It’s all about perspective.

It’s all about perspective.

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Ticking lots of boxes here! Got loads of cool demos lined up. Feeling much more confident about the Hochanda TV marathon looming on the horizon. Paul is a star, and we have had a lovely day crafting together.

Sounds much better than I’m worn out, been at it since 5am, still got a rake of prep to do before we can stop for the day. Back’s killing me, neck’s killing me, I’m starving hungry and I’ve just about had a gutfull of this never-ending stream of work which never seems to let up.

Both accurate, but I choose to go with the former. Much better for the constitution (and for Dave and Paul!)

I do have a choice I believe, whether I want to be happy or not happy, angry or not angry, resentful or not resentful. And the bottom line is, we have to do this job, whether we like it or not – and we don’t get paid extra for being miserable, so we may as well enjoy the ride.

Tina’s on tomorrow. Have you seen her latest A5sq.Christmas Groovi designs? They are beautiful! I think we need them as stamps….head on over to the other blog; the guys have loaded a fabby gallery of art samples. They really are doing a splendiferous job of the new blog, Clarity Matters.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “It’s all about perspective.

  1. Whilst we all love Clarity and what you do, it is by far, more important to all of us that you look after yourself. You are always so busy that you need to take things a little bit easier and spend some time with that lovely hubby of yours

  2. I love how you choose to be positive Barbara. I took a day for me today rather than do school work but only because I will get it done tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing my blog post earlier. You are my blogging inspiration.

  3. Barb, you and the team are incredible. But please, please take some time out as soon as you can. You gotta look after you as well as us xoxo

  4. Agree with the others you need to take it a bit easier, don’t want to be the cause of you getting burnt out

  5. Yes! Take a rest and let poor Paul go outside and get some sun on those legs😀 they are as white as mine !!

  6. Hello Barbara
    If you can’t change things you just have to go with it, as my close friend,Joan, used to say!

  7. You’re right about it being how you look at it, much better to enjoy it than be grumpy. Bet the demos you have planned will be worth it when you show them on TV. Xx

  8. Sounds exhausting, don’t know how you do these marathon preps. Know they are necessary but glad you have Paul by your side to help.
    Supposed to be cooler today – who are they kidding – woke up today to find the whole house hotter than yesterday. Bit of a breeze outside now though so maybe tomorrow will be better.
    Do look after that back and neck, try to have a quality rest between your marathons and EAT.
    Really looking forward to the up-coming shows.

    1. Do you live in a greenhouse Cherry?!!! Sorry, couldn’t resist!!! You do seem to have a veeeery hot house! I heard, during the heatwave, the advice was to keep windows and curtains shut during the day, and windows open at night (as long as that’s safe for you to do) Hope you get up to a cooler house tomorrow Xx

  9. Wow, I wish I had half your energy & looking at the Calendar September is looking very blue as well. Blue = slots on TV + Leyburn.
    Its cooled down here today thank goodness but unfortunately that has brought the rain with it. We are never happy about the weather are we!!
    Hope you get finished soon & manage some down time before you hit the hay ready for another day tomorrow.

  10. We do appreciate all you do Barbara but the responsibility must be daunting at times. I checked out Clarity Matters today and new plates are lovely. Tina will smash it tomorrow and you and Paul will do the same at the weekend. xx

  11. Goodness Barb, that’s a looooong day even for you. Pleeeease have a chill time tomorrow, don’t want you getting sick. I love your positive attitude to life, you’ve taught me a lot. Recent research found people who are optimists live a lot longer than those who are pessimists. That makes sense eh. I can feel the difference inside me when I manage to change my down/bad feeling days into better feeling ones. Glad you are happy with the projects you’ve got lined up to show us, I look forward to seeing them. Love you xxx
    Paul, feet on the table, tut, tut. Don’t be doing that in my house!!!

  12. The trouble is, Barbara, you are so good at this crafting lark that all your goods are popular, which is great in some ways, but does mean that to keep at the top, you have to do more and more! What you have to decide is, do you keep on at full pelt, or……
    Do hope this phase passes! Xxx

  13. Hopefully this marathon will be a one off. I have the recorder set as I am away for a few days. I will try to catch some of the demos otherwise play catch-up when I get home. It is good that Paul is able to share some of the load. Take care and try to take a step back when you can. xx

  14. Wow ! 5 a.m. what a long day …. as much as you enjoy it you do need to look after yourself ! There must be a couple of the design team who could show their work on telly, i.e. do the prep, show it on t.v. With you in hand to give them support ? I don’t suppose it’s that easy and now the design team are saying – shut up I don’t want to be on the telly! But there must be one or two. It would save you prepping some times ? Just a thought ! Take care x x

  15. Hi Barb,
    You do always seem to look on the bright side which is very admirable. I do worry though sometimes that you give yourself too much to do. This weekend is going to be brilliant for us but an incredible amount of work for you. You will be needing another holiday to recover! Paul is a wonderful help for you as are the rest of the team and the Design Team as well. Please look after your neck and your back and get something to eat!!! Sending love and hugs Alison xxx

  16. Will echo same as most have said you need more me time you demos on tv are always perfect you really don’t need to worry you and Paul have been flat out for few weeks again we all love you and don’t want a poorly Barbara slow down a little night night hope have a refreshing sleep hopefully cooling down slowly a little xxx

  17. Hi Barb, your positivity is infectious, and you are very right, we choose. I am sure Paul did not sit there with his feet up all day and make you do all the work? Take care all. Bx

  18. I’m soooo looking forward to the weekend, just seeing your enthusiasm for all you do but, stop you need time for yourself. What you do for us goes beyond all else but we need you to be fit in yourself. I’ve recorded all the shows just in case I have to do shopping ( boring). I think after this marathon weekend you should have a lovely holiday. Good luck for the weekend, you don’t need it cos everything you do is FABULOUS X

  19. Positivity all the way here too! But I am also learning that sometimes I need to say no and take time for myself – took me a long while to learn that lesson!!! I hope the prep goes well today and maybe do a real back to basics demo for all the newbies and people with less crafty time or missing mojo which won’t take as long for you either! Take care x

  20. Barbara! Sounds like you need a Peter as well as a Paul! – As the saying goes, many hands make light work! – You do a fabulous job and we all more than appreciate what you do, but we would all suffer along with you if you burn yourself out and end up having to take months off to recover, it’s all about balance -Pottery! Pottery! Pottery! Go girl!! X

  21. Heeheee, I thought you’d put out another caption competition 🤗
    Mine was going to be “Paul went to the same shop as me & found they’d sold out of tanned legs”🤔
    HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu AlL aT cLaRiTy🎂

  22. Love your honesty. Everything that we put blood, sweat, and tears in always winds up worth the effort in the end, and is eventually a distant memory, so hang in there and bask in the finished product know how much joy you bring to us all. Hugs

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