You Hung the Moon…

You Hung the Moon…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Day 4 of the retreats today. Yesterday was a pleasure again. Just as with the first two days, It was great to be surrounded by friends and good people, just wanting to be creative and learn. I am still full of beans, and really pumped to see how they enjoy today’s activities!

Very early here. Early to bed, early to rise and all that! No way there’s a blog in me at the end of the day though, so now’s as good a time as any to get a bit arty and chatty! The new papers which I designed recently, and which are being launch next weekend on TV, landed at Clarity yesterday. Very chuffed with these! I think you will like them.

Here’s a very quick little stampy sampler, just to show off one of the new papers. – and get my eye in for today’s stamping exercises! I love this You Hung the Moon stamp which Annie design a long time ago. I think she deserves another outing on telly too. Along with the lovely Flyaway boy….

Let’s just spend 5 minutes playing, before I have to shoot off the the Cash n Carry for more lunch supplies again…

Simple, but what do you expect at 5 in the morning!!

Right. That’s it. Gotta go. In my next life I’m coming back as a Tuna Mayo Sandwich Maker. EVERYBODY likes Tuna Mayo!!!!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

28 thoughts on “You Hung the Moon…

  1. Good morning. Always read your blog but rarely comment. I love the colours of those papers and the “hung the moon” stamp and words are great. Have a lovely day with the keen crafters – and of course – the tuna mayo sandwiches.

  2. That was an early blog. I don’t know where you get your energy from. Hope all of the folks enjoy the retreat (and the tuna mayo 😂)as much as I did.

  3. Gosh! I thought I was up early as I’m so excited about Day 2 but you are really early doors Barb! Really enjoyed day of the retreat and know today is going to be even better than yesterday! See you later 😁

  4. Wow those papers look very yummy a must have can see another spend coming on would love to be there doing day two again enjoyed it all so much think going to have a go at Monday afternoon project again today hopefully have a spyware not oblong this time!!”tuna mayo was so nice and yummy had it day 1 🥰🥰👍 have lots of fun you be half way xxx

  5. Good morning. Everyone likes a tuna mayo sandwich… Everyone likes you as you are and seeing your techniques and getting your chat. Just stay as you are if you come back again. Anyway, impressed you can string a sentence together at 5 in the morning. I struggle most of the morning!! Happy to chat at night though, late into the night!! Glad the retreats are going so well. Hope today is just as good and I’ll look forward to your blog tomorrow. By the way, I love your papers. Hx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Gosh, you were up early today! Mind you I was in the pool by 7.30 this morning and it was heaving!
    The new papers look fabulous, gorgeous colours. Looking forward to the shows tomorrow and Saturday and can feel a spend coming on with the new plates,so might have to wait until Leyburn for the new papers!
    You certainly sound very upbeat about the retreats so that’s great – your enthusiasm will rub off on your “ guests”. Have fun. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. Love the colours of the new paper. Lovely simple art work too with the stamp. Bet today will be another great success. Xx

  8. The new papers look as though they are absolutely gorgeous! Love that stamp too!
    Barbara, somehow I think you are liked even more than a Tuna sandwich! For starters you’re not fishy or oily and slippery! 🤣🤣
    Gutted I am away on my holibibs and couldn’t make the retreat, bad planning on my part!
    Next year is a definite!

  9. Hi Barb, beautiful papers, can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you for the step by step too, I neeeed help to go down the straightforward and easy route, I seem to always manage to turn things into being more complicated and time consuming! Thanks also for the cutting out the frame and turning it idea, might just help me dig into my stash of double sided papers…!!!

    As for tuna mayo, yuck! But then why break the habit of a lifetime of being the odd one out…!!!

    Hope everyone enjoys day 4
    Love you xxx

    1. With regards to tuna mayo, I’m with you Brenda. I make my family laugh by calling it cat food! Hope you don’t mind me joining your elite club!! xx

      1. Ha, ha! Cat food, aye you’re right there, my cat would go nuts for tuna mayo, tuna anything!!! Welcome to my wee island, I was beginning to feel like Billy no mates sat here surrounded by a swamp of tuna mayo…!!! Xx

  10. Those new papers will definitely be on my to buy list. I am looking forward to the weekend wow and know I will be spending another fortune 💥💥 Heaven help the bank account !!!
    I hate anything with mayo in it so please stay as lovely, energetic, creative and arty as you are.
    How you can do all this at 5am is staggering. I got up at 7.20 and was still coming to at 10.45. Fully awake now though. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  11. Morning Barbara, I hope the day is going well and everybody is keeping cool. The demo is great, always good to have a reminder. The new papers look interesting. No Tuna mayo for me !!! xx

  12. Glad all is going well. Another lovely project and papers. My dies arrived this morning so that was a cheer up after waking up with a sick headache which has gone now thankfully. Have a good day today x x

  13. Hello busy person! I see more outrageous papers on the horizon to add to my collection. I hope you print them as the smaller designer card as well as the 8×8 papers. Can’t wait….eta?
    Love…theuva Barbara!

  14. That’s beautiful! We used that stamp set on the last retreat I came to, so pleased to see it being revisited. Can’t wait to see the rest of the papers. Enjoy the last two days of the retreat with your new group and then your day of rest! X

  15. Beautiful, loving the papers and the colours are right up my street and the stamp is just right with this design. Last day of our trip to Kent which has been so very enjoyable, mainly because of the retreat but also really enjoyed exploring. It’s entirely possible that we could be doing this again!!

  16. Hi Barbara, these paper’s look cool I have only just bought some often designer papers but just love them .
    They just seem to make your cards so much special, looking forward to seeing them.
    Once again Clarity comes out on top my order came today , only a small one , have bought one of the round flower dies this one will be used a lot.
    Once again, thanks Clarity.
    Lynn xx

  17. Barbara, you are amazing, the retreat has been wonderful. So many lovely people and meeting up with old friends. The projects were great. So were the tuna mayo sarnies. The new papers look fabulous, I shall certainly need those. X

  18. I think the papers combined with that stamp and sentiment is just wonderful, and Tuna Mayo would be one for me but hubby is not keen on anything fishy in a sandwich so I know he would not be having that…lol. x

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