Over the Rooftops…

Over the Rooftops…

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in. It’s been a day of unpacking here at the house – and MEGA picking n packing at Clarity Towers!! Those nimble hands are working like bees’ wings to pick n pack your orders! It’s a great vibe though. Everybody’s glad to be busy!

One of my favourite demos from the weekend was the simple new Waimea Falls paper landscape, using those fantastic landscape masks of ours, so if you don’t mind, I shall just do a quick step by step for you, to recap…

Time to call it a day. I’m on the turn! H A L T. Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. Hungry – tick. Angry – not really. Lonely – nope. Tired – TICK. Only have to tick one and the turn begins; we’ve got 2 here – easily remedied with food and my bed!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “Over the Rooftops…

  1. That’s beautiful Barb, thank you for sharing, and taking the time to blog. Step by steps here of TV demos always welcome. Glad to hear you’re not feeling angry or lonely, the other 2 are easily remedied. Hope you get a good sleep tonight. Love you xxx

  2. Great weekend already had one despatch email. My club goodies haven’t arrived from last month but I will wait until the dust settles to phone as I will have plenty of new things to play with xx

  3. I really love this piece. It is beautiful.
    Tired and hungry, as you say, can be fixed and glad you are not lonely or angry.
    Have a good night’s sleep. Hugs. Annette X

  4. Like this step by step, will order the masks later. I think the new papers are beautiful and look forward to seeing them in parchment.
    Have already been advised two of my weekend orders are on the way so I will have something new to play with while I wait patiently for the rest. Your elves (and you) deserve medals for the work you have been doing.
    Eat, chill and have a good night’s sleep.
    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. My shopping list for Leyburn is growing by the minute, love the new papers & this picture is so atmospheric but achievable !! thank you for the step by step.
    Hope you feel better now you have eaten. We say that our youngest granddaughter gets Hangry when she is hungry & starts getting grumpy !!

  6. This is a beautiful piece of work Barbara and think it will be excellent on show in the New York office. I hope you have had your food and if not asleep, after the busy time you have had I’m sure it won’t be long. x

  7. Hi Barbara,
    A beautiful piece of art for your new office. The new papers look so beautiful and I so enjoyed all the demonstrations. It’s so clear to see that you are so passionate about getting across the education part of the tv shows and am so pleased that Hochanda works with this.
    Looking forward to receiving my goodies, take care

  8. Loved this demo on TV.
    Those new papers are fabulous and definitely up there with my all time favourites!
    I bet those clarity elves are so busy after the weekend. They are a great lot!
    Sleep well once you’ve eaten.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Loving these new papers and this piece of artwork is very atmospheric and moody – love it. I’m relieved to hear that you’re not angry or lonely – at least the hungry and tired are relatively easy to fix! You must be completely goosed after the weekend which was such a success. I’ve already had two emails saying my goodies have been dispatched – now if that’s not good service, I don’t know what is! Thank you so much. Get a good night’s rest, love and hugs Alison. Xx

  10. Oh love those new papers on top of my list so beautiful love this effect to been busy week here I’m ready for bed too night night sleep well I can imagine how busy everybody is after such an amazing weekend night night joy

  11. Hello Barb, hope you had a nice dinner and a good sleep. Love this step by step. The papers are beautiful. Take care all. Bx

  12. Well after a wonderful birthday weekend with Clarity, I am on the naughty step!! He he!
    What can I say, Clarity are second to none. Looking forward to my goodies arriving soon.
    Thanks Barbara, Paul and Clarity team. ❤️

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