YouTube Tuesday – 2nd July – Bubbles of Fun

YouTube Tuesday – 2nd July – Bubbles of Fun

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Just had the BEST day with Churchy ! We were prepping for Sunday’s TV shows. 2-4pm then 6pm. Fabulous stencils illustrated by our Mel in the afternoon, and a collection of exquisite stamp designs by a new and very talented illustrator, who has joined the Clarity family: Cherry Green. Lovely lady. Great artwork. I look forward to introducing you to her on Sunday evening. I have invited her to join us for the opening hour, so you can make her acquaintance. I think it is great to meet the artist, don’t you? I wonder if we’ll ever be able to coax Mel onto your screens… I blimming doubt it! She even hates having a photo taken!

Actually, we got off to a bit of a faltering start with the prep today; you know how it is. You’ve got an ocean to swim and the water’s really cold! But once we got coated in gilding flakes and glue and paint, and got EVERYTHING out of the cupboard – well then we had a blast, and things came together very nicely. We had a right revelation too, a super break through on the Gelpress, and we’ve decided to hold it back till the retreats, so we’ve got something new and really cool for the workshops. I am always so quick to share, and I do it gladly! But we do need a good new technique or two at the Clarity Summer Retreats. There are still a handful of spaces if you would like to join us. Go to the website for details.

Then Paul went home, and I settled down to watch our Sam in action. Blimming excellent technique. Now I get how she does the washy background and the really arty shapes!! I would LOVE to try that. And I also LOVE LOVE LOVE those hat ladies she has used! Beautiful stamps. I am pretty certain our Lou Withers has got them on her next TV show… I must check. Anyway, check out this week’s Youtube. Awesome art. Sam is a natural at this.


For all our YouTube offers this week, click here.

And don’t forget the Member’s Sale. I read that several of you were struggling to get online yesterday, despite being members. Please simply call the office and the issue will be solved. 01732 868215 . There will be a simple solution.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – 2nd July – Bubbles of Fun

  1. Glad you had a good, and productive, day, Barb. Youtube added to my looooong list to catch up on… Hope tomorrow is as good, if not better, for you. Love you xxx

  2. Watched Sam’s latest You Tube video this morning. Need to dig out everything from my stash & have a play. Love the way she adds scribbles to the circles & blends them to add depth.
    Can’t believe its time for your Sunday 2hr show & ODS again, where has that month gone to? Looking forward to seeing what you have got lined up for us & hopefully you will share the new techniques after the retreats.

  3. Interesting and clever way to use the circle gel press and that raspberry pink Sam used is so pretty. Glad you and Paul had a productive day with the prep Barbara. x

  4. Got my gelli plates out this evening and at 11.07pm had to be dragged away by hubby, who’s usually the last one to bed🙊
    I’d just finished blending the outer edge of the circles. I’ve got all night to think of how I’ll cut the A4 piece of art work & what to stamp in each circle. My new crush is Sam Crowe. Love her work, accent, technique, pace, use of colour, pretty much everything……Simon was a bit good too🤗

  5. I loved Sam’s video again this week. I am already working on using the little gelli plates, sort of like Sam’s work but with my own spin so to speak! I’ve fallen in love with the grungey look you can achieve so easily with them lol.
    Can’t wait to learn what you and Paul have up your sleeves too, but that will have to wait until after your retreats, have a good day tomorrow x

  6. Looking forward to Sunday and I’d love to come to the summer retreat but unfortunately I start back to work that week after three and half weeks’ holiday! If it had only been a week (or two) earlier! Never mind. Maybe another time.

  7. Loved Sam’s YouTube today ones again, looking forward to your new technic with gelli plate exciting not long know. And meeting the new designer on Sunday evening will be there watching need to set record must do that in morning be another great Sunday to look forward to night night xxx

  8. Hi Barb, what a great video by Sam, I really need to get time away from the day job and get arty and messy. Oooh can’t wait to see what you and Churchy have discovered. Looking forward to the shows on Sunday. Take care all. Bx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Sorry haven’t commented for a few days but been struggling with migraine. Anyway fit now thankfully. Looking forward to the shows and am pleased you and Paul have had a good day. Going to watch Sam’s video shortly and I might even be tempted to get my gel petites out and have a play. I popped into Crafters Companion on Sunday and was talking to Sam there – always willing to offer advice which is lovely of he – and also had a lovely surprise. The lovely Emma Burns was there too! She had come down from Scotland to take part in Sam’s workshop. It was lunchtime when I saw them both but how was that for a “twofer” !!! As you say, it is always nice to see the artist, so looking forward to seeing the new stamps and Cherry herself. Off to look at sale goodies now, love Alison xx

  10. Watched YouTube this mornng, messy not for me, but the results are great.
    Pleased your day’s prep with Paul went well, look forward to the weekend shows.
    Order placed for the members sale yesterday but it was a good job I checked my stash last night as I already had 8 of the 11 on my query list. Your catalogues which I purchased last year have proved invaluable as I marked off all the items I already had and as new items are purchased I mark them off or make a note if they are new releases and it has saved time from searching and from doubling up.
    Will keep checking the members sale as I am sure there will be more items of interest added.
    Hope the pottery goes well today.
    Hugs to all

  11. Great video, love the scribbled edges and I love the design and balance of the finished piece. Thank you Sam. XX

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