Time to have a Scribble!

Time to have a Scribble!

Hi everyone,

Are you still with me or have you melted away? It sure has been a scorcher down here in Kent today. Although as I sit here writing today’s blog, it has gone very overcast

Have you been watching Maria? She is doing a fantastic job showcasing the beautiful designs from Mel. She looks so calm and cool in the air conditioned studio! Don’t forget to tune in for the final call at 5pm and if you have missed any of the previous shows then you can watch them on Rewind via the Hochanda website.

So what can I tempted you with next to get you back on the naughty step (although I have a feeling that the naughty step is not empty for long!)

Tomorrow at 8am and midday the lovely Leonie launches 2 brand new Fresh Cut Dies on Hochanda.

Leonie Pujol Nested Square Scribbles Die Set is made up of 3 individual dies as shown below giving you 2 funky frames and a funky square.

Next we have Leonie Pujol Nested Heart Scribbles Die Set which is made up of 2 dies as shown below giving you 2 funky frames and a funky heart.

When you see what the Design Team have come up with, I think you will be impressed! These funky frames will work for your mixed media projects and will not look out of place on your more everyday classic designs.

Wendy Thorburn
Dee Paramour
Maria Moorhouse
Maria Moorhouse
Maria Moorhouse
Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour
Wendy Thorburn
Wendy Thorburn
Shelagh Metselaar
Shelagh Metselaar
Shelagh Metselaar

The dies follow on from Leonie’s Scribbles Collection available in both stamp and stencil

Available HERE
Available HERE with Bonus Sticker Words

I can’t wait to see what Leonie has lined up to show us all.

Mixed Media has never really been my thing, I am more crisp and clean but I always love to watch Barbara, Leonie and Lou create magic.

Talking of Lou, I am just putting the finishing touches to an upcoming TV show where I will be joining Lou for 2 hours of Mixed Media Mayhem……… mmmmm could be interesting!

Enjoy your evening whatever you are up to.

Paul xxx

22 thoughts on “Time to have a Scribble!

  1. Oooooooo!! I can feel the naughty step calling me ever closer ……. resistance is futile ๐Ÿ˜€
    Luckily at the moment I cannot move away from the fan, trying to overcome the heat, which means I don’t have my credit card to hand ….. ooooo! what will win out the fan or the card???? the fan or the card??? the fan or the card??? …………..

  2. Hi Paul, aye, very toasty up here too, meant to be 29 in Edinburgh, and where I am tends to be a wee bit hotter! Nae air con, nor fans here, fans is a scary thing for my autism. Still blue skies here.

    Loving these new dies. Love what Dee and Maria have done with them too. I need some of Leonie’s stuff on my need/want list! I look forward to seeing what Leonie gets up to tomorrow. Hopefully distract me from the scary current politics.

    Oooh, is it a mash-up between Lou and yourself Paul? Can’t wait for that…

    Hope you have a cool evening. Do what I’m doing for my wee fluffy pussy cat. I’m keeping flat cool packs in the fridge and putting one behind the towel she is sleeping on so she can lean against it and get a wee bit cooler. It would work for humans too!!! Xx

    1. 31 degrees in Edinburgh, I think that’s a record for this area! No wonder my cfs body is struggling big time today. And, the nighttime record high set to be broken tonight…

  3. I’m melting!!! I don’t like storms but I am willing one to arrive soon…
    Watched Maria today and had to get some of the heavy body gel to use as I loved her stancil demo from the last hour with the guilding flake and glitter. Can’t wait to play when my goodies arrive. XX

  4. Afternoon bloggy friends, who turned on the oven? Can’t muster any energy to do much more than sit as still as possible and watch Hochanda. XX

  5. We are melting here in Norfolk. 124F in the conservatory so even with fans blowing full belt there is no chance of doing any mixed media. 94F in the lounge despite 3 fans blowing, just sitting still it’s too hot to concentrate, keep falling asleep, so all Maria’s shows have been recorded for viewing when it’s cooler.
    I too prefer crisp and clean but love to watch what others do and have been tempted to try a few of the techniques which fit with my style.
    The samples from the design team are spectacular as usual and so varied.
    Hopefully one of my orders will arrive tomorrow and, if as forecast it is a bit cooler, will try to get some crafting done.
    Have a good evening everyone.

  6. Love the dies they will be really versitile
    I hope we will get dies on these lines in the club rather than trees, birds and flowers

  7. Hi Paul, I’m just managing to keep cool enough to do samples, but this weather is not great unless you like crinkled parchment!!!!
    Look forward to seeing you with Lou getting. Sounds as though it will be very interesting.
    Have a great evening xxx

  8. Good job I recorded the shows as although I was watching I found I kept missing bits & always the vital bits of Maria’s wonderful projects. Lack of sleep is the problem so that I kept dropping off !!!
    It is meant to be a bit fresher tomorrow but we will have to wait & see.
    Thanks to the DT for the lovely samples.
    Take care everyone

  9. Smashing news that you’ll be joining Lou very soon. I love what she does with anything she’s given. A very talented lady, and such a laugh. I reckon that you never played with cornflour & water when you were a child Paul. Now is the time๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿค—

  10. Hi Paul, I love 2 see the Ladies play too, but i like Groovi and Pergamano when playing. Is it possible to have a fluffy bird toturial?
    Thank you

  11. Like you, mixed media has never been my thing, as my brain just wonโ€™t cope with anything โ€˜messyโ€™. But I love watching all the shows and seeing such talent at work.
    Maria is a joy to watch and, as I cancelled my usual Thursday activities, due to the heat, I sat and watched live for a change. She is brilliant, as are the samples from the DT.
    I hope everyone manages to sleep tonight, on what should be the last of the really high temperatures. It hasnโ€™t been easy this week. Have a good evening. Annette X

  12. Thanks Paul, I have recorded Maria’s shows although I did manage to watch some parts live. I like that I can replay to remind myself of the various stages. The DT have come up trumps again with their samples.
    I won’t mind if it is cooler tomorrow, this heat saps my energy.
    I hope you have a peaceful night and avoid the thunderstorms xx

  13. Wonderful look forward to watching Leonie in morning we have a plaster plastering here tomorrow in art new conservatory with one of those lovely cool roofs in summer and warm in winter it really works to as cool as any room can be on hottest day of year phew . It is melting hot just no air tonight. Look forward to seeing you and Lou working together. Enjoy getting messy great fun but I also like clean lines but like in an indigent mess too. Nighty hope tomorrow cool as plaster doesnโ€™t like hit need to get finished x

  14. Wish I could send some of my weather to all of you across the pond. We are seeing temps in the 50’s (F) tonight and tomorrow night. This weekend should bring more normal temperatures.

    Love the new Woodland Groovi plates. The borders will be really useful. When are you going to produce a plate with a hedgehog?

  15. Hello Paul, Maria’s shows were great, glad she had aircon, I think I was melting, our garden thermometer (which is in shade) was actually showing 40 degrees at one point. The heat was exhausting. Love these die designs from Leonie, and the samples are just incredible. Will be great to catch the shows, hopefully it will be cooler today. Take care all. Bx

  16. I prefer crisp and clean as well. Not really a messy crafter but will give it a go and the results are usually not too bad. Maria’s shows were great, I shall try to catch Leonie’s today. X

  17. Hi Paul I’ve just seen Leonie thus morning and she makes it look easy to be so messy yet so creative doesn’t she. She really inspires me but I too am a clean crafter. Oh boy, I’m looking forward to seeing you and Lou together, what a hoot! TV gold perhaps and one for the Christmas reel on Hochanda! Hope you are a bit cooler today.
    Love Diane xx

  18. I have to smile at your temps. We’re running around 110 degrees (43 c) here in Arizona ๐Ÿ™‚
    Paul, I love these die cuts. Are there any plans for any of the Nested Scallops Groovi Plates to get a picot die in the future? Would love die cuts for my scallop plates.

  19. I’ve certainly embraced my messy crafting since I finally opened up my first gel press plate! I even did a bit of finger painting the other day, which is most unlike me, but it was fun and I really liked the results! Can’t wait to see you and Lou getting mucky

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