Get your art out!

Get your art out!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well. A lot cooler today down here in Kent – we’ve had thunder, lightning and lots of rain on and off throughout the day, which I must say was much needed.

It’s the end of another busy week here at Clarity Towers. We’ve been working on a lot of fun new projects (all be revealed in good time, yes I know I am a tease!) and there have also been some wonderful TV shows.

Hands up who saw Maria on Wednesday and Thursday or Leonie earlier today? They were great, weren’t they?

Don’t forget that you can watch them on Rewind via the Hochanda website if you missed them. Now I just need to find the time to play!

And d’ya know what? Our TV shows (and everything else we do) really is for you! You guys are so important to us, you’re the centre of the Clarity universe. So, I was thinking, it would be great to put the spotlight on you for a change, so you can show us what you do with Clarity products.

Basically, GET YOUR ART OUT! (oooh errrrr missus!)

You may be aware that we have 2 Facebook groups – Clarity Worldwide and Groovi Worldwide. They are amazing places for inspiration and help, both great communities.

However, I know that not everyone “does” Facebook. So I thought we could showcase some of your beautiful work here on the blog.

So I’m asking you to send us photos of your crafting masterpieces from over the years, and I will showcase a selection on the blog next Wednesday 31st. After all, we love what you do, but we don’t always get to see the end results. So don’t be shy, send them in to the following email address: and I will do a modern-day “Vision On”
gallery style walkthrough of your work (or if you’re too young to remember that like me, the later version was called Take Hart). You can still join in even if you are on Facebook.

Here is a piece of artwork I created for an upcoming YouTube Tutorial to kick it off…….”Friendship”, I think that this word sums up all things Clarity.

I’m feeling quite excited, now! I can’t wait to see it all.

Make sure you come back tomorrow as I have a feeling that the naughty streak may return!

Have a good evening.

Paul x

30 thoughts on “Get your art out!

  1. You are a tease but I’m sure it will be worth waiting for. We had a thunderstorm in the early hours but the temperature in our bedroom at 6.30 this morning was 87F. It’s got hotter through the day. This house holds so much heat that if the people offering free insulation come knocking again I will not be responsible for my actions !!! Now if it was free air con I would accept ‘cos I would be able to do more Groovi. Received Tina’s Christmas plates today plus some other goodies but to hot still.
    Caught up with Maria’s shows this afternoon, they are such lovely designs.
    Lovely idea to showcase Clarity friends/family art work, we love to see what others do. Unfortunately I took all my cards to the charity shops without taking any photos as hubby STILL hasn’t set up our web site. When it cools down I will do some more.
    Have a good evening 🍒🍒🍒

    1. The cavity wall insulation they tend to use these days helps to keep the house cooler in summer too, so you should check it out while it’s free xx

  2. Hi Paul, cooling down slowly up here too, waiting on the storms hitting here early morning. It was actually 32 in Edinburgh, defo an all time record for this area. Prob a wee bit warmer here, but we don’t have a weather station. No wonder I was really struggling, and no too well the day, I’ve never experienced that level of heat and humidity in my life ever!

    Clarity means at least as much to us as we mean to Clarity! And for some of us, me being one, Clarity means far more, and in more ways than just the crafting ones.

    Not sure I’m brave enough to email a picture of any of my makes… No one would want to see anything I make anyway!!! But I’m sure you’ll be inundated.

    Hope you have a good weekend xx

    1. Oh please, Brenda. I love reading your posts and would love to see a sample of your work. I was born in the borders, not far from Edinburgh, but have lived in England for 70 years.

      1. Oh yes we do want to see your work Roz Mclellan….. please send some pics. If you do, I will😶😶😶 x
        Beryl S

      2. Oh yes we do want to see your work Brenda …. please send some pics. If you do, I will😶😶😶 x
        Beryl S

        1. I’m thinking about it…!!!
          In my experience, crafters tend not to like what I make! But I don’t mind, I’m not making for crafters!!! Well, except my crafty friends of course, they’re probably just being polite though!!!
          Found the nearest weather station to me, 34.9 yesterday!

          1. Be brave Brenda! I love everything you have made for me or shown me. I think one of the biggest inspirations for me is seeing how everyone interprets different stamps and stencils in their own way! Love Susan x

  3. I watched Maria yestetday and Leoni today, through bleary eyes after being up all night with the heat and the storms and the heat! Thank fully a better day today. What a great idea to have a gallery especially for those not able to do FB. I will send a few pics in. Xx

  4. Evening g bloggy friends, than goodness that heatwave has passed not sure I could do another day or night like yesterday!! Managed to get a bit of crafting done today too. Xx

  5. Hello Paul,
    I am another one to whom Clarity means so much. Especially over the last few years. It has brought me some lovely friends and helps me fill my time.
    See you soon,

  6. Hi Paul. Yes, it has been cooler here in MK today thank goodness. Last night, when I went to bed, it was 32 and still 29 this morning and that was with the windows wide open and the fan on max. Perhaps I am doing it all wrong!
    Hopefully tomorrow will be cool enough to do some crafting, as I am getting withdrawal symptoms.
    I love seeing what other people have made on the Facebook groups and it is a lovely idea to show what others have produced, but which we never see.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  7. Loved Tony Hart he drew my Birth announcement cards for my twins back in 1980 as he was a friend back home in Bristol
    I have the tune for VisionOn going on in my head now

  8. Hi Paul
    enjoying the weather reports – you are much more concise than the TV!
    Been waiting for my naughty Paul to show up – so….. I’ll see you tomorrow.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  9. Hi Paul , I love the Clarity products very much. We Europeans worry what will happen after the Brexit? We do hope you have a solution.
    Such a good idea regarding the pictures.
    Xxx Pia

  10. Great idea to see others works of art for those of us not into facebook.How does one e mail a photo or upload pictures ?Not a skill I know how to do (yet).Regards Carmel

    1. Hi Carmel, I can maybe help you. Are you going to be taking thebphotos on your phone or tablet? If so, 1.take the photos
      2.view each of them in the gallery on your device 3.There will be a share icon to tap on. Just tap on the various symbols showing until you find it.
      4.When you tap on the share icon it will show symbols of what is available to you for sharing.
      4.Your email account/s should show here, tap on the one you want and it should open up a new email with the photo in it ready for you to put the email address on which Paul has provided above.

      If you are still stuck please ask and I’ll try to help you more xx

      1. Thank you so much Brenda, I will give that a go and if feeling brave enough to share will follow through on Paul’s suggestion .Hope you have a lovely weekend .Carmel xxx

  11. Just few spots of rain that didn’t even wet the ground but it is cooler here today. Like the idea of a gallery, I will sort some pictures out.
    Loved all the shows this week just need to decide what to add to my wish list which is getting longer & longer ready for Leyburn & the NEC by which time you will have told us what all the exciting new things are which will make it even longer !! Think the naughty step is becoming a staircase.

  12. Hi Paul, much cooler today thankfully, we had a big storm Tues night and expect more rain tonight. It will be lovely to see more artwork. I’ve just finished my PTC exchange tonight so will get that off tomorrow. Look forward to seeing other folks work although I do see it on FB it’s always good to be reminded and get some more inspiration. Hope you’re naughty again soon! X

  13. Hi Paul,
    Been very hot and muggy again here in the NE. Had two claps of thunder about 4pm and it threatened to rain which didn’t materialise until about 9.30! Supposed to pour down fir the next couple of days so we will see what happens. Loved Leonie’s shows today and yes the dies did fall into my basket ( naughty step again for me!) . As someone who doesn’t do FB, I think it’s a great idea to showcase cards on the blog and I look forward to seeing peoples’ cards etc. I will try to dig out some of mine for you. Love Alison x

  14. Caught up today with Maria’s shows, excellent. Have yet to catchup with Leonie’s shows. Had another order arrived today, so quickly, don’t know how they manage it. Excellent service.
    I put a few cards on Facebook/Groovi Worlwide yesterday, will try to find some more cards to put on here. It’s a great idea gives us all inspiration.

  15. Smashing plan Paul. I use Pinterest for a lot of my work & to collect ‘pins’ that inspire me. I’m so chuffed that Sam Crowe has a Pinterest account too as I love to save her YouTube demos etc.
    I wore my head scarf in the “Leonie way” while watching Hochanda today. It actually does give you that “Je ne sais pa” that is needed for playing & creating with my crafty stash. 🎀 I also use an old sheet to clean up. I’ve read that tea bag tissue is good too. Has any one else used this & how did you get on with it? ☕️

  16. Hi Paul
    Much cooler with us too, in fact my sale goodies arrived so I had a little play. I think I’ve mastered the 3 way overlay stamps but might need my reading glasses on to get it spot on! What a lovely idea to do a gallery, I’m very good at forgetting to take photos but will see what I can find.
    Love Diane x

  17. Hi Paul, it is much cooler here in MK too. We have had showers overnight and also this morning. What a great thing, a gallery of the art from all the lovely Clarity family out there, looking forward to seeing it all. Take care all. Bx

  18. I am new to the Groovi system, so I am especially loving the shows to learn and be inspired. However, living in the states, by the time I get my orders, the shows are off the air (I have no recorder.) Maybe you could remind them that not everyone lives down the street and it takes us three weeks to get our products so it is too late to play while watching.
    I do love looking at all the projects completed by all the talented parchers on the two Facebook groups. Everyone is very friendly there and encouraging to us beginners!

  19. Much cooler up here after the rain, and I love the idea of a Vision On Gallery! Will Morph be there too?

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