A florally good day!!!!

A florally good day!!!!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. What a florally good day!!!! So glad you liked the new papers and the new Floral ABC and Numbers stampsets! So much stock and gone so quickly! That was pretty overwhelming, eh…. thank you. Thank you xxx

So here we are, Paul and I, having supper in my hotel room! We bought lunch from Mark & Sparks at 7 this morning, but never got to it! So now it has become supper. Paul’s on the pork pies and sausage rolls, and I’m on the sour cream and chive dip with celery and carrot dip sticks! How is it, that my derrière is spreading by the day, and he is like a stick insect ?! Oh. And I’m drinking water, and he’s on the full fat coke!

Got to go, before he eats all the pies Mum!

See you tomorrow at 9 am, bright and bushy tailed xxx

Love and hugs

Barb xx

26 thoughts on “A florally good day!!!!

  1. What a glamorous life you lead!! Not just any pork pies!
    Loved the new papers, they are on their way to me. Haven’t watched the ODS yet but I am going to sit and watch now with the other half of my tea time pasty. I haven’t mastered the art of making small ones yet and I really enjoy eating the other half cold.
    Fabulous weekend, fabulous designs and wonderful work from the design team xx

  2. So happy for you Barb, it’s the least you deserve for all your hard work, talent, and sacrifice you make. Beautiful alphabet, I’ll need to work out which letters I would like. I’ve enjoyed watching your shows today, and I’ll be watching 9am. I was up at 8.30am this morning again, with no ill effects today, so far… As for Paul, don’t worry, he can’t stay skinny forever on that kind of diet…!!!😉 You just focus on the goodness you are putting into your body, and the benefits you’ll reap from it. I’m glad you have Paul by your side. I hope you both have a good sleep, see you in the morning xxx

  3. Great show! It was a pleasure to be able to sit and watch today after a busy week ! I didn’t buy today but they’re on my list of future purchases. My hubby’s a pork pie man and he shows it ! Paul is a lucky chap ! Have a good one tomorrow if there’s anything left ! X

  4. He has a healthy appetite. Annoying though that we all have to watch what we eat. Your face was a picture at the sell out, congratulations on a lovely product. X

  5. Brilliant shows today, as always. Lovely samples from the design team. Have ordered the new papers and card, but the wonderful floral alphabet stamps will have to wait, although the savings are great. Thank you. xx

  6. The shows have been wonderful today, loads of demos, sell outs & laughter. What more could one ask for !!
    Would love a pork pie or sausage roll but more difficult to obtain as I am gluten free !! so it would be the carrot sticks, celery & dip for me. Only 3 hours left of shows to complete a very busy weekend which I am sure will go well – You might even be on the way home after the 1pm show if the stock continues to fly out of the doors.

  7. It’s been a fantastic weekend and I feel so proud that I could play a small part of it all by making my samples.
    You and Paul have given us so much inspiration throughout all the shows.
    One more day and you’ll be home!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  8. Wow just wow😍 Well I bought the the big bundle of stamps and the floral Groovi numbers along with Tina’s new plates-now if only I could have more hours in the day to play😂

  9. What a day – got to be a record sellout for such a big package of stamps. Naturally I have ordered almost everything much to the dismay of the OH. Now I have to work out when I will have the time to use them all.
    Really impressed with the new papers and the variety of demos and samples.
    Thank you again to everyone at Clarity, as you say Barb, the office will be going barmy when they see all the orders, but hey ho, we are a patient lot and don’t mind waiting an extra few days for delivery under the circumstances.
    You need to eat to keep your strength up, we don’t want you fading away, so at least have a good breakfast. 🍳🥓🥖🍅🥐
    Night, night, sleep tight.

  10. You both doing great what a busy weekend I’m sure a clarity towers working just as hard have got to watch shows today did watch Paul am but getting ready for new carpet in lounge and hall way so Lee are son in law cam to help Bob remove the heavy oak furniture out ready I said move tv unite out can stand tv on table we can watch free view was hoping but will having extension builds cut tv arial thinking wasn’t anything said would fix it but guess what bob they didn’t so only bbc channels so was busy didn’t what shows will have to get iPad out watch on catch up hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday when carpet fitter fits carpets then can get house back to normal be long job nearly there rest up sickening how some can eat everything in site others can only look and gain wait that’s how it is night night Good d bless hopefully get to what tomorrow love you all Clarity dream Team rocks Xxx

  11. Another fantastic day Barbara and you and Paul have worked like trojans. Have a good day tomorrow and then home hopefully to at least have a little bit of a break before getting back to business. x

  12. Great shows, love the Floral stamps but have just ordered them in Groovi so will need to wait a while. New papers are beautiful…added them to my Leyburn list! Will be watching tomorrow when I can but reckon you’ll need to tap dance by lunchtime lol! Sleep tight xx

  13. Paul needs a health review, if he’s that thin on pastry. What a stunning weekend of products. Have a good rest in the week. Well done.

  14. Well firstly congratulations on all the awesome shows. Secondly, I was going to sit on my hands and somehow I ended up with dies, papers and stamps!
    Thirdly, how do I hide it from Mr FG?

  15. Hello Barb, wow that is a very lean dinner, personally I think you have a great figure. Shows are absolutely brilliant and it goes without saying that the products are popular. Looking forward to today too. Take care all. Bx

  16. Wow, what a weekend for you and Clarity. I watched in awe at the beautiful art work produced by you and Paul and the amazing samples from the DT. I was not surprised by the sellout, but your face was a picture.
    I hope that you and Paul can eat a healthier dinner tonight, although I too love a pork pie occasionally.
    Thanks for all the shows. Hugs. Annette X

  17. Well what can I say. Total sell out within 15 minutes says it all. Your face was a picture – you and Alex both. Lol. I sat and thought about which letters to order first and then thought sod it, life is too short to procrastinate so ordered the full alphabet and numbers. Sadly the papers will have to wait a while now but I am sure they will fall into my basket at some point. 😉 As for Paul, I think he is just one of those lucky people whose metabolism always seems to work overtime. 🙄😂 I think you look great, so happy and healthy after your break so be kind to yourself, you can’t be absolutely fabulously talented and wonderful AND thin!!! 😂😂 Have a good day today and hopefully at least one day off after the huge birthday event. Much love xxxxx

  18. Hi Barb,
    Wow! What a brilliant weekend for you, Paul and Clarity. The shows have been brilliant with so much inspiration. I couldn’t believe when the huge bundle sold out in under 15 minutes yesterday and obviously judging by the look on your face and Alex’s , you couldn’t either! The stamps were gorgeous, but unfortunately , I couldn’t stretch to them at the moment. They are on my list for Leyburn along with the new papers. I hope you manage to get a good night’s rest and that the shows go well today, although I’m not sure what you are going to be selling! I think you both might be heading home early. Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  19. Been looking forward to these since the retreat, and before! Bought them, and the groovi numbers, and the papers! Oh dear I’m going to be skint. That’s for making us all feel part of the ‘Clarity Family’, it’s good to belong.

  20. Congratulations Barbara and Paul, What a marvelous weekend. I knew the stampers would love these stamps, because I use my Groovi plates all the time. Xx

  21. I just want to thank everyone at Clarity and Hochanda for such a wonderful 26th Birthday celebration that you shared with us. Fantastic shows with lots of inspirtation and laughter – just what we need. I am not surprised you had so many sales as all the products were fantastic and there was somthing to please everyone. Enjoy the rest ( eventually).
    I too would love to eat pork pies – maybe we should try that diet to be as slim as Paul.

  22. What a lovely weekend, congratulations on all the fantastic new goodies. Don’t you ever sleep, Barb?
    A few weeks ago I decided not to spend so much on craft gear………in my dreams. I have bought even more. I am so weak.
    The demos were outstanding. Lots of new ideas. Thank you so much.
    Your staff are tops.

  23. Hello Barbara,
    As you know I don’t often comment but after such an exceptional few days I just had to!
    I don’t do Groovi but I was waiting for the Stamps as I thought they were gorgeous. I bought those but don’t tell Diane!
    Your face was an absolute picture when Alix gave a stock update .
    Hochanda seems to be going from strength to strength no small thanks to-you for that! Thanks Paul too. I can’t stand pork pies! Not keen on cold sausage rolls either!!
    Many many thanks!
    Love Myra xx

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