Glassy Eyed Stare….

Glassy Eyed Stare….

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Sitting here at Heathrow, Terminal 3, watching the world go by, waiting for Grace to land. It has been a long day again. Zipped up to Hochanda this morning, then came straight here. Managed to avoid most of the traffic, although the M25 is pretty savage any time of the day or night, innit. Did I tell you I got done for speeding? Got fined £100 and got 3 points on my licence too. For doing 57mph in a 50 zone. Where? Yeah. On the M25. You see, that pisses me off. There are lunatics flying through built up areas, overtaking on the inside, tailgating like they want to crawl up and over your car, and generally driving like they stole theirs. And I get done for doing 57mph on the blimming M25. On a Sunday morning at 7am on my way to Hochanda! There’s no justice.

Still. The amount of motoring I do, it’s amazing this is the first time. And do I want to do a speed awareness course? Didn’t even get offered one!!! Nope. Go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200!!! Whatever.

Must go. Gracie has landed!!! Excited now!!!!

And yes! A few of you got GES! Glassy Eyed Stare. I’ll pick a winner tomorrow xxxxx

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Glassy Eyed Stare….

  1. Have a wonderful time with Grace give her are love I was thinking yesterday she must arrive any day. So have fun time together working lots love xxx

  2. …and there was me thinking GES was Grace: exceptionally special! Dont worry about the speeding ticket…they got me years ago in my little micra (999cc) downhill with a tail wind. When I cheekily (in a nice way) asked why they hadn’t stopped the Granada that must’ve been doing 50 or more in the 30 limit (I was doing 34) they told “because we couldn’t catch him”!!!!

    1. Hi Susan,
      Well that has made me laugh , i know what you mean they pass you at break neck speed ,and then you catch them up further down the road.!!!

  3. I feel for you. I was fed up of the motorway and starting to glaze over from boredom, so I came off and completed my journey cross country, mostly 50mph limit. I was so relieved to get home in one piece after so many idiots trying to attach themselves to my tow bar or passing at speed on blind bends. Everyone was crazy yesterday. Glad you have got your lovely Grace home for a while. Even if work is involved, I am sure you will have time to just be, and to enjoy being together. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)
    P.S. I have found a frame in which to put that lovely piece you gave me. I will treasure it and read those words every day. xxx

  4. We are not sure whether Fred got flashed for speeding on our way to Open days. He has never been done but kids think it would be ok if he was then if ever they get caught he cannot preach to them. Don’t you just love their reasoning. Enjoy having Grace home, lots of mum and daughter time. xx

  5. Hi Barbara,
    Well i know what you mean as Susan said , it can be a pain.
    Sorry to hear about you brush with the law !!! but life is life but can be a pain at times.
    Good to see you have Grace home for a while enjoy your time together even if is work.

  6. I hope that wasnt in the average speed check area? Cos if you’ve got one then I must have collected one too on my way home! Bug**r!
    Flipping typical, the safer drivers get it and the idiots don’t…..
    Enjoy some family time with Grace too now.
    And I thought GES meant a Giant ‘effing Splitter! 🤣🤣 I expect you had one of those too! xx

  7. That was a bit harsh – a fine and points !!!
    When I was doing 35,000 miles a year commuting between Essex and South Wales I was often on the M25 and M4 at 5am and a police car would often follow to see if I was speeding. They never caught me doing 90 on a clear stretch!!!
    Have fun with Grace even if it does involve some work.

  8. Hi Barbara
    So sorry to hear about your speeding ticket, it never seems to be the actual “dangerous” drivers that get them.
    Lovely to hear that Grace has come for a bit. Enjoy your mother/daughter time together.
    Love & Hugs

  9. Great news that Grace is coming home for a little while. Enjoy your time together even if it’s work related, I’m sure you’ll make time to have fun too.. Sorry to hear of your speeding ticket a bit spiteful to get points as well. Pete had one a couple of years ago we were meeting friends in Wales and on our way home. Never having been there before we were chatting about our super day, coming down a hill on a bend and neither of us saw the sign go from 50 to 40 and we were doing 43 mph. Pete did do the course to save getting points as well. Surprising how many were on the

  10. Hi Barb,
    Sorry to hear about your speeding ticket. There are definitely a lot of injustices in this world. I get sick to death of those drivers who insist on driving up your backside, tractor drivers who won’t pull over even when there’s a massive tailback, those who undertake and the lunatics who just think they are invincible. It’s blooming annoying when none of them get done isn’t it? I was in the garden about an hour ago chasing a rabbit away from my bedding plants when I heard a motorbike roaring on the road between us and the next village. It is a straight ( ish) road for 1 1/2 miles and at night is like a race track! The police know about it but do they do anything – no! I can understand why you’re p****d off about your ticket. Anyway at least you’ve got lovely Grace with you , that must cheer you up. Enjoy your time with her. Love and hugs, Alison xx

    1. I hear you Alison and you are so right – they catch the lunatic or dangerous drivers and we have bikes and cars that go down the side road on our garden that speed like loonies between the speed bumps then slam on the brakes for the bumps – the cops don’t care and don’t do anything about it!!!

  11. Hi Barb
    I was at terminal 3 today dropping my sister and niece and nephew off as they are off to Canada for a fortnight. It is a treat for my niece who has just finished her GCSE’s. They have already had a 2 hour delay. Hope Grace landed safety and you create some more memories together.

  12. Have a good catch up with Grace and hope work related things get sorted quickly Barbara so you can then just relax a bit for the rest of her stay. Sorry about the fine and points. I sometimes think they make speed signs as difficult as possible to see in order to catch as many drivers as possible just to boost their incomes, and go for the easy targets not the really bad drivers. x

  13. Oh dear that is blooming rotten. I have to admit I got caught out years ago too, doing 50 in what was a 40 zone. I hadn’t realised they had changed the speed limit on that stretch, sadly, and I was really ashamed of me ticket and points too. Have been a lot more careful since then and I never got offered the course either. Try to take some time out with your beautiful Grace – all work and no play etcetera xx

  14. Hi Barbara
    That’s such a shame about the points and the ticket, there are so many road works on motorways at the moment and I’m sure converting them to smart motorways is far more dangerous. Enjoy your time with Grace, I know it’s work but I hope there’s some mother daughter time in there too. Sorry I’ve been missing, work keeps getting in the way. The open days looked fabulous, what a shame we had to miss it, all being well we will see you next year.
    Love Diane xxx

  15. Enjoy your time showing Grace the necessary work stuff but hopefully you will have plenty of time to chill out together before she heads back to the States to take Clarity onwards & upwards over the pond.
    Never the boy racers that get caught !!

  16. Hello Barb, so great to hear that Grace is visiting, hope you have a good time. Mmmm traffic fines, everything you say is so true. Hubs has also just been caught. I wonder how many get away with it. Bx

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