A Magic Ink Pad….

A Magic Ink Pad….

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Spent the day giving the artboards for Leyburn a big makeover. 10 hours, and I’ve not even finished the Groovi boards yet! They certainly needed it! Tomorrow I shall have another run at it, and then that will be pretty peachy for Leyburn, Port Sunny AND the NEC! Our lovely Lisa – she who who usually does this job – gave birth to a lovely little baby boy this weekend. I am sure you will join me in congratulating her and Steve. A little miracle is born!!

Monday’s blog is flowers and trees, so how about a little step by step, using one of those smashing mini tree stencils, a little alcohol ink on Yupo Paper, and a clever ink pad which lifts the ink – an Alcohol Lift Ink pad by Ranger

Ready? Here goes…

This Yupo Paper is pretty cool. It’s the same stuff I design those Designer Papers on, Shenandoah, Waimea Falls, Northern Lights, Indian Summer etc.

Here’s the same design but with a different colourway of alcohol inks. Also lovely.

Then I went off on one, and decided to do a little lake scene with the inky paper towel, to see if it would work…

See how I added a little light to the water? You can see where I have used my fingernail to press through the paper towel on the water surface. Then you go back in with more alcohol ink on the felt applicator (in this case I used Denim) and add the sides left and right of the lake.

And what’s really cool about Yupo is, if you don’t like what you’ve done, you just spritz lightly with blending solution and wipe the surface clean. It will stain a little, but you can easily cover up and go again!

Anyway. Magic Ink pad well worth investing in. My guess is that it is just blending solution in an ink pad, but so much easier to stamp with when it comes in a pad! Yupo Paper too. Well worth it. And if you haven’t played with alcohol ink – you will absolutely L O V E LOVE IT!!!

Time to stop for the day. I just bought Phillip Pulllman’s new book on Audible. Went from being brassed off with working too long, to elated and excited about the new listen! Escapism at its very best. The Tin Princess. Oh Boy. Even the title has me enthralled !!

I so want to write a book. I can feel one bubbling to the surface. Question is, will I ever EVER find the time? Answer: Only I can decide that. Choices, choices, choices. Artboards first though!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

18 thoughts on “A Magic Ink Pad….

  1. I haven’t got the lift-ink pad yet but I have everything else – just no time this week but the weekend is not far away and I have four whole days to enjoy Leyburn and my journey there and back! One of our mums had a baby at the weekend as well so I managed to squeeze in a cuddle! Congratulations to Steve and Lisa. Enjoy that wee bundle of joy. Enjoy your book.

  2. Ooooo have seen the lift ink used by Maria with the new swirl stamps and now seeing it with the stencils too I think it must be a new pad for me! Love the effect on Yupo paper. Xx

  3. Doh! I wondered why you had left gaps in the text until I enlarged the pictures!

    Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

  4. Many congratulations to Lisa and Steve on the birth of their baby.
    Super demos once again. Must order some more Yupo paper.

  5. I am so in love with all the gorgeous papers. I have a couple of the pads but I haven’t used them yet! We are all the same aren’t we?! We buy papers because they are so gorgeous, then we don’t use them, because they are so gorgeous hahaha.
    Many congratulations to Lisa and Steve on the birth of your son 💙 xx

  6. Congratulations to Lisa & Steve on the arrival of their baby boy. Looking forward to seeing the Art boards on Saturday. I love the alcohol inks but haven’t tried Yupo paper yet. I can see my shopping list growing.
    We left home on Sunday & are having a stopover near Hebden Bridge on our journey north. We did over 20K steps today walking around Hardcastle Crags & tomorrow we are off to look for Gentleman Jack & the Piece Hall in Halifax.
    For those fortunate enough to be going to Leyburn have a safe journey & hopefully you won’t be caught up in the cycle race. Just 5 more sleeps !!

  7. Congratulations to Lisa and Steve on the birth of their son!
    I love the alcohol lift ink. Its quite fascinating how it can be used. And yupo paper too gives lovely results!
    Looking forward to seeing you over the weekend! It’ll be good to catch up!
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  8. Congratulations Lisa and Steve on birth of your beautiful baby boy start of a wonderful adventure treasure every moment they grow up far to fast. Great step by step. Would love to have got to lay urn but to much going on at moment but hope to get to Kent next year do miss ally pally any news on that venue ?? Hope you enjoyed your book night night c

  9. Congratulations to the new parents – how lovely to have a new member of the Clarity family. I’ve never used lift ink but love this effect. Thanks for the step by step.

  10. Hello Barb, please pass on my best wishes the Lisa and Steve and their new arrival. Love your step by step with the alcohol ink and lift ink pad. I feel the need to get mine out and play. Great idea with the gel plate. Take care all. Bx

  11. Congratulations to the happy parents and their bundle of joy. I hope you have a long, happy family life together.

    Hi Barb, love the effect you always come up with when you use this stuff. Thanks for sharing. Hope you got your boards finished. I hope the Road races don’t cause you too much inconvenience over the weekend. Love you xxx

  12. Great effects using the Ink Lift Pad Barbara and something that is on my list to try out. Congratulations to both on the birth of their precious bundle of joy, and hope the weekend goes well. x

  13. Congratulations to the new parents…such a special time to enjoy. Love the effects of the alcohol inks and lift off but not for me as I seem to be allergic and despite trying just cant cope with wearing gloves to work with them! Will just have to enjoy your lovely papers instead x

  14. CoNgRaTs to the happy family. 🎉🥳Treasure each day, time flies, especially when I think I had only 18 summers with my first born before uni & now he’s living in Leeds. Off to visit for his Birthday soon. Happy days.😁
    I’ve just heard that John Wilson on Radio 4’s Front Row has launched a short story competition but on Twitter, so limited characters. It’s a start👍🏼 Go on, do it👏🏼

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