To thine own self be true

To thine own self be true

Hi there.

Friday’s blog a private peek, right?

Thanks for popping in. Been a busy day here, getting ready for the Craftalongabarbie on Sunday, 2-4pm HOCHANDA ! I know I know. It’s the Wimbledon finale on Sunday, so it’ll only be me and my parents – who never miss a show, come hell or high water! But whatever. Charlie and I will have a blast, and the projects I have planned for you to craftalong with us are really very cool. Maybe you can watch on catch up too.

I felt the need to get arty this afternoon. A little gentle art therapy session did me the power of good, I must say. Here’s what I made, using a few Distress Oxide Sprays, my dear friend Mel’s BEAUTIFUL dandelion fairy, and the Serenity prayer.

The Serenity Prayer. Let me tell you about this little mantra of mine. At 3am this morning, for one reason or another, I was going nuts. Really anxious, full of fear, chest pains, the works. The washing machine head was in super spin! Then I remembered The Serenity Prayer. So I lay back down and started saying it over and over and over again, until I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up at 7am – as fresh as a daisy, and with a solution to the issue which had kept me awake.

Prayer works for me – and at a lot of different levels.

Love & Hugs,
Barb xx

43 thoughts on “To thine own self be true

  1. Don’t worry, I will be there crafting along on Sunday and I can’t wait.
    I love today’s artwork and that prayer works for me too. Keep breathing and every situation passes.
    Take care

  2. I shall be there too, though I shall be doing my own thing, with Clarity products, as I’ve not got the craft along kit, but I’m sure to have fun. Beautiful artwork, a lovely gentle prayer, wise words. Hugs Janine xxx

  3. I’ll be there too, can’t wait!! Sorry you had a rubbish night but as you always say ” this too shall pass”.
    Love & hugs xx

  4. Glad you were able to calm the washing machine head down enough to get back to sleep. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you are one of the strongest people I know. Keep on keeping on, we love you. Xxx

  5. Beautiful stamp, beautiful prayer, and so true. I too shall be watching you on Sunday, along with my dog (he’s not that keen on tennis), so that’s four of us at least xx

  6. I love your piece of art & the prayer. Will have to set the craftalong on to record as I shall be watching my daughter & 2 granddaughters as they take part in their performing arts group bi-annual show at the Abbey Theatre Nuneaton. Like a lot of things they seem to be coming around quicker every time but it is nice to watch & see how all the cast have grown both in size & confidence over the years.
    I am sure your Craftalong will be brilliant as are all your shows with lots of hints & tips to get the most out of our crafty stash. I look forward to watching it when I get back home.
    You have a large crafting family rooting for you !!

  7. Hmmm.. I too was up at 0347 – in an attempt to see the space station, but alas, it was too cloudy. After waiting and watching I fell sound asleep too. Not sure I woke up with any clarity of thought though… just coffee!! Break legs on Sunday.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  8. Hi Barbara, love the serenity Prayer. Have it on a card in my handbag and in a photo frame at the side of my bed. Made using Groovi plate. Love everything you do Barbara.
    God Bless you – sending love and hugs and prayer for you.
    Linda ♥️❤️

    1. I will be watching you on Sunday although I may not be able to join in as my table will be full of cake in the early stages of decoration. But I may be able to find something to do as I watch!
      Very glad you found something to settle your head so you could sleep and face the issue head on!!!
      Huge hugs and lots of love Xxxx

  9. Coincidentally I made a card this week using this prayer and sent it to a friend who has been in hospital for 3 months. She’s scheduled to come home and might need a bit of help to come down to earth.
    Have a good time Sunday and don’t worry about the tennis.

  10. We are not into any sport so will definitely be watching Craftalongabarb on Sunday.
    Years ago (more than I care to remember !) I included these words on a cross stitch sampler for a friend. They are wise words and have stood me in good stead, calming me down when my inclination has been to punch a hole in a wall.
    Don’t recognise this dandelion fairy, will have to check. It’s been all Groovi, stencils and dies lately. Must get the stamps out again.
    Kick that washing machine head out and enjoy the rest of your day.

  11. I did exactly the same thing during a sleepless night 3 days ago. It just seems to calm an anxious mind, so thank you.
    Unfortunately, I am one of those terrible people who will have to watch your show on rewind! I know, throw her in the pond, with concrete blocks tied to her feet! Not only is it the tennis final, but also the World Cup cricket final (I am a cricket nut) and the British Grand Prix. I will have one on the tele, one on the I pad and one on the phone, so that is all my devices accounted for.🤪
    Monday is our East Northants Groovi Group meeting, so I will catch up with you on Monday evening.
    Have a great craftalong and a good weekend. Hugs Annette X

  12. Hi Barbara,
    I am not a sporty type so will be following you instead. Craftalong kit here ready to go.
    We are all behind you in more ways than one.
    Linda x

  13. The same happened to me…jealousy…in a word!
    They lost the case and a good friend. Keep up the good work Barbara and rise above it…you are not alone. Good luck. X

    1. This is way off topic and I apologize for that but I didn’t see a way to send a private message, so here goes… Pat Hosking, were you ever on the PPC (Pergamano Parchment Crafters) mailing list back 2000-2004? I created and ran the list for that time period and besides my dearest friend Dana Stuedemann, I finally lost track of everyone else during a series of moves. Around 2005 or so was the last and it was Barbara Cooke who caught up with me when I was briefly on the new PPC list (a gal on the Isle of Wight took it over from me). If this isn’t you then sorry for this whole post. If it is you I’m thrilled to see you’re still around and still parching. Isn’t Groovi great and Barbara Gray a phenomenal person? Take care.

  14. Beautiful artwork Barb. Glad to hear reciting the verse over and over helped you in your head and you managed to sleep well. I sing meaningful lyrics over and over to help me when I can manage it. I’ll be watching you on Sunday, no tennis here. Looking forward to watching you. Been thinking about you my friend, lots of love and a big bear hug xxx Clarity rocks!

  15. Want to watch you and the tennis but we are going to an afternoon concert! Don’t know what my husband was thinking! 🤣. Will record you. Enjoy

  16. Sending love and hugs to you Barbara!! Behind you 100%! Love this art work and glad the crafty session was a relief for you. I will be watching and crafting with you and Charlie on Sunday, have been busy getting my bits and pieces ready. Xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Sorry you didn’t have a good night. The Serenity Prayer is lovely and I’m pleased it settled you down. I’m sorry but I’ll have to watch the tennis, interspersed with the cricket, Grand Prix and netball! However, I will be recording the show and will watch it later on. I’m sure it will be a massive success though. Love and hugs, Alison xx

  18. Not a tennis fan myself but hubby is so I’ll need to watch on iPad but that’s ok except I’m up at my daughters doggie sitting for a week and I forgot the bloomin earphones! I’ll just need to lip read . 🤣🤣🤣love the serenity prayer and I’m glad it brought you peace xx

  19. I’ll be out with my best friend (also called Anita) so I’ll have to record but I’ll be with you in spirit. This too shall pass! A wise woman who I respect very much once told me those words and has taught me so much more too along my Clarity journey. Be kind to yourself as you are to others xxx

  20. I will have to watch it after the Grand Prix. I’m not going to complain though because that is the only sport my hubby really loves and that I enjoy too. He is going to record the shows for me so that I can play them back and craftalong after the race so to speak.
    Luckily I don’t often have to watch too much sport and for that I am very grateful. Hope you have a better night huni x

  21. Hi there, Barbara. I went onto FB tonight and saw Linda William’s support of you and the many comments that followed. I had no idea what it was all about but what came to my mind and what I was going to message you were the words of the serenity prayer and lo and behold, you got there first. We are not responsible for other people’s thoughts or comments and we cannot control them. All we have control over is how we react and you have come out on top. Rise above it. You know your conscience is clear, those who matter to you know your conscience is clear and God knows and ultimately that is all that matters. I have never met you but hope to meet you at the Leyburn Open Day and maybe even at the Parchment Workshop the next day if you are not lying in a darkened room by then! I’m a minister – cover blown – and so glad to hear that you found peace through prayer. Hang on it there and keep doing what you are doing. I only came across Clarity a year ago but absolutely love what you produce and the assistance you, the team and your many customers offer to everyone who buys Clarity products. Take care and enjoy that new bambino. Hx

  22. I shall be watching giving you my full support. I shall have to go to another room though as everything will stop for the Grand Prix as far as hubby is concerned. I hope you get a better night tonight, the serenity prayer is lovely as is your artwork. xx

  23. Hi Barbara,
    Keep your chin up, don’t let the them get you down, you know you are able to rise above it , shame they have nothing else to do.
    Thinking of you with love.
    Lynn xx

  24. Will be recording the shows as being treated to belated 60th birthday dinner in Guildford . Looking forward to watching the shows xx

  25. I also like the ‘all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well’ from Julian of Norwich, who was a nun in the 1300s. We need these mantras sometimes just to make us slow down and stop the cycle from getting higher and higher and tighter and tighter. Glad the serenity prayer works for you.

  26. I too believe in the power of prayer. There are three words that I say out loud to myself when I’m feeling low & vulnerable. That
    “I am significant, accepted & secure” … are SAS too Barbara. Believe it to be true. 😘 Especially with such smashing friends around.👫👭👫👬👫👭👯👭👫
    So pleased Hochanda has rewind as I’m playing in a Mixed Pairs bowls competition on Sunday. 🙈 Hope all goes well & you keep Charlie in line 😜

  27. Beautiful project you’ve done today again Barb., I love that stamp and the prayer but as yet haven’t got it, I’d forgotten about it, defo going on my wish list though. Glad this prayer helped soothe you back to sleep, I really believe there’s a lot of power in prayer, hope you put everything behind you now and enjoy a good nights sleep tonight. You’ll always come out on top with the love you share and we’ll always be in your corner. God Bless you. Going out with friends on Sunday so will watch your craftalong on catchup. Safe journeys, love

  28. Just want to say we love you you are one of the most honest caring loving people I don’t like to see you going through a bad time only seen your message and Wendy’s 100% there with you. glad prayer helped and gave you a refreshing sleep in end for me prayer 🙏 has helped and getting beck into my faith in God and fellowship worship song help me lots over last few months getting myself through the grieve it will never go it’s taken a few years 6 in September so I will pray protection for you at this time you will feel the love of friends around you cause we are. Oh and of course I will be there Sunday we’re else would I be when you’re on Tv crafting to with Charlie recorded set also so can watch again so see you through Tv Sunday Katie sends big hugs and saying Barbara is the best night night sleep well xxx

  29. I certainly understand about the “washing machine head” being in “super spin”! Been there too many times to remember. What a lovely way to deal – a beautiful prayer and a gorgeous piece of art to show for it all. You are an inspiration to us all!

  30. Dear Barbara. So sorry to read your message today. Why are people so horrible. You are such a lovely person, kind and caring to everyone. That prayer is perfect so glad it helped you to sleep. All your clarity friends are behind you.
    Hopefully will be able to watch on Sunday.
    Congratulations to you all on your grandson. Beautiful baby. Love Josie xxxxx

  31. Glad the Serenity Prayer was able to calm you and help you back to sleep Barbara. I sometimes get bombarded by thoughts going round and round at some unearthly hour, but take deep breaths and luckily I do manage to doze off again. Will be watching on Sunday.

  32. Hello Barb, I am glad I don’t watch Tennis, however we do have a community get together, so the show will be recorded and I will CraftalongaBarbie afterwards. The Serenity Prayer is very calming and prayer does work. I hope that your head has stilled it’s spinning, and the blood pressure has dropped. You have your community behind you. Take care all. Bx

  33. I’m not into Wimbledon (American that I am, LOL!), so I’ll be watching… but not live as I do need my beauty sleep! Good thing to remember that you can only do what you can do and no more. Then, more ahead and bring on that famous Barbara smile for us!

  34. So sorry you had such a rough night Barbara. I know that feeling of fear and panic only too well. Glad you found comfort in the Serenity Prayer.

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