was the eidelweis demonstration. After that I ordered the alphabet stamps. Good luck with the order processing. If I lived closer I would offer to help. Thank you for the fabulous shows.

  12. Hi Barb,
    What a fantastic weekend for Clarity, Hochanda and all of us watching(& buying!). Absolutely brilliant. The samples for every show were awe inspiring and the demos excellent. I couldn’t stretch to the stamps at the moment , but I did order quite a few other things. Been an expensive few days topped off by having to buy 4 new tyres for the car ( yikes!) . Well I suppose I can’t take it with me can I ? The new Groovi frames look good, but they might have to wait for Leyburn as I’ll have been paid by then. Have a great night’s rest and try to get a bit of a rest. I don’t mind waiting for my goodies to arrive – I know that you will get them to us as quickly as you can. Anyone who complains about delivery obviously isn’t aware of the unprecedented situation. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  13. Congratulations on yet another sellout. Your coloring demonstrations are superb. I learn so much. I had never thought about stamping on parchment. Tried it on a bit of designer parchment, and it worked beautifully.
    The next few weeks are going to be crazy at Clarity. I’m sure all of your people will be working as quickly as they can and my order will be sent as soon as possible.

  14. The happy boxes will arrive when they do. Most of us have plenty of other things to play with in the meantime. I am certainly happy to wait. What an incredible weekend you have had. By the way, did you tell us what IN AN stands for? I am sure you have had far too much to think about. Hope you and the Clarity elves can find some time to, at least, breathe. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  15. Hi Barb, so happy for you. The least you, and Clarity, deserves. I’ve got lots of recordings to catch up on now, and look forward to learning more about colouring in. Beautiful artwork, thanks for sharing. Hope you manage to take time to recover before diving in to help with the mountains of orders. Love you xxx

  16. I know we all wish you would take it easy for a couple of days but I guess that isn’t very likely to happen. I didn’t get much opportunity to watch today but I will be catching up. Your artwork is exceptional Barbara. x

  17. Have a good rest and pace the team. I expect there will be complaints – some people like to complain, so you are giving them an opportunity they seek. I decided to wait before putting my order in so people who need more speed can have it. I know Clarity won’t retire it all before I get there. That’s the joy of Clarity making things themselves. We are so lucky to have you all.

  18. Hi Barb, glad you got back safely, hopefully the traffic was not too bad. The shows were fantastic, the new stamps are just impressive , and will look to order them in the future. I do hope that people realise that you and the team will pull out all the stops, but that there will be delays, and will not complain or be nasty. Maybe you should post some stats on how long it takes making a set, from start to finish, and how many are made and held in stock for shows vs how many sold, then they can see it is not a 5 minute exercise to get quality out there. Anyway, take care all. Bx

  19. I have to say I was blown away with the floral stamps and the scenery dies and the new papers, I shall wait very patiently as they are something worth waiting for. In the meantime I will rewatch the shows for all the amazing demos, DT designs and tips.
    Clarity rocks, really fired up for Leyburn now! X

  20. Great weekend and definitely lots of WOW’s! Thanks to all concerned and also in advance of my order arriving…I know it’ll be done soon as humanely possible…you’re not machines, so don’t forget to have a break and a brew! Really looking forward to Leyburn, not long now xx

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