Short & Sweet…

Short & Sweet…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in! Still going strong here, with Paul, prepping for our Birthday Weekend on HOCHANDA TV! Can I see a light at the end of the tunnel? Ask me tomorrow….

So if it’s ok with you, I shall keep it short and sweet this evening. Been enjoying the new Designer Papers, I must say! I go back and forth between which one’s my favourite : Waimea Falls or Toscana.

Launching these papers and Petite cards on Sunday Hochanda 2-4 pm

There just aren’t enough hours in the day for this old bird! 17 hours of live TV? We must be bonkers. We were flagging mid afternoon mind! It was roasting in this little artroom above the garage! You know the old saying that men perspire and women just glow ? Well it was glowing all down my back in little trickles!

So we’ve decided to start really early tomorrow, before the sun has a chance to fry us again!

Early to bed, early to rise, maketh one healthy, wealthy and a lot cooler!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS. There’s a neat Mini-Make You Tube on the other blog today, using gilding flakes and a stencil. Simple and effective. Click here to investigate xx

13 thoughts on “Short & Sweet…

  1. Starting early sounds like a good plan. Hope you get it all done tomorrow. Shows will be fab they always are. X

  2. We have some storm. Here been going on for couple hours on and off so hopefully by morning be cooler early start sounds a good idea just in case. New back grounds look so lush xx

  3. I just love the mini make YouTube today! I already have ideas of part stencils, diecuts etc that I could do in the same manner. I might even get a few Christmas cards done for a change!! I have plenty of gilding flakes but must get some of the sponge brushes! Love always xx

  4. Glad you decided to go short and sweet this evening, use your available time for prepping. Loving the look of your new designer papers. Early to bed and early to rise maximises the amount of daylight your body gets, which is good for you. As long as you still get your 8 hours each night. Hope you have a good sleep, and get loads of prep done tomorrow. Night, night, love you xxx

  5. The saying is horses sweat, men perspire and ladies merely glow. I think I must have some horse genes as I am currently on my third change of clothes today! 😰 Just been up to the bedroom to put the fan on in the hope that we can reduce the temperature below the current 89.5f otherwise we will not get much sleep tonight.
    Those new papers look yummy and another product to go on my list. While I’ve not been able to get much done in this heat I have been trolling this web site for ideas and making notes so when it’s cooler I can start to make some new cards.
    Glad your prep is going well, between you and Paul it is sure to be a fantastic weekend. Really looking forward to it but can’t say the same about the financial controller!!!!

  6. Hi Barb,
    It’s been very hot here today as well, until about 6.30 when it got much cooler and fresher accompanied by a thunderstorm. Have to say it’s much more comfortable at the moment although we are forecast more storms tonight. The new papers and petites look fabulous – some gorgeous colour ways. Hope you get a good nights rest tonight ready for another long day tomorrow. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  7. Yup I’ve been ‘glowing’ all day too. Mind you we’ve had a real heavy storm and received a call from friends who’ve suffered in a flash flood, first time in 40 years in their house that they’ve seen this. Still warm tonight but hopefully get a bit better night’s sleep as hadn’t closed my eyes by 04:30 this morning so got up and did some Groovi! Looking forward to the weekend shows and the new papers are very tempting!

  8. Sounds like we are In for some treats the weekend with Hochanda. Looking forward to all the shows. Hardly slept last night so hot, got up at 5.45 am and crafted all morning, so quite

  9. Oh, my word! They’re wonderful! It’s not a waterfall, it’s a mushroom fairy house with pool at the door… Where’s my mini lovers in a boat? You’re brilliant, Barbara!

  10. Hi Barb, it has been terribly hot the last couple of days, we were away with friends in Brecon, and wow it was roasting, love the new papers. Hope you get started early. Take care all. Bx

  11. I can’t imagine how you managed to work so hard during that heat. It just about wiped me out! We went out for an early birthday dinner last night and I was so glad of the air conditioning.
    Today promises to be much cooler, so hopefully you will not be glowing so much. The new papers look beautiful and I can’t wait to see them at the weekend.
    Hugs. Annette. X

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