More play needed…

More play needed…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Woke up in a spin again. Like my Mum always says, this stuff doesn’t wash out of your clothes in one cycle. So I came up to my little den and got with my hands. Because that’s what works for me. Get out of the head and get with the hands. I think that’s maybe why doing pottery is so amazing. You have to concentrate so hard on what you are doing, you forget everything.

Alas, no pottery wheel a la maison, so out with the Gelpress and the alcohol inks and paint. We’ve got guests for dinner tonight, so I really ought to be tidying the house. But sod it. I’d rather do the housework later, and with a clear head.

Using a beautiful stencil of ours, designed by our Mel. We have the stamps too. And the dies. And the Groovi! Just go to the website and look for Funky Foliage

Doesn’t take long to clear the head when you get lost in the creative process, does it? It isn’t even important to produce anything splendid or blogworthy. If we didn’t have guests coming, I was all set to get a groovi plate out. That process is great for dispelling the demons, too. Whatever I do pick to use as a distraction, it just has to last long enough to create a break in the thoughts that will insist on telling me a lot of rot. I swear that 90% of what my head tells me is utter rubbish.

But actually, stepping away from this inky, funky artwork – it’s ok! Want to know how I did it? Mmmm. Now if I could only remember! I know there was some smearing with a paper towel involved! And I used white acrylic paint. I think I’ll save this one for the retreat. That gives me long enough to figure it out again!

Time to crank up Pharrel Williams’ Happy music, and dance round the kitchen with a leg of lamb for a while!

I just took the time to watch all the people in the video singing and dancing – and it works – IT REALLY DOES !!!

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

27 thoughts on “More play needed…

  1. Hmmm lamb! Safe me a doggie bag! I’ve got a tub of mint growing for the sauce. Kick back tonight and enjoy xxx

  2. Nothing like Happy Music cranked up along with sunshine and good friends to lift the spirits!
    Go Barbara go! Go and have a lovely weekend!! You deserve it! X

  3. Here’s to a better day today and a better week ahead. Enjoy your meal and the company of good friends – there is no better medicine than that. Yummmm I love lamb – what time’s dinner served?? 😉😉 xxx

  4. A play with inks then a happy song can see that joint of lamb dancing around the kitchen bashing those horrid voice out that should do it enjoy your evening with friends and we will see you on tv tomorrow lots live big hugs 🤗 know that songs in my head but a good thing so okay xxx

  5. Glad you have such lovely things to play with to calm that overactive brain down. Having said that, my next thought was HELP! Am I really going to be able to do that at the retreat? My brain has now gone into overdrive, trying to work it out. Looks like fun though. By the way, hold that lamb, I am on the way. I will collect Glynis’s mint and bring that with me. I am salivating already. Have a lovely time with your visitors. xxx Maggie )Silvercrafter)

  6. Don’t worry about tidying, good friends come to see you not to judge your housekeeping. Minty lamb – yummy!!
    Love your funky foliage.For those of us who may not get to the retreat could you please blog it?
    Have a great time with your guests, a good nights sleep and wake refreshed for the craftalong tomorrow. I’m sure all will go well.🍒🍒🍒

  7. Love the inky gel press art work. Glad you can escape from the world for a time and come out again feeling ready to go. Enjoy your lamb and visitors. Xx

  8. Afternoon bloggy friends, just getting ready to watch the Women’s final and then later I can get some crafting projects finished. Xx

  9. Hope you put the lamb down before you started clapping!!! Friends don’t come to see your house. They come to see you. Just have a good day. Wish I could get to the retreat but I will be back at work that week. In the meantime, one day at a time and if need be, one hour at a time. Love the artwork, by the way, and looking forward to tomorrow. Haven’t heard who is in the final so I will opt for crafting! Safe journey tomorrow and a nice, calm, relaxing evening ahead. Enjoy. Hx

  10. Just watched the video too. Love that song. Really brightened up my day, will start ironing the newly washed and lawn dried bedding with a smile and a wiggle now.
    Thanks Barbara. X

  11. Love that art hope you can blog it after the retreats. Used to have Happy as my phone ring tone. For some reason , I think one of the Thor Movies i changed to Led Zep perhaps I’ll change it back

  12. Barbara, at this moment in time 90% of what’s in your head IS rubbish ! LOL !! Clear it out with your crafting and onwards and upwards as that’s what you do! I need to do a lot of catching up with shows after 10 days away. A lovely family time where I found step son and his Dad are quite alike with some things and, in a way, just like Dad/grandad before ! Haven’t spent so much time with step son since his childhood holidays and now he’s got children of his own – nearly adults !! X p.s. now relax and enjoy your evening. X

  13. Hi Barb, glad you’ve worked your way out of the corner that your gremlins had you trapped in in your head. And in such good and creative ways too. Love your arty piece. Wish God had granted ability for me to have the choice of retreats, open days, time spent with you. Folk don’t know how lucky they are just to be able to go out their door, and have people in their lives, never mind the choice to do such special things.

    Glad you found the right song too 😉. It got me moving about in my beanbag!!! Aye, I get told my head tells me rubbish lots of the time too…!!! 😉 I guess I beat you on the 90% too! 😉 That’s the mission I am on just now, making the huge effort to craft every day, get back into properly, so it takes me away to a better place too. It would help if my body would play ball, but I’ve got to be grateful to be alive and able to do what I can, and try not to squander that.

    I’m sure your guests would be upset if they knew you were going to spend your precious time cleaning for them coming, so don’t worry about it. Hope you have a great evening with your guests, and a safe trip to Hochanda tomorrow.

    Love and bear hugs xxx
    Poor wee lamb!

  14. Oooo that’s a great print Barbara! I’d be well happy with that one!
    Now just enjoy your cooking and the evening with your guests!
    Your mum is a very wise woman…. Somethings don’t always come clean in the first wash…but it does eventually!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  15. Sometimes we have no choice but to let those gremlins run around until they get exhausted. Most of us have been there and it’s no fun while they still have loads of energy. You’re doing all the right things though to keep them at bay. Chin up and know we’re all behind you.

  16. We’re here cheering you on and telling the gremlins to get lost! Onwards and upwards and I can’t wait until you share how you created that print lol!
    I’m loving learning with the Gelli plate I got from Clarity that hubby gave me money to purchase for my birthday. I’m trying not to be perfectionist with it and just enjoying the play – thankfully something that is now easier after watching Sam and playing at my own pace too. Now I have visions of you and a leg of lamb dancing in your kitchen together with the Happy song playing in the background!
    Have a good night and safe travels tomorrow xx

  17. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤗I’m clapping along🤗👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  18. Great print, must have a play with my geli plate. Wish I didn’t forget all the tips you give us. Looking forward to watching you on Hochanda tomorrow, safe journeys. Enjoy your evening with your friends and your lamb dinner (my favourite). Don’t Worry, Be Happy

  19. The image of you dancing around the kitchen with a leg of lamb has made me smile.
    Wonderful artwork Barbara enjoy your evening with your friends Hugs 🤗

  20. Hi Barb,
    Well if that song doesn’t work, nothing will! I love it! Your artwork is lovely although I haven’t a clue how you did it. The funky foliage stamps and Groovi are amongst my favourites I must say. In fact I’m attempting to use the stamps on some glass at the moment, but unfortunately I keep smudging the image, I’ve tried about 10 times now and the stamp moves as I try to press on it. If anyone out there knows how to stamp onto glass with Archival or Stazon I’d be grateful for any tips! Otherwise, I’ll just keep trying and getting “high” on the fumes from blending solution I’m using to wipe off the ink!! Enjoy your lamb dinner ( that’s what we’re having tomorrow) and have a lovely evening with your friends. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  21. Thank you for ‘Happy’ Barbara, brings back lovely memories of my son and daughter-in-laws wedding. It was sung by a local group after the knot was tied. Whenever I hear it now, it makes me smile and I feel better.
    I hope you had a lovely time with your visitors.
    Safe travelling tomorrow. I am looking forward to the craftalong tomorrow.
    Love the artwork, look forward to seeing how it is done at the retreat. xx

  22. Thank you so much for sharing that video. I was in a bad place after an unpleasant day at work and it really helped me. I loved that he used real people with real bodies in all shapes, colors and sizes. Just what I needed.

    The artwork is lovely too. Need to play with inks, paint, stencils and gelpress.

  23. Can’t wait for the retreat now to find out how you did this! Sorry I’ll miss the craft along tomorrow but I’ll catch up asap with the recording. Hope you get more sleep tonight x

  24. A fabulous gelli plate print Barbara, and that music really is happy music and a great video too. I look forward to watching tomorrow. x

  25. Hi Barb, look forward to seeing this step by step at some point, it looks very arty and creative. Nothing better than creativity and good music t chill out with. Hope the lamb was good and enjoyed with friends. Take care all. Bx

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