Blue Treescape

Blue Treescape

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. On my way to London for a meeting, but Thursday’s Blog is always blue, right?

So how about a new trick which I stumbled upon quite by chance last week, which created a fab blue forest. I love it when things develop by chance, don’t you?

Art? Or Craft? What think you? I had a debate with a lady at pottery about the difference yesterday. Who cares, as long as we are being creative!

#newideas #clarityrocks

Step by step? Maybe later…We are pedal to the metal at Clarity at the moment, so please forgive my shorter daily blogs.

The Treescape design I used here is rather lovely. Stencil, stamp, Groovi or die – YOU PICK!


Or a stamp n stencil bundle…

Aperture Die

If you have these designs already, help me out please! Post your art on Groovi Worldwide or Clarity Worldwide, and let’s get a little inspiration going xxx

If you don’t then there’s only one question: WHY NOT?!?!?!

Must dash, said the Mexican

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “Blue Treescape

    1. Checked my stash, have all 4 elements so plenty to workwith.
      We use our arty skills to enhance our cards and projects, and use some of the craft materials in our art so to me there is no difference between art and craft. I stamped the trees, enlarged it on a photocopier, transferred it to art board using SAA tracedown and painted a woodland scene in watercolour. Now I want to try it in oils when I get the time.
      Received my bauble stencils this morning so it’s back to crafting for an hour or so.
      Hope your meetings went well. 🍒🍒🍒

  1. This looks fab Barbara and this has worked beautifully. Hopefully you will tell us how you did it when you have more time to spare. Have a good day. x

  2. Not got any of these… love the blue treescape tho! My ‘bargain’ Lightwave arrived today so now I’m all set to Groovi on the go… whoopee! My original ‘plug in’ can stay on my desk all the time now…greedy or lucky… bit of both I s’pose lol! xx

  3. Great landscape. Keep staring at it to figure out how it was done. Hope to see a step by step eventually.

    Had an interesting conversation about art vs craft with a glass blower. He said that if you can use it, it’s craft. If it’s purely decorative, it’s art. He also said that he had stopped making useful things like wine glasses and vases as he could get far more money for “art” pieces. He agreed that it didn’t make sense, but that was how the market was.

    1. That person’s theory doesn’t work, Kathleen. Going on that theory, if you made a small oblong piece of arty thing and called it a bookmark, that’s a craft. But, scrub out the word bookmark and instead call it a miniature piece of art for the wall, then that’s art. But it’s exactly the same creation, it’s only words given to it that have changed?
      The Cambridge English dictionary defines art as “the making of objects, images, music, etc. that are beautiful or that express feelings”.
      Therefore we are all artists, no matter which genre we do. xx

      1. I like that a lot – all of us make beautiful cards and journal pages but are always getting told that it’s craft and not art. The phrase ‘I just want to make beautiful things even if no one cares’ springs constantly to my mind. It’s sometimesy the real arty types that are the biggest snobs – I just don’t care what they think any more lol! xx

        1. Is “craft” not the skills we learn, the skills to make something, be that art, pottery, soft crafts, cooking etc.? Artists are folk who have learned the craft of art? We as crafters tend to have many strings to our bows, multitalented!!!, and are always learning, as our crafts are always evolving… So, we can’t be pigeonholed into one thing. Doesn’t make us any less arty than those who have learned the craft of art and who tend to specialise in one specific area.

  4. Hi Barb, hope your meeting today went really well for you.
    Methinks I spy a gelli plate being used for your ART creation. It’s lovely, and I’d like a step by step please, when you can.

    Aye, who cares, art or craft! Creating, and the pleasure our work gives to people, and ourselves, is what matters eh. Snobby artists! Art is art, whether it’s a stick man drawn on cave walls using ashes from the fire, or the Mona Lisa, it’s all art, all a creation, and something we are all capable of in our own ways and own genres. I blame the art teachers we all had, telling a good number of us how rubbish we are instead of encouraging us to find our own arty pathways! I knitted, crocheted, sewed, both machine and hand, making all sorts of creations, being complimented on my work including by teachers, yet I walked into the art room, the first teacher giving me ‘that look’, no matter how hard I tried to do her wacky ideas she wanted of us, and the second teacher says before I’ve even sat down “Brenda, have you got any homework to do, just you get on and do it”! Maybe if they had taken the time to show techniques, give us different types of ART, I wouldn’t feel such the useless failure I do with what I make now, original and individual to me, which also seems to go down well, in the non crafty world anyway! Aye, the crafty world do the same, snobby, elitist, cliques. Not everyone obviously, and funnily enough not the professional crafters either… That’s why I unjoined and don’t go to your facebook groups, I’d rather be on my own and happily doing my own thing my way! This is my personal experience of the groups anyway. Different is ok, different can be good if given the chance, different should be accepted, in every aspect of society…

    Beautiful wee angel grandson. Congratulations to you all. Yep, every birth is a miracle baby, some more so than others. In fact, every day each and every one of us is alive on this beautiful natural world is a miracle, for which we should all be thankful, and do our best to make the most of it, not just for ourselves but more importantly, to make a positive difference in the world in any way we can, as a thank you for being blessed with life. Maybe the world and the human race wouldn’t be in the mess it is in if everyone remembered this, eh…

    Hope you have a lovely evening, love you xxx

  5. Hmmmmm art or craft? That debate will go on for millenia as people get very upset to be classed as a crafter if they think of themselves as an artist. If something is created and looks beautiful and makes someone feel something who can say it’s not art, even if it is a card or a journal page? After all William Morris and John Ruskin created the Arts and Craft movement to celebrate all types of art and craft! Xx

  6. Would love to have a step by step when you have the time Barbara – that’s a gorgeous snowy forest you’ve created. Try to get some time out this week, you do not to be burning the candles at both ends too much, lovely lady x

  7. I just say I’m creative, not arty, or crafty, so that works for me! This is a lovely piece – think I have the stencil, but sadly no time to create at the moment. I’ll post a photo of my great-nephew’s birthday card on the FB page though, as it was his birthday yesterday, so the card has been received! x

  8. I love the trees & have all of the options. There have been some lovely samples on FB today so makes me want to dig them out & have a play. Which I suppose was your intention !! Need to go & look at the sale & new items as well, just too much choice. Hope you manage some down time tomorrow after your busy day today but sometimes there are weeks that just seem to be so busy that you will meet yourself coming backwards as you try to fit everything in. Looks like being a nice weekend so time to chill out in the garden with Dave & watch the birds.

  9. I love your treescape today and would love to see a step by step when you can fit it in please Barb, no hurry. I definitely have this stencil but not sure if I have the others. I think you were using the die at Ally Pally which I intended getting as I really liked what you did. I got so obsessed with looking for the things on my list that I forgot to get it. You needn’t apologise for short blogs, we quite understand how busy you are, I believe we are all grateful that you even manage to fit one in. I think craft and art are more or less one of the same. If I turn out something good it’s art, if it’s rubbish it’s craft and I’m just learning. Ha!ha!. Treat yourself to some relaxing at the weekend if you can, I don’t know anyone who works as hard as

  10. Congratulations to the parents and to You and Dave on the birth of your baby Grandson. Sorry only just got around to reading last nights

  11. Hi Barb,
    Have to confess to owning all of these! It is a long time since I played with them though and ashamed to say haven’t used the die yet! Think I’ll have to go on the naughty step but for a different reason! Hope your meeting went well. Whenever you get a chance , could you do a step by step on this please – I’m assuming a Gelli plate came into it somewhere. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  12. Hi Barb, hope the meetings were fruitful. Love the image and look forward to the step by step. Take care all. Bx

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