YouTube Tuesday – and the winner is…..

YouTube Tuesday – and the winner is…..

Hi there

Thanks for dropping by. Youtube Tuesday it is, and Groovi it is too! I am doing a neat little 3-D illusion trick using our designer parchment. Enjoy. xx

This designer parchment is brilliant – even if I say so myself! And it’s available at a great price all week, until next Tuesday, if you fancy treating yourself . In fact, all the lovely products pictured below are !

Click the here to find out more!

Before I forget we have a winner for the G.E.S blog candy. Several of you guessed Glassy Eyed Stare. Thanks all for joining in. But the winner I pulled out of the hat today is..drumroll…..Lynne Lee £20 Clarity Gift Voucher coming your way! xxx

Gotta go. Meetings galore. We are setting up the business with Grace in New York. You can imagine there is a lot to consider! If you live in the States and you read this blog, and you’d like to be on our US mailing list, so that you know what we’re up to, put your hand up! Write to me:

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “YouTube Tuesday – and the winner is…..

  1. Oh my goodness thank you so much “#chuffed to little bits”!! I remember you using the phrase quite some time ago & it perfectly summed up the menopausal brain fog I was struggling with. Nothing has changed!! Now what to spend it on😂😂😂. Thank you again xxx

  2. Well done Lynn, happy spending.
    Thank you Barbara for another You Tube demonstration. Lots of tips, which I won’t remember, so I will be able to go back and watch again. Now I need to check my stock to see what I have.
    Enjoy your time with Grace. xx

  3. Hi Barbara thank you so much for the youtube today. I would love to have a ´´ fluffy bird´´ tutorial .

  4. Loved this step by step you Tube video. The end result is stunning & looks as if it is made of several layers. This method makes it ideal for making cards that need to go in the post.

  5. Congratulations to Lynne for her win. I must admit when I looked at it that acronym wasn’t what I had in mind. Hope the various strands get bought together with the start up of the US business Barbara, but can imagine it is no easy task. x

  6. Enjoy your voucher Lynne. Must admit to suffering from GES myself at the moment, but at least I can see some progress with my unpacking today.

    Hope you have some quality mum/daughter time xx

  7. Great YouTube Barbara just watched on me phone need to watch again in great detail on the tv when get home from Norwich to se dental better but loved shading etc. Sounds busy but fun being with Grace doing this together enjoy xxx

  8. Hi Barb, just catching up on the last few days. Hope all the planning with Grace is going well. Will check out the video later. Well done Lynne, I did not guess correctly. Bx

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