Tracy Emin – I’m with you all the way!

Tracy Emin – I’m with you all the way!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I am quite liking this early morning start. No cars zooming past, just birds twittering in the garden…

Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Well, sad to say farewell to a smashing bunch of friends and fellow crafters yesterday, after another cracking two days of creativity and conviviality. I thought it went well anyway!

Looking forward to welcoming the 3rd group today. Looking at the guestlist, I would say it will be fab. And now I know exactly what I’m doing, it should go smoothly! Famous last words…

Thing is, these workshops are full on hard work! Talk about dive back in the deep end after your holiday, Gray! All the best intentions of taking my foot off the pedal when we got back, and pacing myself a bit better have been well and truly flung to the wind. We’re leaving the house at 7am and getting home at 8pm! Not much time for yoga and meditation this week!

I had to chuckle when I looked at the chair next to my bed this morning. It speaks volumes.

#My Armchair

The clobber at the bottom is day one. Then Day two’s attire on top of that – and so on. Day four’s – yesterday’s white dress with big handprints in the wrong place – is parked on the left. And the jeans at the front got rejected this morning in favour of the dress I’m wearing, because Farmer Dave (he who always has one eye on the barometer) mentioned “it’ll be a warm one today”.

Have I got a wardrobe? Has the Pope got a balcony? But by Wynken Blynken and Nod time, the wardrobe is way too far down the hallway! I’m peeling off the clothes and making art before I climb into the sack!

And so, when I glanced at my garderobe in the corner this morning, it reminded me of Tracy Emin’s unmade bed at the Tate. No empty vodka bottles or fag butts mind – gave that game up years ago! Do you remember her unmade bed which caused so much debate? And did you know it sold at Christie’s auction for £2.2 million in 2014?

So I’m thinking of submitting My armchair. I wonder what it would fetch under the hammer….

But wait! It’s not finished yet! It still needs another 2 layers (Friday and Saturday). Then – and only then – will my work be complete. I may sling a pile of the week’s underwear underneath, to give it that grungy feel. Hahahaha.

Gotta go. Guess what. Yep. More Tuna mayo required….

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS. Don’t forget to tune in to HOCHANDA tonight. Maria is on Telly, launching a lovely set of clever stamps designed by our Mel. Head on over to our other blog for details…Clarity Matters – it really does.

24 thoughts on “Tracy Emin – I’m with you all the way!

  1. Lol, I think you can be forgiven the mess this week Barb! I am sure it would fetch a mint, mind you not sure about the underwear addition! 😂😂😂 Have a fabulous third session and lots of laughs. Xxxx

  2. Have a great weekend. Recorder set for Maria as OH and I will be watching the Ashes match and don’t want to miss her great demos

  3. Oh yes! I recognise a couple of those outfits, I wouldn’t worry though, my suitcase is still unpacked from Monday and Tuesday and I don’t have your ever so busy schedule LOL. Enjoy the last two days they will be gone in a flash … and thanks for making it all so special xxxx

  4. It really is lovely to have your”everyday” blog back! I love reading about the day to day hassles! Just wish I had your energy! Enjoy the next two days.

  5. I know who’s art I prefer! Thank you for another fantastic two days in Clarity land. Looking forward to getting home and having another go at some of what we did, but off to the coast for a couple of days first. The forecast for the weekend is very hot. You’ll think you’re on holiday again on Sunday! See you next year. Xxx

  6. So enjoying reading your newsy blogs again, great idea Barb about the clothes on the chair, use the photo to remind you and paint it, never know how many millions you’d get for it. Was disappointed to hear no Ally Pally in September I usually meet a friend there who lives in London. Still I ordered lots of dyes which have arrived so plenty to enjoy. Enjoy the crest of your retreats, hope you get a couple of days chilling before you get back to

  7. I will now look at the clothes pile regularly folded on the very old small box chest my Nan gave me with a different perspective now xxx

  8. A lovely piece of art, your tale made me chuckle to!!!
    Supposed to be hot here today as well but as yet there is no sign of the sun so we plan to paint some of the fence panels & the summer house. We meant to do it last year but the weather beat us to it so hopefully this year it will all get done in time. I will just think of it as painting art on a canvas !!
    Have fun on the last 2 days of the Retreat then you can have a rest on Sunday & Monday before you get set to prep for next weekend. These first weekends in the month seem to be coming round quicker every time or is it just me ?

  9. I also recognise a couple of outfits, I read your blog daily and am appreciative of the return of the everyday news. I rarely comment, but must thank you again for a wonderful two days of arty fun and inspiration. Hope today and tomorrow go smoothly and then you have really earned another break. Maybe not Hawaii again, but please take some time for yourself.

  10. Ha ha lovely blog again , enjoy the last days of the retreats , prob just as well I wasn’t booked into today’s went to sleep 9.30 last night didn’t wake up until 9.30 this morning , 12 hours sleep , must be 3am starts and no 2 days off together catching up on me after 10 months of doing it 😒

  11. Well if Tracy Emin can sell an unmade bed, you should be able to sell your art work arm chair too. You should give a gallery a call 😉 Looking forward to seeing the new stamps later with Maria. Have fun today. Xx

  12. Brilliant blog, prefer your chair to Tracy’s bed. Looking forward to Maria’s shows. Have fun today & tomorrow, and have a chilled out relaxing day on Sunday. xx

  13. Great this newsy blog is back, I really enjoy reading it every day.
    Glad the retreats are going well but after all these early mornings and late evenings (and hard work in between) you really should take some time to relax over the weekend.
    Leave the clothes on the chair, the washing can wait, and in the meantime perhaps Christies can give you an idea what this work of art may fetch at auction !!!
    Already over 80F in our house, brilliant sun here in Norfolk, looks like we will all be melting over the weekend.

  14. Yep, that was the picture you put in my head of reading your blog title today, the unmade bed!!! Didn’t know someone had actually bought it, never mind paid that much. That’s obscene, imagine how much good that money could have done in the world on mosquito nets, sanitation, medicines and medical people, food, proper care in orphanages, and, and, and… Seems to me, far too often those with the wealth in the world are the wrong people to have it…

    I much prefer your interpretation! Methinks you’re doing well if this is the only mess left in your wake this week!!! Hope you’ve got a very quiet Sunday planned! Love you xxx
    Hope you enjoy your retreat today, group 3

  15. Thank you woohoo much for all your art, your care, your stamina and your good spirits. Myself and Sarah had a blast and were talking all the way back to Stoke about what we had done and how we had enjoyed ourselves!!! It took us 4 hours and we are still not finished…. Vielen, vielen Dank und wir freuen uns riesig bis zum nächsten Mal!!!

  16. Just watching Maria’s first show live. Thank you and the rest of the team so much for an incredible two days. The organisation is amazing, the catering delicious and the projects inspiring. Try and breathe for one day at least between the end of the retreats and diving into the birthday celebrations.

  17. Good to know the retreats are going well…not that there was ever a doubt! Would love to come along again as had a total ‘blast’ a couple of years back, never say “never” lol! As for the ‘artistic’ chair, definitely better than that bed! Hope you get to enjoy a little R&R after the next two days before the madness begins again in readiness for next weekend. X

  18. Oh stop it! 🤣 Grungy! I cant stop laughing! 🤣
    Sounds like the retreat is going well, never a doubt on that one. Just wish I could have been there! X

  19. Hi Barb,
    So glad the retreats are going so well. I bet there’s a bit of creativity going on this weekend with people trying out the new techniques etc from the retreats. As for your chair – well I don’t have a chair, I have a bannister rail! I know it’s time to get things sorted out when all of the clothes end up In a pile at the bottom of the stairs!!! Enjoyed Maria’s first show and looking forward to the rest. My happy mail came today along with my new dies – brilliant service as ever. Love all of the goodies this month and also the projects. Love and hugs Alison xx

  20. Post to for some reason it didn’t post internet problems so here goes this week has been fantastic for all who has attended the retreat you fed are craft spirit and boldly filled with those lovely lunches spirit with all the love and fun that filled the room one more day hope you get at least one day to rest switch of from your busy life birthday celebrations going well Maria was brilliant tonight more tomorrow with Maria finishing of my week lots love you you Dave and Paul xxx

  21. There’s a challenge for your next pottery class! Maybe you could stamp some designs into the clothes? Got my club post today and can’t wait to try some of the retreat ideas with my goodies!

  22. What a lovely end to the week, reading your post. I have read your blog every day, as I always do, but have not had my head in the right place to write comments. I am so glad that retreats have gone well and so many people have enjoyed them. There will be lots of “playing” happening this weekend.
    I hope that you have some time to recharge your batteries before the onslaught of the Birthday weekend. It is my birthday on the 31st, but you didn’t need to go to so much trouble for me!😂
    Enjoy the weekend and try to get out in the sunshine to relax. Hugs. Annette X

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