Stampy, Stampy TV Show!

Stampy, Stampy TV Show!

Evening everyone.

Just checked into my hotel in Peterborough after a fun-filled day at Coleman’s Craft Store in Rushden for the monthly Big Demo Day. The staff and customers are always amazing. Thank you to everyone who came along to watch me play!

Talking of playing! I hope you can join me tomorrow from 2pm until 4pm on Hochanda with some favourite stamps of mine together with 2 brand new Fresh Cut Dies.

These mini stamp sets – Artist, Corners & Flourishes, Haberdashery, Garden and Kitchen are brilliant and I have had great fun playing with them.

The complete collection is made up of 81 individual stamps!! We have a special price for all 5 sets, but they will also be available as individual sets.

It has been a while since I did a 2 hour back to back show, but I know that I will have the support and encouragement from the fantastic Hochanda Family!

Did you know that our Clarity TV shows this weekend fall into the Hochanda Family Favourites promotion, which means each hour we will be giving away a prize!

To whet your appetite, here is some inspiration from the wonderful Clarity Design Team:

Jane Telford
Carolyn Craven
Dee Paramour
Linda Spencer
Anne Dimitriou
Dee Paramour
Debbie McMullin
Sarah Brennan
Julie Dunn

Right, time to grab some food and then think about the blog for tomorrow.

I know it is going to be manic when I am joined by the lovely Josie Davidson for the launch of the brand new One Days Special at 6pm!

Enjoy your evening.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

20 thoughts on “Stampy, Stampy TV Show!

  1. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Years since I got the mini stamps – they got me started down the Clarity root.
    Have been having a go at paper piecing!! Very fiddly but well worth the effort. Big thank you for Tuesday’s YouTube.

    Best wishes and love

  2. Hi Paul, glad you had a good day. Some beautiful samples, as always, from the design team. I hope to be watching you tomorrow. Good luck with your show xx

  3. I have 2 of these sets but haven’t used the stamps for ages, they were fun to play with. Love Dee’s flower garden and Debbie’s flowerpot man, although all the samples are beautiful. My wish list is getting longer and longer so it looks like I will be shackled to the naughty step again.
    Have a good rest this evening as you have a busy day tomorrow. Looking forward to the shows.

    1. Went to dig out what I thought was the artist set and it looks like I was mistaken as the set I have is”Brilliant work of art” – it was the easel that threw me. This is what comes of having too many stamps from too many suppliers and a ageing memory and is the reason I’m sticking to Clarity these days !!! 🍒

  4. Fabulous samples everyone. I’ve got the shows ready to record, as it’s B&B silly season at the moment. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow Paul!

  5. Hopefully the shows are on to record but as the weather for next week doesn’t look so good I won’t need an excuse to sit down & watch them. You will have had a busy three days by the time you get home on Monday so take care x

  6. Hi Paul
    Great samples as ever – the DT are so talented. I’m really looking forward to the shows and I’m sure that you will do a brilliant job. I’ve set the recorder already but I’ll hopefully be watching while I’m doing the job I hate (- ironing!! ) and with any luck you’ll take my mind off the task in hand! Love Alison xx

  7. These look great fun – looking forward to seeing them in action. As ever DT have done some fantastic samples – absolute love the flowerpot man😊xxx

  8. Samples are beautiful.Will look forward to stampy show as stamps are always my first love in crafty land !

  9. Didn’t realise you was at Colman’s open day would come to say hello looking forward to shows tomorrow night night x

  10. Hi Paul, good luck with the shows, the stamp sets look fab in miniature. The samples as always are just amazing. Take care all. Bx

  11. Stamp sets look great, got my eye on a couple so might end up on the naughty step as have already told hubbie I’ll be buying the ODS when it launches. Oh dear, bread and water for another month lol!

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