Let’s take a walk through the woods…….

Let’s take a walk through the woods…….

Hi everyone.

I hope you’re doing your best trying to keep cool in this mini-heatwave. When I used to work in London, the office was air conditioned. That was great until it was time to leave and head home. Luckily, I didn’t have to get the tube but it was a 20-30 minute fast walk to Charing Cross Station. You then had to decide whether to get the first train which normally had no opening windows and a 50/50 chance of air con, or wait for half an hour for the newer train that you knew would have air con! What a dilema!!

Anyway, I digress.

This evening at 6pm on HOCHANDA, my TV wifey, Maria Moorhouse is launching a brand new Woodland themed One Day Special designed by Mel Turner. I think these designs are so versatile and brilliant for lots of different occasions and styles of crafting. I know that Maria will have lots of hints, tips and tricks to share with you.

Technically the One Day Special is the Fresh Cut Aperture Dies Collection, but we have also added Groovi and Stencil versions, all at very special prices.

Let me take you on a cooling walk through the woods…….

and what do we come across first? A pair of sleeping badgers in the undergrowth…….

Next as we walk deeper into the woods we find a squirrel harvesting his nuts……….. (not saying anything else!)

and finally we come across two foxes and a hare listening to a wise old owl sitting in the tree…………

Here are some samples from the Design Team for you to enjoy………..

Dee Paramour
Wendy Thorburn
Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour
Dee Paramour
Wendy Thorburn

Here we have the same designs in Groovi with a few extra elements added by the lovely Lucy in the office…….

More inspiration from the Design Team…….

Linda Page
Josie Davidson
Linda Page
Sheila Bradley
Linda Page
Glynis Whitehead

Lastly, the 7×7 Stencil Collection

Maria Moorhouse
Julie Dunn
Sarah Brennan
Anne Dimitriou
Julie Dunn

I hope my little stroll through the woods has helped to cool you down and given you some inspiration.

I do hope you can join Maria live on Hochanda, in an air conditioned studio no less at 6pm and 8pm today and back again tomorrow at 9am, 1pm & 5pm as I know that she has so much to share with.

I have a feeling that these are going to be very popular!

Enjoy your evening.

Paul xxx

18 thoughts on “Let’s take a walk through the woods…….

  1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear! Anyone want to purchase a kidney? Love, love, love these designs and I want the dies and the stencils now! I may want the Groovi too, although I am still sitting on my fingers where that is concerned and there is still more sale goodies that I want too lol! I need to find a way to make more money and buy more Clarity!
    Fabulous DT creations as always, thanks for sharing, keep cool everyone xx

    1. Sorry, but that kidney comment is not funny, it’s totally inappropriate, and I’m sure I’m not the only person to think this. Totally not something that anyone should be joking about!

        1. Thank you Karen, much appreciated. We all make mistakes, and say things without thinking. Hope you have a good day xx

  2. Hi Paul, special designs by Mel, as always. Methinks there will be early sell outs on these… I’ll be watching.

    Aye, too hot and muggy up here, despite it being cooler in my house than it is outside. Discovered the positives of living in a house that stays cooler inside than it is out!!! Just one more day then it gets cooler again. An excuse for you all to eat ice cream! I’m just jealous, my allergies don’t allow such luxuries…!!!

    Hope you have a lovely evening xx

  3. These look great and I will be tuning in! Trying to muster the energy to do anything is a challenge in this weather, way to hot for me! Xx

  4. Afternoon bloggy friends, boiling is the only word for today!! Trouble is tomorrow is supposed to be worse…😣πŸ˜₯

  5. Lovely samples again by the design team, looking forward to seeing what Maria has to show us.
    Very hot here today so not done much but the sun seems to have gone in & a breeze has got up so might just sit outside for an hour with a book before its time to sit down at 6pm to watch Maria.
    Take care everyone & hope you are all managing to stay cool.

  6. Naughty step here I come, still credit card cut off day was Monday, that’s a whole month to save up, too hot to eat much so could scrimp a bit on the grocery bill me thinks.

  7. Love these new designs! Groovi and stencils ordered!! Need to rein myself in a bit one of these days but maybe not yet! Lol. Fabulous designs again by the design team.
    Glad you are all having hot sunny weather. Not seen much of it up here. Must be the only place in Britain to have next to no sun! However, nice and cool in my house. Got to be a plus. Enjoy your evening, everybody.

  8. What a gorgeous set of woodland animals – love them. Also love the idea of using laminating material with the dies. Maria is doing a grand job.
    Placed my order with Clarity but forgot to add the stencils, silly me. However I did add quite a few items from the members sale. Will ring the office tomorrow to see if I can add the stencils.
    Cold drinks, cold food and plenty of ice cream are the day’s essentials in this sweltering heat. Too hot to do anything, even crafting.
    Hope everyone managed to get some sleep in this heat.
    Should be cooler by the weekend.

  9. Hi Paul,
    These new plates, Groovi and stencils are fabulous – great for man cards. Love them. Maria did a fabulous job today and I’m looking forward to the shows tomorrow. I am on the naughty step with the dies and I think I might have to wait until Leyburn to get the plates ( although tomorrow is another day!) . After a night of heavy rain, today has been very hot. I was making a card in my craft room with the sun blazing and I gave up 30 minutes later as I was dripping, it was that hot!! Going to be even hotter tomorrow – think I might have to invest in a paddling pool!! Love Alison x

  10. Loved the Groovi designs, REALLY loved Lucy’s border designs. Is there any chance the borders could be brought out on their own as a Groovi filler plate, a straight bit and corner combination? Carry on designing Lucy.

  11. Hello Paul, wow what beautiful designs, I am going to have to re-order my wish list again as the dies and stencils have just gone on there too. Beautiful and creative samples as always from the very talented DT. Looking forward to the shows today, will watch last night on catch up. Take care all. Bx

  12. I was so hot yesterday that I could not even bring myself to comment. I do not cope well with heat and today is going to be worse. I get so bored when I can’t do anything! I shall watch Maria and try to calm my restless hands! Stay cool and take care. Annette X

  13. Scorching here today. Just done our food shop and the supermarket was bliss until we came out. Wow. Dare I say I like the dies,does that mean you will have them in a basket ready for me at the retreat. I remember you are good at shopping for me. Maria is brilliant, love her shows. X X

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