Glorious Sunshine and a Winters Scene

Glorious Sunshine and a Winters Scene

Hi everyone

Well the warm weather sure has kicked in today. 

When I left home this morning, it was a little nippy (had to put a jumper on!) and very, very foggy. Then by 10am the sun was out and the temperature began to rise!

Let me introduce you to our first “Mini Makes” Tutorial starring the hands of the one, the only…….. Barbara Gray!

So, go grab a nice cool drink or maybe an icecream and let me hand you over to Barbara (literally!)

Brrrrrrrr, did that help cool you down with all that snow falling! I was tempted to go and put that jumper back on.

As usual with our weekly tutorials, we have picked a few products shown and offer them to you at a discounted price for a week.

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Enjoy your evening whatever you are up to!

Paul xxx

14 thoughts on “Glorious Sunshine and a Winters Scene

  1. So effective! I loved this technique when it was used for the snowglobe, and it works just as well for the bauble. Just beautiful!

  2. Hi Paul, I’ll look forward to watching Barb’s mini make when my head can think and focus. Although I’m in desperate need of some distraction, some good distraction, after the disappointments and worries of today. Thanks for posting, and thanks to Barb for making the youtubes. Mini makes sound really good, maybe just what I need for now while working at getting back into craft properly. Way too hot up here. xx

  3. Hi Paul,
    Love the mini makes.
    The temperature has dropped a bit here, it’s now only 107F in the conservatory and 89F in the lounge. Need a ton of ice to keep me cool. Tomorrow promises to be even hotter !!! ☀️☀️☀️I’m praying for a cooling shower of rain.
    Hope everyone manages to sleep tonight.

  4. Fabulous mini make. Love it. Could do with cooling down at the moment, thunderstorms forecast for tonight and I hate them. xx

  5. Hi Paul
    Oh I hope you aren’t sat there it’s your jumper on, you will boil! What a great you tube. Thank you Barbara. The old ones are the best aren’t they.
    Love Diane xx

  6. Hi Paul,
    Great you tube video – just a nice size project too. I do believe that this one I could attempt. Can’t believe you’ve had a jumper on today. After gales yesterday that blew down two hanging baskets, we are baking up here today. On top of that, those horrible, pesky, little corn flies have been out causing upset and irritation. I 5 minutes I must have had a hundred of them covering me! Oh the joys of an English summer. Love Alison x

  7. Super mini make, love it. Hope you’re not coming down with something Paul, feeling cold like that. Take care xx

  8. Evening Paul been busy day so will watch in morning but have always loved the way Barbara scene builds night night xx

  9. The fog was freezing! I’m sure it takes more work to add instructions but this video is useless to people with less sight or those who learn better by listening. Disappointing from Clarity who usually include everyone.

  10. Hi Paul, well it certainly was a scorcher yesterday and those Thunderstorms during the night. A great video from Barbara, love the image. Take care all. Bx

  11. Love the mini makes. Great to see a cooling snowy scene! Looking forward to Maria’s shows later. Xx

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