Time for bed, said Zebedee

Time for bed, said Zebedee

Hi there,

Thanks for dropping in. Just got back from Ditton, after another super duper day. Honestly, it was just brilliant. The vibe, the atmosphere, the whole thing was just brilliant.

If you don’t mind I will keep it short and sweet this evening, because I just need my bed.

But before I climb the stairs to winken blinken and nod, I want to say a special thank you to all those who came and helped make the 2 days such a pleasure. Many, many thanks to absolutely everybody who was there, from the Clarity Crew to the visitors. I think it was the best gig we have laid on thus far, I really do.

There was laughter and banter, there was sadness and tears. There was a thirst for knowledge and there was a desire to improve. The whole gig was laced with kindness and love – you could sense it the moment you walked in.

The Community Centre in Ditton is such a top spec venue, isn’t it ?! (once you find it!!) We started the breakdown at about 4pm and the hall was cleared by 6pm. Spotless too. And no sooner had we got the last box in the van than the heavens opened and it tipped down! The gods were even smiling down on us with the weather.

And so to bed…

Love and hugs, Barb xx (aka tired and grateful)

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  1. Sleep tight all of you. It was a fantastic two days. Loved it all. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make our experience so wonderful. What a real team you all are. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter) PS I have some great photos which I hope to share either tomorrow or the next day.

  2. Thank you Barbara and all your team for all your hard work, your care and your generosity. I really enjoyed my first open day and will definitely be returning next year. Three cheers for Barbara!!!!!

  3. Thank you to you, Barbara and the whole team. I had a spectacular day. Don’t know why I was so nervous about coming! It was lovely to be amongst so many talented people. I hope it rubs off! Sleep well all of you, you deserve it x

  4. Well done Barbara and the whole Clarity team. I had a wonderful day and came away inspired by the superb demonstrations. All the team were so willing to share their knowledge and ideas, you must have all been so tired at the end of the two days but well satisfied it was so very successful. Hope everyone arrived home safely and slept well. Many, many thanks for a truly spectacular day.

  5. Thank YOU for such a fab time. Spent far too much even with your generosity! πŸ˜‚ You and your whole team are fabulous!

  6. Thank YOU for such a fab time. Spent far too much even with your generosity! πŸ˜‚ You and your whole team are fabulous! Hope all had a safe journey home.

  7. Thank YOU for such a fab time. Spent far too much even with your generosity! πŸ˜‚ You and your whole team are fabulous! Hope all had a safe journey home.

  8. Hi Barbara, thank you so much for inviting me and for the very warm welcome. A long journey but so worth the effort…I had a great time and caught up with β€œold” friends, bought some goodies and enjoyed seeing all the stands. Many thanks. X

  9. Thank you Barb, Dave and all your lovely team for a wonderful two days at the open days. It was really amazing, hard work and tiring for you all but so enjoyable and fun filled for all who attended. So glad the rain held off until you had packed the van. We had a good journey home much quicker than when we came as the traffic wasn’t so heavy. Have a good nights sleep and hopefully a lovely rest tomorrow. I know what I’ll be doing, putting away all my goodies.xxx

  10. Glad you all had another great day. The move to the new venue seems to have been a hit, looking at the photos it seems huge so plenty of room for everyone. Look forward to seeing it next year hopefully but for now I am counting down the weeks to Leyburn – just 15 left . Hopefully you will all have a quiet day tomorrow to recover.

  11. It was the first time I had been and it was great. The atmosphere was great and talking to other crafters was brilliant. I loved the demos and learnt a lot.
    I’ll be back for more

  12. Glad all went well and that the rain held off until the van was packed. Sounds like everyone had a great time.
    Have a good rest tomorrow, chill with Dave, and forget about work for a while.

  13. So happy the 2nd day went so well for you all and you were lucky to miss the rain. Time to recover and take a day or two for you. One day you will hold one in the middle of the country and I’ll be first in line xx

    1. And I will be there with you as we are unable to travel too far north and south now. Middle of the country would suit us fine.

  14. Thanks from me too to all the fab Clarity team. I thoroughly enjoyed today (spent far too much too, but I can’t take it with me can I?)….. Marie and I had a splendid journey home (just over an hour!!!) and I’ve spent the evening gloating over my goodies and slapping Post-It notes on everything to remind me why I bought them! Tomorrow I will be playing with my new toys.
    I was also lucky enough to win one of the generous prizes which was the icing on the cake for me….lots of gorgeous parchment packs all now safely stored in their binder – thanks Barb xxx

  15. Thank you to Barbara and her team for a fabulous open day. It’s the 1st one for me and definitely will like to attend again. The demos were brilliant and inspiring and everybody so friendly and helpful. I hope everybody got home safely. The cakes were fabulous and certainly helped with the sugar rush to give me energy for the afternoon. Thank you again for putting on a fabulous open day.

  16. Thank you to you as well Barbara for a fantastic day yesterday. I brought my sister for the first time and she loved it! So good to catch up with the team again. Clarity is such a generous company – the tombola & raffle prizes were amazing (sadly I didn’t win a raffle prize – you missed my ticket every time πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ). Really looking forward to the retreat in August

  17. Hi Barbara
    Thank you, and all of your Clarity Dream Team for yet another wonderful day, full of inspiration for everyone.
    Luckily my journey home was so much better on day two than it was on day one.
    I’ve just had two amazing days in the company of Clarity, so THANK YOU ALL.
    Love & Hugs

  18. Another fabulous weekend from Team Clarity! What a fabulous and generous lady you are Barbara.
    Your team are nothing short of amazing. Thank you Team Clarity.
    How special to meet your Mum too, I have no excuse to lose my glasses anymore. Such a lovely lady.
    We were looked after so well and the demos, wow the demos, thank you to you all for sharing your talents with us, I’m on fire (so was my bank account) now with all that inspiration.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Xx

  19. So happy to hear all went well for your open days. Too far away for me but maybe one day you will come to the West Country and I will be first in the queue.
    Had a lovely day at a wedding, the weather was lovely and it was good to spend the day with friends. Xx

  20. Wow, what an amazing two days at the Clarity Open days. Amazing Team Clarity, Amazing demos from the Amazing creative team, Amazing guests, Amazing Make & Takes, Amazing venue and Amazing atmosphere, friendly, fun and so inspirational! Best ever Barbara, – can’t wait until next year (oh, don’t have to – there’s the retreats in August!) Brilliant, magic – a big, big thank you to everyone for making it so AMAZING!

  21. Thank you Barbara and the whole team for a great day on Friday. Shame about the journey home with the diesel spillage which gave us the 20 mile tail back, but we talked and talked in the car about what we had brought and how brilliant everything was.

  22. Afternoon Barbara, I couldn’t agree with you more. What a fab event it was! Absolutely LOVED the Open Day yesterday and I know so did my dear friend Carol. Managed to have a look at most of the demos and left with so many new ideas for new cards/projects. Was so lovely to see you again and also your lovely Mum. Had a nice chat with her auf deutsch and as they say we put the world to rights. Mustn’t forget the yummy cupcake I had! Thanks so much Barbara, Dave and everybody at Claritystamp for all your hard work , kindness, inspirations, the food and drinks and the fun. Like I told you yesterday, for me the Open Day is always the Highlight of the year! Can’t wait for the Open Day 2020! Hope you’re all having a good rest today. Xxx

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