Treescape Quarterettes….

Treescape Quarterettes….

Hi there!
Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Whilst Dave has been cutting the grass and making the garden lovely, I have been working on prep for next weekend’s TV shows all day. Had a lot of fun doing it, actually, although it is rather hot, innit ?!?

We haven’t done a HOCHANDA Weekend Wow before, so next friday is our first one. It starts at 10am on Friday 30th. Then there are 4 more hours scattered through the weekend.

We figured that if we were going to do a WOW show, we really ought to have something to go WOW about! I have been murmuring WOW all afternoon. Honestly, when you see these new Fresh Cut dies…

There are 4 new and very beautiful Treescape Dies. Mel drew 3 of them, and I added the 4th one with Mum and Dad in it. Look:

Can you see how they tessellate? Join up?

They stand alone perfectly, but they can also be spliced together, to make a double, treble or even quadruple panorama! Cool, or what? But wait! There’s another little something, which is the real WOW factor…

Yep. 4 miniature dies; quarterettes. WOW indeed! They are epic. I have been experimenting this afternoon. Absolutely perfect.

These are simply laid next to each other and cut out in one run, but you can actually cut them out one at a time and eliminate the tiny divider columns too! MAGIC!!!


The detail is just as perfect as the larger apertures.

Yep. I reckon these will be very popular. They will be available as a 5-pack bundle at a WOW price, and individually too.

I am smiling here. Because if I know you but a little, you have just murmured “wow”, just like we all did at the office when the prototypes came out. And can you trap the scrap even when they are that tiny? What do you think ?!?!?

Time to go indoors and get ready for Poldark final episode. I reckon George is on the turn, don’t you? Hahaha. He needs to do a bit of crafting!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

PS Have you checked out the other Clarity blog today? The lads have composed a super fun quiz !!! Really excellent. Check it out HERE.

28 thoughts on “Treescape Quarterettes….

  1. Wow indeed!! These look amazing. Can’t wait for the shows to see them demoed live. The TV will be busy this weekend! Xx

  2. Those quarterettes are on my list. So cute. Been so hot today, I really have not done much as shattered after last week and a very busy weekend. All wonderful though. X

  3. Hi Barbara
    Wow oh wow! These are lovely, think they might just fall into my basket at some stage. I love the one with your mum and dad in, they remind me of my aunts and uncles. One pair will be celebrating 70 years of marriage next year, both quite poorly now but both determined to make it. I think it would make a perfect card for them. Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday, blooming hot isn’t it!
    Love Diane xxx

  4. Oh dear -nuffin left in craft fund for August – or is it September next weekend??? I’m sure I can allow myself an advance……. Love the set. In fact, WOW.

  5. These dies are gorgeous, bet they’ll fly out the door. Must give them a miss though as bought a lot of dies in the sale, they are definitely a Big WOW!!! xxx

  6. Hi Barb, loving the concept of the mini dies,more please…!!! I’d say – looking forward to the Barbie TV marathon, but that’s wishing my life away, so I’ll save that for later in the week!!!

    Not a bank holiday up here. But it is hot, well for us anyway, not by your standards down there I guess. Thankfully it’s to start cooling tomorrow, and back to rain on Wednesday!!!

    George on the turn, I doubt it…!!! Is it wrong to be feeling sorry for him these days?… Please can someone who has read the books or watched the original, tell me if it’s a happy ending or not? Don’t be doing a spoiler though by giving more details than that, I’ll be lynched… I just don’t think I can handle a sad ending is all, so I’m not sure whether to watch tonight or not.

    Hope you enjoy Poldark, and have a good week at Clarity Towers. Love you xxx

    1. Hello Brenda,

      I have all the books and the original 1970s series on DVD. Unfortunately the story line of the last few weeks is a completely new fabrication. Not written by Winston Graham (he died several years ago). I don’t know why they decided to involve Poldark, it could have been written as a stand alone story as the man concerned really existed.

  7. Wow indeed, I love the one with the couple on the bench. I have been making a emerald wedding anniversary card to send to New Zealand tomorrow & that one would have been perfect but instead I used your wedding card die which I also love. Looking forward to a great week of Clarity, not sure my purse is but hey ho I will just tell the OH I am SKIing 😂 x

  8. I love what you have done with the dies Barbara. I quite like the columns, adds a bit of mystery. I hope I can watch some of the programmes, it depends on how well my sister feels. I will set the recorder as best as I can. I stayed indoors today to keep out of the heat. xx

  9. Hi Barbara, well these look fabulous I think the little dies will be a great addition to my other dies.
    As my birthday is common up I now have an excuse to indulge at the end of September.
    I have got to admit Clarity dies are great but I am in love with designer papers another one for my list
    Looking forward to the shows.
    Lynn xx

  10. Loved the stencils, and your project with these dies is fabulous. John & I went down to Gairloch and Pool Ewe today, and the scenery was just like that – well maybe there were a few more Scots Pines!

  11. WOW WOW WOW seeing these dies has got my mojo firing on all cylinders. They are gorgeous !!!!! Love what you have done with the mini’s. By the time the weekend is over I am going to be B.R.O.K.E.
    It has been so hot here in Norfolk, the hottest area in the country today. Ray has been getting dizzy from his tablets and the heat and finished up fainting this afternoon. He went down with such a bang it frightened the life out of me. Fortunately no serious damage was done and he has been resting quietly since.
    No peace here this weekend, big anniversary party celebrations one side and barbecue parties and manic kids the other so no chance to concentrate on making some crafty magic. Still everyone sounded super happy.
    Hope you all had a good weekend.

  12. Trees are my favourite things so will be putting them on the wishlist for sure. Love the quarterettes. Fab idea.
    Had a lovely afternoon with family visiting and actually had lunch and tea in the garden(in the shade!)

  13. Wow is the word! It’s going to be a very expensive week. Definitely B is for brilliant. The Clarity birthday is set to be wonderful.

  14. Wow’s the word! I do love tiny crafting things so the idea if the quarterettes really appeals. Look forward to seeing the projects

  15. So much beauty to look forward to at the weekend, but I shall have to sit on my hands, I am afraid. I have already had my birthday present (the princess plates), so I must wait for my next treat. It won’t stop me enjoying watching the magic happen though, and seeing all the beautiful DT samples.
    I hope it is a bit cooler tomorrow, as I don’t cope well with this heat. Stay cool and don’t overdo it. Hugs. Annette. X

  16. My first word was WOW! Then I was agreeing with that it was very hot innit!! Though we had mist and it was cool first thing! When I saw the first picture of the new dies. Thought that would be good for your diary of art that you are starting!

  17. They really are a proper wow! And so good to use! I feel so happy I’ve had these to play with and make samples with this month! I think they will be very popular!
    Love and hugs xxx

  18. Hi Barb,
    Definitely a Wow! from me. The quarterettes are so cute. I was looking at the pictures of the large ones and was just thinking that they looked as though they would join up, when I actually read that they could! These will certainly be falling into my basket! Brilliant concept. Been far too hot up here this afternoon. We’ve gone from needing the heating on for an hour last week to needing to be in a cooler today! My body can’t cope with such a change. I went outside to water the hanging baskets and pots and within 5 minutes the sweat was pouring off me ( not a pretty picture I know!) . The poor cat doesn’t know where to put herself to get cool. Still thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow afternoon. Love and hugs Alison xx

  19. It’s 52°F (11°C) at my house this morning, wish I could trade a bit of your hot for my cool. Still it’s supposed to warm up again for our (US) long weekend.

    The new minis are fabulous. I like the regular fresh cuts designs, but they are all square and I almost never make square cards. These could be used in all sorts of ways. You could even clip out the couple on the bench if you just wanted the background.
    Looking forward to the Weekend Wow.

  20. Hi Barb, well that is another edition to my wish list, love the panorama you have created, a beautiful set of dies. Bx

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