Lucky we live in the sticks…

Lucky we live in the sticks…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Late night again, but the artboards are done and lovely! So Leyburn, here we come – ready or not!! Us, I mean!

Dave’s shot off to buy a load of sourdough bread somewhere, to go with our tinned Clam Chowder, and I’ve got till he gets back to blog! Haha! What a caper. Or should I say clam?!

So today, I have made a really quick n easy 5 minute little card, expressing my gratitude for living in the sticks, and not in the city.

Coming across the countryside this evening, away from the madding crowd, there was not much traffic. Listening to the radio and the traffic chaos in urban areas – I am grateful to be able to live on the fringe. Close enough if we want a bit of action – but far enough away that we don’t get caught up in the net of it.

Coming across the Ladies Mile as it’s called, the short cut from Hartfield to Crowborough – there was a huge flock of rooks swooping and soaring in the sky. Such social birds, Dave says.

Piece of cake. No words required. Just heard Dave’s car!

Don’t forget, the 3-way overlay sale ends tonight at midnight….this heart one is particularly useful for all sorts of occasions. Not least for spelling out gratitude on the way home.


Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Lucky we live in the sticks…

  1. Poured with rain all day so lots of crafting done. Pleased you have all your prep done, so have a restful evening. Love what you did with the lift off pad so ordered one today but forgot to order Yupo paper. Will have to add it to the next order.

  2. Have you seen the ghost of Ladies Mile? Nope, nor me but some swear by her! She would have got very wet today, that’s for sure.
    Hope all the upcoming events are a great success.
    Judy C

  3. I love these sweet scene you have created Barbara and such pretty colours too. Glad you have finished the artboards and hope you and Dave have enjoyed your clam chowder and sourdough bread. sounds yummy. x

  4. Wish we were home so noisy in the van torrential rain and winds. Hope everyone is safe. Great blog Barb. Hope you enjoyed your meal.xx

  5. Love the colours beautiful piece of art thanks again glad your already for layburn hopefully a bit of a relax before journey up there hope don’t get court up in the A14 traffic so many delays lane closures between A14 , A1, A11 been back a forth to Cambridge this last few weeks and every time a different bit closed and causing heavy traffic in another bit finding lots little country roads small streets around city of Cambridge one year and hopefully all done so hopefully a good journey North would for you. Night night xxx

  6. Pretty card, hope you enjoy your meal…tried sourdough but neither OH or me enjoyed it, then again life would be so boring if we all enjoyed the same things. Xx

  7. Hello Barb, a lovely card and as always an easy to follow step by step. Hope you enjoyed dinner. Take care all. Bx

  8. Can’t be at Leyburn this year sadly. Those that are going bear in mind we have the world cycling championships in Yorkshire this week so various roads in the northern part of the country will be closed so you may need to plan journey carefully

  9. Hi Barbara and everyone,
    Such a lovely piece of artwork colours stunning.
    Have a great Leyburn and enjoy meeting again lots of friends old and new.
    Lynn xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    I wouldn’t like to live in a town or city. I much prefer the countryside. We are having a fab time in lovely Pembrokeshire – weather hasn’t been too bad and today it’s sunny( at the moment!). We are walking around St Govans head and visiting Stack Rocks and Angle and then the Lily Ponds at Bosherton – just lovely! Heading home tomorrow and then off to Leyburn to see you Sat and Sun. Lovely card for us to try. See you soon, love Alison xx

  11. Clam chowder and sourdough – brings back happy memories of Pier 39!
    It is a beautiful, sunny day here in Montenegro and we are shortly off to visit what is apparently Europe’s biggest vineyard and to sample the ‘grapes’.
    Have fun in Leyburn. One day I will get there myself. Hugs. Annette X

  12. Sometimes those simple suppers are the best. Good job too as we’re eeking out the contents of our fridge this week, before our holiday! Lovely step by step today – I’m really enjoying having your personal, arty blog back! X

  13. Just catching up on the blog on my laptop. All the photos pile on top of one another on my iPad. So frustrating! Just wondering where the lines on the horizon came from. Did you squiggle free-hand? Or is it a stamp I’ve missed? Have a great weekend in Leyburn. x

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