Happy Couple step by step – and another great deal!

Happy Couple step by step – and another great deal!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in. Perfect day for crafting here! Bit of drizzle, bit overcast – as I said, ideal for a pot of tea and a craftalong!

Now a couple of days ago, I posted a finished card…

…and invited you to guess how I made it. The incentive to join in was a £25 Clarity Gift Voucher, and oh boy! Several of you got soooooo close! But only one of you pretty much nailed it:

SUSAN WHITE ! You’re a star !! Gift voucher on its way to you, dear winner!

So many, many thanks to all those of you who joined in, and here is a step by step breakdown – just in case you wanted to know!

I used the beautiful 3-Way overlay Happy Couples Stampset.

As an old stamper (oi! Less of the old!!) I think these 3-way overlay stamps are just brilliant – a total game changer. It’s just like screen printing, but even better! Now you can spot glaze too, as I have done here with the background.

We have quite a collection of the 3-way stampsets now, really smashing ones, so I have just asked our clever Tom to pop in the back of the website, and drop the prices on ALL of them to £19.99 (from £30) – and this particular little design of mine to £14.99. Not that we have lots in stock! In fact, we may have to make them! But hey ho. That’s what we do. Because we can! And because we’re celebrating!

BIG reason to celebrate, I can tell you! We had lunch with Mum and Dad today, to celebrate their 61st wedding anniversary a few days early, (because we’re up in Leyburn at our Clarity Open Day on the actual day). Mum said to me, “Do you know where I was 10 years ago today?” And then I remembered. She was in hospital, recovering from a mastectomy. I will never forget it. I will never forget sitting with my Dad in the waiting room. Do you remember all those hundreds of cards you made for her? And all the hundreds of little slate charm orders you sent in, because I asked you to help me, so she would have a reason to keep going? Well, it worked! As I said. BIG REASON TO CELEBRATE TODAY. HUGE REASON. And gratitude in abundance .

So pop on over to the website and take a look at all the 3-way overlay stamps. They are über cool! CLICK HERE TO INVESTIGATE.

Time to go watch the rugby!

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “Happy Couple step by step – and another great deal!

  1. Congratulations to your mum and dad for their anniversary and lovely to see them both so well. I’ve got one of your mum’s slate charms and love it…but have it hanging in my craft room and not on a bag. Have just been writing my list for Leyburn….doubtless more will be added lol! xx

  2. What a perfect celebration! Congratulations for your Mum and a very Happy (early) Anniversary to them both. What a beautiful photo, a family with so much love to share ❤️❤️❤️. I have my slate necklace that your Mum gave me. I wore it the day I met Grace, as I had promised your Mum I would. She loved it of course 🥰. Love you all & hope to see you soon xxx

  3. Well done Susan ! I’m useless at that sort of thing ! What a great offer.

    Where does the time go, your Mum has done marvelously hasn’t she. Happy 61st anniversary to both of them x x

  4. Lovely warm family photograph, congratulations to your Mum and Dad on their anniversary.
    Been crafting all day and also caught up on Maria’s shows. Have not seen the lift off solution she used on the last show, someone decided to talk to me when she mentioned it, so I missed the first part of what was said and will now have to hunt for it. Such a good demo ( as are they all ) but this was new to me. Very effective.
    Congratulations also to Susan White, I would never have guessed how this was done.

  5. Congratulations to your mum and dad, fabulous achievement and well done to Susan as well. Planning to be at Leyburn providing Fred is fit enough. Fingers crosse xd.

  6. Congratulations to your mum and dad! And what a lovely photograph. Family is to be treasured.
    I am off to Montenegro tomorrow, for a week’s holiday, but I will keep up with all your news as often as possible.
    Have a great Open Day. I know several of my Groovi friends from the ENGG are going, so have a wonderful time everyone.
    Take care. Hugs. Annette X

    1. Hi Annette! What a coincidence, I’m just across the border in Croatia this week, but I’m sitting in the rented apartment looking at the rain which is forecast for the next 4 days! If you haven’t already left, pack a rain mac and some crafting and you’ll have just as lovely a holiday as I am having. Who needs sunshine when we can craft??? Have a great holiday x

      1. Fancy that! I am so sorry you are having rain and we expect it too, so have packed a mac. We are actually on a tour, so have outings planned for most days and i am having a craft detox!😳 I do have some good books to read though.
        Enjoy the rest of your holiday. X

        1. You’ll have a great time if it’s anything like Croatia, the scenery is wonderful and the people have been so friendly. Great that you have a tour booked…enjoy the sights and have fun xx

  7. Hi Barb, happy anniversary to your parents, and an extra special one to your mum for being a winner and survivor. I was way off the mark with my guess, but my way was quicker!!! Mind you, I doubt I’d ever be close in these guess hows as me being me I always do things my way, and not just in craft, everything! But I’m a winner too, as it got me motivated to have a go at my own take on it, and I’ve now learned 2 new techniques. So, thank you Barb. Hope you have a lovely evening. Love you xxx
    Well done Susan

  8. Well congratulations to Susan for getting it right, but I am fogged as to why it looks like there is masses of pink then the finished piece looks blue and green with just the smallest hint of pink. Oh well, I am obviously missing a trick somewhere…lol. It is a beautiful design with the heart shape in the trunk and sweet birds. Glad you had a lovely lunch with the family Barbara and so pleased that your Mum is looking tip top, and your Dad is looking great too, in fact a wonderful photo of you all. x

    1. Hi Pat, I think it’s because what you see on the stamp is actually the back layer once it’s been stamped onto the card. What you see on the stamp will be against the card. What you see once it has been stamped is the original first layer, with bits of the newer layers peeking through the gaps made by blotting each time. I think. It’s the same as doing it on a gelli plate. Hope that helps xx

  9. What a great photo and so much to celebrate. 61st wedding anniversary, how marvellous. Well done to your Mum Barbara for being a survivor.
    I could not get within a mile of how the card was done but good to have the step by step. Have a great week and have fun at Leyburn.

  10. Congratulations to Susan on nailing it (I hadn’t given a thought to it being Distress Oxides!) … and congratulations to your Mum & Dad on their forthcoming anniversary. These family times are moments to cherish and it’s always lovely to see how much you do just that. x

  11. Goodness me! Thank you so much Barbara – that will be a lovely treat for me to look forward to when I get back from my holidays!!! What a wonderful photo of your family lunch and congratulations to your mum and dad for their anniversary. I remember well coming to a retreat just after your mum had her diagnosis, and buying a whole stash of slate pendants for all my colleagues at work – still have mine too.

  12. Lovely family photo!
    Happy Anniversary to your Mum.and Dad and All the Very Best. Also got a slate necklace from your Mum which she sent to me in Germany when I wasn’t well. Thought it was so sweet of her. Love it. Xx

  13. Congratulations to your mum and dad. What a lovely couple and glad you all had a lovely family celebration. So looking forward to Leyburn and meeting everyone. Hope I find it! Lol. However, I have a lot of work to do before I get there. Had hoped to set off on Thursday night so that I could reduce the journey by two hours on Friday but that is not to be. No worries. Just hope we all have a safe journey whatever route we take to get there. Hx

  14. Hi Barb, have been away for 2 weeks for work, so trying to catch up now on all the blog posts I have missed. Happy Anniversary to your Mum and Dad, what a fantastic milestone to celebrate. Love your step by step too. Take care all. Bx

  15. Wow… 61 years together and look at them…. They both look so well and happy! Perfect reason to celebrate especially after the fight your dear mum had! She’s certainly come through it marvellously!
    Treasure every moment you can with them.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  16. Congratulations to your Mum and Dad for their 61st wedding anniversary. That is some achievement and something well worth celebrating with family. Love the step by step, just couldn’t get my head in the space! Well done to Susan. XX

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