Hats, Shoes & Handbags!

Hats, Shoes & Handbags!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Busy day today here. First we recorded some new little Youtube videos for Facebook, then Lou was on HOCHANDA at 12, showcasing these wonderful hats, shoes and handbags, illustrated by our Mel Turner. She did a really interesting demo with fusible fibre – if you can watch back on Hochanda.com it’s well worth it.

I love these stamps! They are so excellent to use too.

The other BIG NEWS on that TV show is the new and improved Word Chain ABC, designed by Yours faithfully. This is an absurdly good price! Good grief! This used to be £50 for the ABC before we added the numbers! Now it’s £29.99.


Linda Spencer
Janet Pring
Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour
Barbara Gray. Mmm. I remember this one. Thoroughly enjoyed creating a little landscape within the boot.

That’s it! It’s the shapes of the boots, shoes hats and bags which is so attractive. And given that they are very open too, not patterned, they lend themselves beautifully to interior design!

And on that puny pun, I shall crack on with my day. Lou is back at 4pm with a second hour. I shall be glued to the telly for sure!

Love & Hugs

Barb xx

15 thoughts on “Hats, Shoes & Handbags!

  1. Hi Barb, I remembered your boot with the landscape in it, beautiful. As is Dee’s artwork. I’ve got these stamps, and, I’ve actually used some! Just the one design, but that’s more than a lot of my stash…!!! Maybe now my mojo is coming back I’ll actually get using all my stash. Aye, mojo still here today, yay. I got so pulled in to your teaching yesterday, I guess you found the path to the door, and blew the hinges off!!! I even got to thinking I could be doing that along with Barb! Hopefully next time I can try joining in with at least one of your projects. Thank you Barb. Fingers crossed I don’t lose it again.

    I missed Lou’s first show, chores took too long, but I’ll be watching at 4pm. Love Lou and what she teaches, and shares, with us.

    Sounds like you’re having a productive day. Hope you get lots of boxes ticked.

    Love you xxx
    Lets spread love and happiness, not hate and unpleasantness everyone. It’s good to be alive on this beautiful planet, lets help others feel the same

  2. Missed the first show will have to catch up. Booked tickets to see Hamilton you were so fired up about it. Hamilton one night Les Mis concert the next. Can’t wait

  3. Hi Barbara, thank you Clarity for helping me out.
    I have been looking at the members sale for some of the 8×8 papers but was not sure if the one I wanted was correct ,but low and behold you had put a little video on that page to show those papers.
    Bingo that’s the one , now on order with other things I required.
    Once again Clarity brilliant idea.
    Lynn xxx

  4. Loved the boot with the scene inside when you did it. The sets are great and I will have to have a look at the new alphabet as I love using my original one. Hope you have recovered after your craftalong yesterday. XX

  5. Afternoon bloggy firends, No more tennis on the TV…what will I do now? Hope everyone has had a good day. XX

  6. Love these stamps but I’m running out of storage space !!! (and money 😥 ) so they will have to wait a while.
    Brilliant samples from the DT.
    Haven’t watched Lou yet, might catch up later.

  7. Hats off to you and Charlie, I have just watched your Sunday Craftathon and you were both blimming brilliant. What a result – Marvellous! !

  8. Hi Barbara. Been a busy day here today too. But it’s paid off as I have got the wedding cake done and in the boxes ready for delivery to the venue on Friday! And Lou was on my tablet whilst I did the bottom tier. I’d done the others and tidied up just in time to sit down with a cuppa at 4!
    The shows were fab with Louise! It is so good to see her using clarity products now and being a part of the team! It means I don’t need to hide things if she ever comes here for a crafty day!!!!
    Have a good evening
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  9. Great makes from the DT Barbara, and I did not realise that Lou was on today so I will be catching up. Sounds as though your day has gone well. x

  10. I love watching Lou, she’s an original and now she’s with Clarity it’s even better. Still got to watch the second show but it’s all recorded.
    I had an old wooden stamp that said “if the shoe fits buy one in every colour “ – wise words I think!! xx

  11. I shall have to catch up on the shows, Fred and I made the trip over to the East Northants Groovi group today. A wonderful welcome there. I have the shoe stamps and really don’t use them enough. The samples are great but I do love yours with the boot. xx

  12. Hi Barb, excellent shows from Lou as always, her enthusiasm is infectious. Love the stamps, you can do so much with them, and this is apparent from the demos and all the samples. Take care all. Bx

  13. I was fortunate enough to have a play with Lou and the Angelina fibres at Ditton, unfortunately I spent the rest of the afternoon scratching as I seem to be allergic to them. Very annoying as I love the effect they make. X

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