Funday! Friday! Giveaway!

Funday! Friday! Giveaway!

Good evening everyone!

I hope you are all well.

As you know the guys in the office have been helping me out with the blogs. Coming up with ideas and suggestions and putting a plan together to help me blog each day. I really have no idea how Barbara does it, but I know that she enjoys it immensely. You would think that writing a few sentences would not take that long – wrong!

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I opened up today’s blog and found this picture staring back at me (made me jump!) – this was not the plan for today! (will teach me to check the draft blogs beforehand!)

You may have guessed from the above image that it is my birthday!

So let’s have some fun with a caption competition – please be kind!

Leave a funny comment below and on Monday, in between TV shows, I will choose a winner who will receive a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher together with one of the cards that I make during the 2pm-4pm show on Sunday.

Right, I would say that I am off out to party, but sadly I have my shirts to iron and my case to pack and to quadruple check that I have everything in the car that I need for the weekend.

Enjoy your evening whatever you are up to.

Happy Crafting!

Paul xxx

Ps, I often find that when we do a giveaway on the blog, a large number of the comments get caught in the filters and I have to release them. If your comment does not appear straight away, please leave it a couple of hours for it to appear!

87 thoughts on “Funday! Friday! Giveaway!

  1. “Oh well it could have been worse – they could have chosen a Dunces cap”
    That’s my comment but I’m glad they didn’t! Good bit of fun! Good luck with the telly – you’re doing a great job and Barbara must be relieved to know everything is in safe hands ! X

  2. Just to say,
    Happy birthday, Paul
    Lots of love from Switzerland
    Christine xxx

  3. Paul did not intend to provide a home for a pair of kissing whales under his nose but it’s a very generous gesture on his birthday! Share the love!

  4. Hi Paul – is it 20 again? Packing is no fun but I suspect you will complete the objective perfectly! That’s just how you seem to be. Have a super-smashing birthday and break legs on the telly box.
    By the way – I think you’ve smashed the blog this time whilst Barb is away. Good for you.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  5. Happy Birthday Paul. My caption is, “Paul hadn’t quite got the hang of dress down Friday!”
    Look forward to the show on Sunday. x

  6. Happy Birthday Paul!
    Head no functioning too good today, so I think my caption is a thought bubble above your head saying – so that’s where my hair has gone, it’s growing out my nose… (Sorry Paul, love you really!!! Xx)

    I was thinking everyone. Clarity strives so hard to make, and keep us all happy, so why don’t we all make this a weekend to pay that forward? Something to make someone, or more, happy, that you wouldn’t have otherwise said, or done. I’ve done my bit the last couple of days.

  7. “Hmmm, not quite what I imagined when Barb said she had posted about my Three Peaks Challenge”!
    Hope you had a good day for your birthday Paul. Looking forward to the shows. Xxx

  8. Paul “Giacomo” – King of the Jesters, and Jester to Kings!… and Queens.. and now Princesses!”

  9. Happy Birthday Paul! 🎉🎂🍾🎁
    I am rubbish at coming up with slogans and cannot compete with the clever ones above, so I shall just wish them all luck in the competition.
    Hope you get the chance to have some cake at least! Safe travels and all the best for the shows. Hugs. Annette X

    I have an aversion to beards and moustaches,and designer stubble is just as bad. However I did find this montage humerous.
    Looking forward to the weekend shows.
    Love and hugs and birthday kisses.

  11. Happy birthday!! Hope after all your ironing and packing you have time for some cake and a bit of special you time too.
    My caption would be:
    “Barb won’t recognise me when she gets back!”
    Looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Xx

  12. Must-dash – it’s my birthday!
    Hope you find some time for fun between ironing and packing and checking. Happy Birthday! x

  13. Evening g bloggy friends, been crafting today trying to make a similar canvas to the one Maria did in her last show….it’s just drying and I’m trying to resist the urge to poke it to see if it’s dry… 😂

  14. I think you have done a very good job of keeping the blog going. I am not very good at captions so will leave that to all the quick witted ones. Hope the weekend goes well . x

  15. Happy Birthday Paul. My caption would be ‘I’m the King of the Castle; just jesting’.
    No doubt you will smash it this weekend.

  16. “I’m sorry” said Paul “but you must be jesting, I really don’t think Barbara will want this one on a stamp!!”
    Happy birthday Paul, looking forward to seeing you on TV again this weekend. Have fun x

  17. Jester a minute who has been messing about with the blog pictures it’s meant to be a weekend of royal princesses not court jesters !!
    I am sure you will have a great weekend & you have everything ready to go when the time comes xx

  18. A very Happy Birthday Paul!
    ‘Ello, Ello’ ….Zare ist sumfink zelly strunge goin on ‘ere, vot ist ‘appenin to moi onz me birday? Barbera! ‘elp me, elp me! We ave all gone mared! come beck ‘n save us all fwom dis insanity!

  19. Hi Paul,
    Happy Birthday! I’m no good at captions so I’ll leave that to other very witty people to do. Hope you get the ironing and packing done and that you have a safe journey up to the studios. Good luck for the shows – can’t wait to see the Princesses! Love Alison x

  20. Happy Birthday Paul! I am looking forward to seeing the shows. My caption would be “No… I can assure you I will not be appearing dressed like this or be making paper hats and bow ties on next week’s You Tube Tuesday not even if you come up with a new Groovi Plate!!!”

  21. Think Barbara will laugh at this one. While the mice are away the clowns come out!! Loving the blogs doing a grand job all round things could be in saver hands look forward t Sunday have a great day tomorrow xx hope you had a great fun birthday xx

  22. I know they were jesting when they said you were 47 I can tell you can’t be a day over 29 !!!

  23. “I love what you techy guys can do with CGI these days but next time can I have a more Daniel Craig look for my Birthday please?”
    #livethedream 😂💪⛷️🍸🛥️🚠🏝️🎂🎆


  25. Hi Paul
    Happy birthday for yesterday, I hope you found some time to celebrate and knowing you there was bound to have been chocolate and cake! Safe journey to tge studios.
    Now as for the picture! Paul had been on tv so much this year that he had to adopt a quiet sophisticated disguise to go shopping in Waitrose ( other supermarkets are available!).
    Love Diane xx

  26. You’re doing a fab job in Barbaras absence. I would imagine you to be a real jesters and great fun to be with. You are always welcome to come and demo in Spain on the Costa Blanca.


  27. Jest joking around. Couldn’t find Charlie Chaplin hat so this would have to do! Happy birthday Paul xx

  28. Hi Paul, Belated Happy Birthday to you, love the picture and I cannot think of a caption that could come anywhere near some of those I have just read. So just to say I hope the shows go well, and that you have everything you need. Take care all. Bx

  29. Dear Paul. Hope you had a happy birthday. Best wishes. I haven’t been able to get to read the blog every day. Not sure if I will be able to see the show on Sunday, but will on catchup, I am sure it will be great as usual. I got one granddaughter interested in Groovi, so she has gone back to San Francisco with quite a bit of stuff, glad you had the sale on, I treated myself to a couple of things as well. Xxx

  30. Happy Birthday Paul! Brain not on form to come up with a caption but I hope you got some cake! Safe journeys, recorder set ready for all the shows.

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