A Throwdown and a 21st…

A Throwdown and a 21st…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Somebody dropped out of Saturday’s pottery throwdown at the last minute – so guess who stepped in?! Didn’t have to be asked twice! Can’t get enough of it !!

So before the TV Marathon on HOCHANDA tomorrow, I went off to throw a few pots and try to go a bit taller. I’m getting very good at little olive bowls, but I wouldn’t mind expanding into a little fruit bowl! Last time I tried to throw a bowl of any description, the wheel took over and threw a plate! Something to do with centrifugal force…Today went sooo much better!

Started small to warm up, and worked my way up to the BIG BOWL!!

…I find this learning phase on the wheel fascinating. Figuring out how the clay behaves, trying to master the speed of the wheel and the amount of pressure. I don’t go on the wheel at all during Wednesday’s class. That’s when I do all the other lovely stuff, like coiling, slabwork etc. A Saturday morning throwdown is just what the doctor ordered – the perfect way to switch off from TV pressure and Clarity business.

Did I show you how my mock Slate vase is coming along? I worked on it on Wednesday…

I checked in on it this morning. It is waiting patiently for its first firing. Looking good though…

And you remember that disaster vase from last weekend? The one that went wong? Well I brought that one back from the dead, too! Bit of olive oil, quick repair job with some super glue, and a vigorous rub down with beeswax – and it’s actually okay!

Then Paul, Dave and I went off to see Samuel in Rochester for his 21st birthday party. Thank you so much to everybody who sent in a card for us to take over to him ! We had a proper pile to present him with!! I am sure his Mum Ruth will thank you all too. Oh. And Alex made one of her awesome cakes again!

But tomorrow, it is time to get back in the Clarity saddle and trundle on up to Peterborough to HOCHANDA early. Heads up Sunday 2-4pm! A collection of brand new, superb little bauble stencils, illustrated by our lovely Mel Turner. They are a pleasure to play with! And now I’ve located the secateurs, I just need a fir branch and a slate vase to show off our little creations! (Not ewe – ewe’s floppy, remember?) But it’s looking like ewe’s all we’s got, so ewe’s gonna have to do!

complete with greyboard baubles. Great – and easy to use!

See you soon.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “A Throwdown and a 21st…

  1. So glad the party went well. What an amazing cake. Perfect for a young man who loves colour. Hope you have a great day tomorrow. Looking forward to it. The stencils look great. Safe journey. Hx

  2. i KNEW there was life in the vase that went wrong!! Love the effect you’ve got and I’m sure it’ll find its place in your home. Looking forward to seeing the new stencils -I think stencils are so under-rated but they are so versatile. I’m looking forward to buying this set -or at least some of them depending on the purse!!

  3. Love your little bowls and the fruit bowl, clever you. The “disaster vase” has turned out very well, a unique item which will find it’s own place in your home.
    The cake was a wow in colour, just right for the lad.
    Have to watch some other recordings tonight to make some room for tomorrow’s shows to record from Sky.
    Fortunately we still have a tape recorder and spare tapes so I may ahave to resort to these if Ray doesn’t stop recording all the history and wildlife programmes. Do not want to miss anything Clarity!!!
    Safe journey for tomorrow.

  4. Hi Barbara
    You are definitely on a “bowl”, I mean roll with your pottery. Your bowls look amazing.
    I’m looking forward to watching your demonstrations on Hochanda tomorrow. The stencils look fantastic and I can’t wait to see what you do with them.
    Love & Hugs

  5. Love the baubles! Glad you had a good day. Most pots can be saved, if you stand back for a while. Milliput is good for mends.

  6. Well done with the throwdown Barbara,love all the bowls but especially the fruit bowl. I look forward to see how you decorate it. The ‘slate’ vase is interesting, another wait and see.
    Looking forward to tomorrows shows, I have opted out of grandchildren for tomorrow.
    I hope you have a good sleep and safe journey tomorrow. xx

  7. Looking forward to the shows. Your pots look amazing! I had a beautiful faux slate planter filled with succulents by my front door until someone took a fancy to it one night this week 😬😬😬
    Happy 21st birthday Samuel xxx

  8. What a treat to get an extra day at pottery, love the new items & the rescued vase looks fantastic.
    Safe trip up to Oundle tomorrow, looking forward to all the shows & have them set to record.

  9. So glad you had another go on that vase, I knew it would be a pearl, Looks absolutely stunning now, what a super project, things are never what they first seem. Your wheel work is looking great as does the faux slate vase , I must try and make some time to get mine spinning again, it’s been a while. Great that the party went so well, the cake really does look very tasty.x

  10. Glad that Base didn’t go in the bin, knew it would look good in the end. Looking forward to seeing the baubles tomorrow. Xx

    Happy birthday Samuel. Xx

  11. Your pottery bowls look fabulous as does the “slate “ vase. There were loads of potteries in and around Newlyn and St Ives at one time, some of them quite famous.
    The stencils look very interesting, looking forward to seeing what the design team have done with them xx

  12. That saying ‘perseverance wins the day’ is true in this case Barbara, and love your wonderful selection of thrown pots…clever you! More wonderful designs with these baubles too. x

  13. You really are a multi talented lady. Your pots, bowls and vases are all amazing and I can’t wait to see them all finished. You will need a bigger house to keep them all!
    What a beautiful, colourful cake – I bet he loved it.
    Today there is no cricket and no tennis ( yes, I am obsessed with both!) so there is nothing to distract me from your shows. Next weekend there is the World Cup cricket final, the Wimbledon men’s final and the British Formula one Grand Prix, all on the same afternoon. I hope there are no clarity shows as well!
    Safe travels up to Hochanda. Hugs Annette X

  14. Hi Barb, love the pots, glad you got to share in Sam’s 21st, what a gorgeous and yummy looking cake. Off to do grocery shopping early so that I can settle in for the shows this afternoon. Safe travels Barb, hope the shows go well, the stencils look fab. Take care all. Bx

  15. How lovely to have a day relaxing and freeing your brain after all the hard work prepping for the shows. I’ve got them recorded ready to watch tomorrow when I tackle the ironing before I go to work! Glad that Samuel had a great party, and sorry I forgot to do and post a card.

  16. I am really impressed with your pottery Barbara, you are so clever and what a lovely skill to be learning. The mock slate vase reminded me of something way back in your early blogs that you said were so heavy to carry around. Is my memory playing tricks. What a super cake
    for Samuel

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