What a brilliant Sunday!

What a brilliant Sunday!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in! Happy Sunday! I do hope all is well in your camp? Just this minute landed back at home, and got out of the car to a tumultuous cheer which fairly took the rugby club roof off up the road! I am guessing England won the World Cup in cricket, so I look forward to hearing my Dad tell me all about the game. He does love his cricket.

So did you craft along today? How did you fare? Didn’t Charlie do well?! It’s not that easy to craft on live TV! Such a pleasure working with him – and he’s coming on the Retreat! Fantastic. That will be such fun!

Here are the beautiful, funky and very original new designs which Mel created for us to play with.

Groovi designs available too xx

Here are the projects we did together. You can still watch the lesson and craftalong online, you know…

Stamps. Tessellating blocks.
Gelpress colour blocks through the stencil.
Personality toppers along the way.
Pressure prints.
Scenic Inlay. Charlie had me in stitches. He is such a lad!
Glitter Underlay – ran out of time, but hey! I can blog all of these later in the week xx

And here are some super art samples from a few of the ever clever Clarity team. I will post more during the course of the next few days, with the photo step by steps.

Julie Dunn
Linda Spencer
Wendy Thorburn
Wendy Thorburn
Ronk Langton
Josie Davidson

All the products are of course available on our website now, so treat yourself if you like them!

Thanks for joining in if you did. Thanks for liking Clarity and what we do. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself this afternoon. It was a real feelgood show. Loads of you crafted along, loads of you posted your work on Facebook. It was just a cracking arty session.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

40 thoughts on “What a brilliant Sunday!

  1. Loved the show. Watched while I was doing One of Tina’s embroidery plates. Learnt a few things though. Only problem is getting them to stick in my tiny brain. Are there going to be any more embroidery plates? Finding them really addictive.

  2. It was a brilliant couple of hours. As for the cricket, couldn’t have been more nerve wracking. Only country to gave won the world cup for footie, rugby and cricket. Hope we can do it in the netball too.

  3. Thanks, Barbara, for a great afternoon. I learnt a lot and am really pleased with my versions of your artwork.
    All that and England won the cricket , yippee!
    Have a relaxing evening.

  4. I LOVED the craft along! It was such fun and full of great inspiration. Was just about to take a few photos of my makes. You will pleased to know that my craft room is now tidy! Thank you for all the effort you put into making it an enjoyable show. Xx

  5. Evening bloggy friends, what a great afternoon of craft and then sat and watched the tennis final in between getting dinner ready. Xx

  6. It was great this afternoon and Charlie did so well. A real boost to his confidence, I hope. He always seems to put himself down. You are a great teacher and it is always a delight to see you on Hochanda. Love all the DT’s samples as well. You have an amazing team. Hope you have a good week. Hx

  7. What a brilliant show – loved it and had to order the kit (I had resisted till now but with all that inspiration I couldn’t resist). Charlie was an absolute star – loved how excited he got about his creations, infectious. 🙂

  8. I watched and absorbed the art! I wanted to Craftalong but my table where I craft has had to be cleared so I can put the cakes on to dry off. But I have got enough space to do groovi projects that don’t need lots out and also don’t create lots of mess! So I worked on a groovi project as I watched.
    Charlie looked as though he thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and I bet he will love it at the retreat!
    I am hoping that once I have my table back I can do the projects you did today!
    Enjoy your evening
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  9. Watched you this afternoon with the occasional channel hop to keep up with the tennis & cricket! You seemed to be having a ball & Charlie did so well (with the help of a mystery hands!!) Enjoy your evening. X

  10. Brilliant crafty afternoon, Barbara. I had a great time with my first Craftalong, so inspirational, so many great ideas, and such good fun! And Charlie was a perfect partner, doing so well and being so entertaining! The only ” problem” was where did the two hours go? Time flies when you’re having fun!

  11. I just wanted to say a big thank you, and to explain why, to all the team involved in today’s production both at Hochanda and Clarity. The afternoon was a highlight to stay with me as a memory for always… not just the skills learnt but also having watched the show with my elderly mum who has dementia , together we joined in most of the activities with Barbara and Charlie and it resulted in memories of us doing things together that will stay with me for ever.

    My mum crafted all her life and was an avid card maker, those who received her cards saving and storing them as treasured gifts. Since dementia has taken over her life she has lost her memories of the pressed flowers, quilling and embossing she used to use in her card making, but loves to watch me ‘trying’ to be creative.

    Today, together we sat to watch Hochanda and she followed (and advised me) in following the activities, and although already she has forgotten the afternoon, I have treasured memories, along with the products of our activities together.

    I know you have already received many messages from others who also participated, and I thought twice about posting this …but I wanted to share with you the pleasure, as well as the memories that today has left me with.
    Thank you to everyone, and especially for your inspiration Barbara.

    Sent from my iPad

  12. Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon of crafting – love these designs and I am enjoying seeing the design team’s creations. Thank you Team Claritystamp x x x

  13. Loved it have left all my bits in the loft to come down and see the end of the final so will have to go back and finish off and tidy up tomorrow

  14. Thank you for an inspirational craftalong. Although I do not have this suite of items the things you did worked very well with other of my goodies. I was amazed at the results. I don’t do face book or any of the other social media and our web site is STILL not up and running despite my nagging the OH. Will just have to store some photos for later.
    Charlie will love the retreat – he did well today.
    Have a good evening.

  15. Barbara a masterclass in how a craftalong should be – well prepared, thought out and organised – take note Leonie. Great Jazz Hands Paul. Charlie seemed really chuffed with what he did – especially the small square toppers. Hope Charlie can make it to the retreat. Cannot wait to try the gelli plate project myself – Sam would have been proud of you.

    1. What a horrible thing to say! There are many teaching styles, as there should be. We all learn in different ways, what suits one person may not suit someone else. Just because Leonie’s style does not suit you, this is NOT a reason to be so horrible!
      Give out love and happiness, not hate and unpleasantness…

  16. I dipped in and out of the show and will do a full catch up when I go to bed. Look forward to seeing Charlie doing some more crafting. Exhausted after the tennis and cricket ! Glad you had a good time, you deserve it and fancy having a round of applause when you got home ! X

  17. Loved the show. Took the inspiration to my craft room and my a birthday card for my brother using your techniques that you showed us Barbara. Thank you x

  18. Brilliant craftalong, enjoyed my afternoon stamping and stenciling, although not with the craftalong set, but think it will be added to my wish list. Thank you. xxx

  19. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this afternoon and learnt lots as always – thank you. I hope you enjoy Poldark & get a good night’s sleep xxx

  20. Wonderful two hours, learnt loads. Thanks Barbara. Can’t wait for the next Clarity Craftalong!

  21. Hi Barb,
    Watched the craftalong this evening and thoroughly enjoyed them. I must say it certainly looked as though you and Charlie did too. I thought he did so well. I will give it a go in a couple of days time. Spent a nail biting afternoon watching the tennis and the cricket. Was gutted that Federer was beaten, but the match was superb. As for the cricket, well how brilliant was that? Hamilton won the a Grand Prix and England top their group in the netball. Definitely a brilliant Sunday – although I’m not sure I can cope with many more like it!! Well done to you and Charlie (& Paul’s helping hands) , love and hugs Alison xx

  22. Hi Barbara, what a great two hours ,I was crafting along while watching you and Charlie .
    Such a good duo ,with a little help from your friend!!!! Loved the Fresh Cut Dies part , I was using some of your dies while watching .
    Learnt a lot from the shows as always.
    Have a good night with Poldark .
    Thanks for all the inspiration you give us all.
    Lynn xx

  23. Loved the craftalong Charlie was great and looked so pleased with himself for completing the makes. I am intrigued by the gel press but my other half insists I don’t need one but very tempted anyway. Might need a visit to the website soon. Is there going to be a groovi craftalong by any chance? Xxx

  24. What a great afternoon love bed watching will craft along another day as recorded shows was great watching you both having such fun , well done Charlie hope to see him at retreat if same days as me if not he will have a ball what ever days he’s there and you finished your day with poldark what a great day night night xxx

  25. I joined in the craftalong but didn’t do as well as Charlie. My first piece was a bit muddied, and then I was left behind. This was despite having everything laid out ready. I enjoyed the show and will watch and craftalong again. Maybe I will have better luck next time.
    The design team have come up with some cracking samples as ever. xx

  26. Hi Barb, still have to catch up with the show, love all the samples posted, glad you had a good day. It turned out not too bad weather wise, sports wise obviously a cracking day. Take care all. Bx

  27. What tennis, what cricket, recorded them so I could craft-a-long, and had a great afternoon. Such fun and so enjoyed watching Charlie fall in love with your inspiration. I am so looking forward to the retreat in August. Thanks everyone xxx

  28. Wow, I really enjoyed the craft a long Barbara, thank you!! Well done Charlie too.
    Always love the banter and innuendo’s ! 🤣
    What a fab day, crafting with Clarity, nail biting cricket and Poldark! Looking forward to the next one xx

  29. Managed to see the second hour, but will watch them both on catch up. Definitely going to try the gel press idea with stencils I already have…that said I love the dandelions so might just have to order them xxx

  30. Just watched the craftalong and loved it. Please always have Charlie as your pupil. He was a delight! Now off to have a go with distress oxides for the first time

  31. Just watched the craftalong and loved it. Please always have Charlie as your pupil. He was a delight! Now off to have a go with distress oxides for the first time

  32. Just watched the craftalong and loved it. Please always have Charlie as your pupil. He was a delight! Now off to have a go with distress oxides for the first time

  33. Hello Barbara,
    As you know I follow your super blog but very rarely comment! However! This morning I watched the Craftalong on Catch-up while preparing work for After School Club. I learned so much! Thank you!
    Thanks to Charlie too. He helped make the programme fun and entertaining as well as very informative!
    Keep up the good work! I couldn’t watch Live as I have family here on Sundays.
    I wish we’d had Hochanda years ago!! Will try a Craftalong in the future , all being well.
    Love Myra xx

  34. This was my first craft-a-long and I truly enjoyed every moment of it! Barbara, your enthusiasm is just delightful and Charlie is such a fun addition. I will watch more as they come along.

  35. Hi Barbara. I’ve just watched your demos from Sunday, while taking some time out after chemo yesterday. A lovely gentle way to pass the time, while hoping the info sticks! Charlie is a sweetie!
    A quick question for anyone who may know – would the back of a square stamp substitute for the small gelli plate? Money is, as always, too tight to mention, so I won’t…
    I look forward to seeing your next tutorial, and thanks for this x

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