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Thanks for popping in. Apologies for the late post; been out for dinner with friends.

Pottery has started again, and this term I am experimenting with glazes and trying to improve my skillset. Last term, I was disappointed with my last batch of tiles. So this term, I decided to make just one – and log every single step: the thickness of the clay, the size of the tile, the hardness of the tile before applying the design. The thickness of the slip. I kneaded the clay for about 20 minutes before I started too, because apparently that helps..

That’s it so far! Now the tile will go into the kiln for its first firing. If it is good n flat when it comes out of the kiln, I will glaze it.

What am I doing differently? Well, this time I am focussed exactly on each step. I am even writing it all down in a little notebook, so that I have a reference. Last year, i just randomly made tiles. Some worked, wome didn’t. This year, I want to figure out what works and what doesn’t. And the only way to monitor this is through a single tile. Just one. No point in making the other 6 until I know exactly the best way forward. So this term I may not be as creative to begin with, because I want to master the art.

I’ll show you what happens next week – even if it is a dud. We learn from our duds!

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  1. Very methodical Barbara, I hope you have the result you want. I am sure you are pleased to be back at the pottery classes. A chance to unwind.

  2. Sometimes we learn more from the ones that don’t go right, annoying as it is at the time! It’s the same in any area. Hope this one tile works well so you can follow your recipe to create the others. Xx

  3. Hi Barb,
    I think this is a really good idea and at least if it goes wrong , it’s only one tile! I’ve been stamping and painting some glass trays and have to say it was trial and error with the stamping – I’ve never used so much blending solution in my life ,trying to remove the archival ink when it smudged!! I hope this tile turns out well and I’m looking forward to seeing it finished – bet it’s lovely glazed. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  4. Good idea Barb to write each step down, hope it all works this time. Glad you are doing your classes again gives you something other than work to focus on. Glad you chilled tonight with your friends.xxx

  5. I look forward to seeing the result – like the idea of a pottery recipe book for your techniques and glazes too. Hope mum and dad feature on one of the set of future tiles x

  6. Saving your notebooks and step by steps will be useful when you write a book! It sounds like a great idea to just do the one and it will be interesting to see the results..
    I am glad that you are still potting, as you enjoy it so much. The same with me and Groovi!
    Hugs. Annette. X

  7. I do that when batch making cards , do one of several designs and techniques then decide which one was best . Looking forward to seeing the results . Am recording tonight’s shows as am going to sons . xx

  8. Hi Barb, love that tile, and it’s so interesting to see the process of how things are made. Thanks for sharing. I have no idea of anything pottery. My only bit of pottery was in first year at high school and we had to make a face in a flat piece of clay. Going on my finished effort, my inspiration seemed to be a gargoyle…!!! I must learn from your lead, and start writing down recipes when I try different things, so I can learn not to repeat the same mistakes down the line, and how I did something if I like it. Love you xxx

  9. Great work Barbara, I have made tiles and stamped into them before glazing. You can get one glaze into the depressions and another on top, maybe another technique to try….

  10. I love following your pottery stories. It warms the cockles of my heart (as My Nan would say) to see you having some ‘me time’ xxx

  11. A great way to monitor your work Barbara and hope the results of this tile are good, but if not then try again. This needs patience and commitment and of course love for what you are doing. I’m not sure I would have the patience to do this, but you are a natural. x

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