Retreat Day 2 coming up…

Retreat Day 2 coming up…

Hi there! Thanks for popping in. Just heading out the door to buy more food for lunch! Hugely underestimated how much Tuna Mayo we’d plough through on Day one of the workshop!! It’s my favourite too…

A VERY well deserved lunch break after all that stamping!!!

Yesterday went well. The projects weren’t that easy, but the ladies handled them admirably! It was lovely to see so many friendly familiar faces – and so many newcomers too! I do hope we didn’t terrify them too much!

We had a Groovi afternoon. I set the bar quite high, but got there in the end!!!
Good news – We have lots of parchment!
Listening intently here….

I look forward to Day 2.

I think the ladies will enjoy this one….a real re-treat!

Love & Hugs

Barb xx


21 thoughts on “Retreat Day 2 coming up…

  1. Looks amazing……have a great time all you crafters, would love to be there too. Look forward to finding out all the new goodies you have been trying out! X

  2. Fantastic! Karen Smith and I will be on our way later this morning to be with you all tomorrow. Excited doesn’t cover it,

  3. I’m coming to my first-ever retreat on Wednesday, excited and anxious in equal measures, only hope I can keep up and not make a twit of myself!
    Looking forward to it immensely.

    1. See you tomorrow! It will be good to see you on person , i guess we will be the ones on the step at lunch playing soda candy craft given how manu lives we swap. #nervous i havent stamped sine doing a groovi bookmark at the retreat the year groovi launched

  4. I am sure that those who are new to your retreats will come away full of excitement and enthusiasm as I did a few years ago. I WILL get there again one day. Have a fabulous second day. Xxxx

  5. Hi Barb,
    The ladies all seem really engrossed in their tasks. I’m sure that they’ve all had a brilliant day and are looking forward to the tasks of tomorrow. I’m quite partial to a bit of tuna mayo – in fact just had that with salad for tea tonight. Love and hugs Alison xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Looks like everyone was having fun on the retreat.
    I’m sure you and Paul enjoyed it too.

  7. I adore tuna mayo sandwiches and I’m sure the whole day will have been well received Barbara, and they are certainly listening intently and following your instructions to the letter too….lol, and learning lots of new skills. x

  8. What a fabulous two days, thoroughly enjoyed my first Clarity Retreat, brain hurts a bit but so pleased I took the plunge and went.
    Thanks Barbara, Paul, Dave and not forgetting Lucy and the rest of the Clarity team.

  9. Home again, which in one way I am happy with, but in another sad because it means my Clarity retreat is over 😩 We had a fabulous 2 days, thank you Barbara, Paul, Lucy and Dave, and all the team ghat helped to make it such a great time. This afternoon was the best time you could ever have with a bit of ink and paint… Brilliant, loved it. Have fun all you lucky peeps going tomorrow and for the rest of the week. Hugs. X

  10. It was a wonderful couple days enjoyed it all thank you again you Paul Dave and sorry forget the ladies name that made the wonderful lunches all that hard work in pack grounds lunches were delicious love all the projects done great company. So enjoy the rest of week and all those lovely ladies and gentlemen attending rest of week in for a treat xx

  11. My first Clarity Retreat. Absolutely brilliant. Loved every minute. Spent a fortune 😂, but so much to try. Thank you to Barbara, Paul, Dave and Lucy. A big thank you to Barbara for Mum’s card. She’ll be thrilled. Look forward to more workshops in the Tunbridge Wells area 😉X

  12. Thanks so much Barbara, Paul and team Clarity for two fabulous days. Back home in Inverness and can’t wait to have another go at the technique we did this afternoon! I learnt so much and met some lovely new crafty friends too. Enjoy the rest of the week’s workshops everyone x

  13. Barb, well looking at all the comments, it seems like everyone is either excited to be getting there or enjoying being there and getting creative. Accolades to the whole team for pulling it all together. Take care all. Bx

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