Being Kind is Cool

Being Kind is Cool

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Wednesday’s blog comes from the heart, right?

Waved farewell to such a smashing bunch of ladies yesterday, after a fab first two days. The artwork they produced yesterday was pretty exceptional, I must say. There’s nothing quite like it for me; watching their sheer delight when they create something excellent. Lots of Hi-5’s yesterday, lots of beaming faces. It was very, very gratifying. And there were so many newcomers to Clarity! Ladies who had never been to a retreat. I do hope they got what they came for.

Up with the skylark this morning, in readiness for the second group. There’s a nip in the air. So I’m wearing my favourite sweatshirt until the sun comes out later. Needs ironing, but – whatever. It is lovely and soft and warm. Found it in a shop at an airport. Got one for Grace too, to wear round New York. SPREAD THE WORD, I say!!!! Had no intention of buying anything. Just wanted to get to the gate and catch a plane home. Saw the sweatshirt hanging in the window – and both veered straight into the shop.

Ain’t that the truth.

It is, you know. Well, yes, you probably do. Being kind IS cool. I learned a long time ago, that the reward for being kind is just that. Feels good to do good. Please don’t misunderstand me! I am not putting myself out there as some kind of cake baking saint, cos I ain’t! But I do TRY to do and say the right thing every day. Sometimes I fail miserably, and hate myself for it – which again proves that being kind is cool.

Do people take advantage of you when you are kind? Rarely, but it does happen. But that’s not the point. That’s their issue. I can’t not be kind just in case somebody exploits me! Bit of a contradiction in terms there!

There is so much strife and aggression all around us, so much inconceivable evil in some quarters, that life for many can become daunting – even frightening. Don’t you feel powerless over it too? It seems the world is going completely bonkers, and there’s absolutley nothing I can do about it.

Or can I? In my little world I can! Therefore: my mission today is to spread a little love and joy in Ditton!

So this sweatshirt really spoke to Grace and me! I bet it speaks to the guests at the retreat too! I know many of those coming today, and they are -without exception – kind, generous and loving people. How lucky am I, to know so many good folk?

Must dash! Got to go to the shop. Have run out of Tuna Mayo again! When will we figure that one out?!?!?

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

31 thoughts on “Being Kind is Cool

  1. Morning Barb, Love the sweatshirt! Fantastic moro. I always teach my class this one…”if you can’t be friends, be friendly”.
    Apologies for not making the retreats this year but I’m sure you can forgive me as my son is bringing my granddaughter for her very first holiday to Cumbria from Kent. I am so excited to finally have her visit Nanny’s house. She is now age 4 and I going to love showing her around. Have fun with Group 2 today. Love and hugs. Jeanette xx

  2. Good morning,
    I love the sentiment on your sweatshirt. Time to create a piece of art around the idea. A good sentiment to display for my granddaughters to see everyday and to remind me daily too.
    Enjoy your day everyone.
    Linda x

  3. Good morning Barbara. The Sweatshirt is lovely. Great that everyone is having such a lovely creative time. Wish I lived nearer!! Enjoy your day it must be very tiring. You’ll be needing another holiday!! Ha ha. x

  4. Barb, you are one of the (if not, THE) kindest people I have ever met. You always put others first and your empathy radiates from your smile. I can add to the saying .. “being kind is cool, caring is contagious”. This is proved by the kindness shown by all your Clarity family. I don’t know where I would be without you all. Special shout out to Judy – you know why 😉
    I am proud to be a good and kind person and proud to be your friend

  5. What a fantastic 2 days on the Clarity Retreat again this year Loads of fun and laughter then quiet when concentration was needed Barbara was wonderful with her encouragement to help us produce some beautiful works Paul as ever was fantastic getting us all the equipment we needed plus helping us if we were unsure how do things Lucy was brilliant in the kitchen keeping us food fuelled for the day Time flew by and now we have to wait another year before we can all do it again Can’t wait my name is on the list lol Well done Clarity and their superb team for a first class service as always
    Good luck to everyone going to the retreats this week You’re in for some fun Enjoy!!!!!

  6. Excellent sentiment – me thinks it needs a stamp, die, stencil and groovi making for it?? 🤔🤔 You are looking good Mrs, your holiday obviously agreed with you. Have another fabulous 2 days. Xxxx

  7. I would like to think I’m always kind, especially at work. I think you get a lot more out of people. Enjoy your day xx

  8. Hi Barbara
    I’m playing catch up again, looks like you’ve all had an amazing time. Love your sweatshirt, great message to spread around. It’s the people who do kind things quietly and without making a fuss that makes the world go round, chipping away at the unpleasantness of the world and hopefully making our little part of it so much better. Enjoy the day with the new group, did the crisps make it there this time in the boxes or was it a case of finding holes for them in the car again ?
    Love Diane xxx

  9. Yes, being kind is cool as you nearly always get back what you put out. Even a smile and a nod is sometimes all that’s needed.
    I do think that in some respects the world has gone out of control but if we all do our little bit to make it better we will prevail. There are some very good people in this world.
    Agree with Rolf and Dawn, this sentiment would do well on stamp, Groovi and die.
    Have to say you are looking good after your holiday and are obviously enjoying the retreats.
    Take care .

  10. Great sweatshirt – yes indeed the world seems bonkers right now, we can only be responsible for our own actions and set a good example for those growing up in these difficult times. It is cool to be kind x
    Glad you and the group had a great retreat, enjoy the rest of the week x

  11. Love your sweatshirt Barb. What’s an iron…?!!! I would love positive sweatshirts to spread the message, and also about being different is cool too. I would wear them. As you know, I’m with you about trying my best to be kind and always do the right thing, even when folk are not showing kindness or the right thing my way, or are using me for their own gains/games etc… It is tough to do at times, and like you say it makes me feel awful too when I fail. And I seem to fail soooo much! But, I keep trying, and learning (what is the right thing in my autistic world, seems to often be the wrong thing in the normal world!). Hopefully I will get it spot on right eventually. I think you are the most kindest , sincere, honest, selfless person I have ever had the privilege to have in my life, and to count as a dear friend. Love you xxxx
    Hope you all have a happy day together.

  12. Love the teashirt and a great sentiment. I hope I’m kind, I try to be. As you say the world seems to be going bonkers lately. Lovely to spread the word, kindness is indeed cool. You spread so much love too. Think my dies may come today, getting so excited. Enjoy your

  13. Love the teashirt. I hope I’m kind, I do try to be. As you say the world seems to be going bonkers lately, so spreading the kindness is indeed cool, you spread the love too. My dies may arrive today so getting really excited, some of them are my birthday pressy. Enjoy your day with all you friends and have a relaxing

  14. Hi Barbara, looks like you have had a great holiday. Love the sweatshirt. I agree with you being kind is cool. My saying is “what goes around comes around 10 fold. That includes being kind”. Saying hello and smiling at someone can help people also feel better. I am sure your good ladies had a wonderful time on the retreat in Ditton. As I did when I went too the Groovi one in Kent. 👏x

  15. Now….what’s the difference between being kind or being nice? I was once told I was too nice – is that wrong? The person who said it meant I was too nice for business – what a load of toffee – people buy people. I find it’s easier to love everyone (except the horrid man up the road who tried to kick my cat – he was sozzled, but that is no excuse!) You just carry on being you, I love you (and Clarity) too (and most of the world!)….. why not?
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  16. I try to be kind and to help others – in fact I saw a lovely children’s book today about kindness which I almost bought for my great nephew. Then I remembered he was going to be 1 so I got the little wooden tractor instead!!! It’s great to start the positive messages young but I thought maybe that was a bit optimistic. Hope you’re having as much fun with the group two ladies as we had with you x

  17. We call it paying forward and do try to keep to that. It all hinges on the hope the if you’re kind and helpful to people now then in the future you will reap the rewards. My hubby has a saying that he uses a lot, “ if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.”

  18. Hi Barb,
    Love the sentiment on your sweatshirt and I’m not surprised that you and Grace made a beeline for them. I do try to be kind ( sometimes it doesn’t work!) and I was always taught by my parents to treat other people how you would like to be treated and that is something I try to live by. I love doing nice things for people which I suppose is one of the reasons I love making and giving cards. Sounds as though everyone has had a fabulous time at the retreat and I’m sure the second group will thoroughly enjoy it too. Love and hugs Alison xx

  19. Lovely photo, Barbara. Love the sweatshirt and the sentiment. Totally agree! Glad the retreat went so well! Hugs xxx

  20. Totally agree ,”Being kind is cool “in a stamp would be so useful .Sentiments such as ,”feelings just are” or ” stay in the moment” help me just to pause and relax.So does crafting with amazing Clarity products and ideas! I still have the instructions you gave me Brenda for how to e mail a photograph from my phone .That was kind to someone you never met and you didnt make me feel silly for not having a clue when everyone else seemed to be so clever ! Warm Regards Carmel x

    1. There are no silly questions Carmel. You can’t know something if you don’t have the information you need to learn it! I know only too well what it feels like to not understand, feel shut out, I like to help people not feel that if I can. Glad I was able to help you. Thank you for your kind words, and for being brave to ask for help xx

  21. Morning thank you again for a wonderful today’s that whole break was great from all your live and kindness smiles from you Paul Dave and Lovely Lucy brings sunshine in Kitchen making are lovely lunches and rest of clarity family back at clarity towers it was even etched into hotel we was met on redemption by a lovely friendly lady called Sarah and also Max lady serving breakfast they chatted like we were all fiends laughing joking all round a wonderland few days would recommend travel. Lodge ind Maidstone central for there wonderful caring staff who could do enough to help with a smile 😊 . Being kind is always my moto smile cause when you are others around you also are . Cannot believe it’s your 2nd day two already. For you lots love and love your Jumper even the colour is sun shinning yellow hugs and Katie says Barbara is the best and she loves you Joy and Katie

  22. Hello Barb, what a brilliant blog post, and all because of your sweatshirt. Love the slogan, and you are kind, and bring us much to mull over. Enjoy your next group of Clarity fans. Hope they all enjoy themselves getting creative. Take care all. Bx

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