Meet the Team….

Meet the Team….

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. All the excitement of the past few days caught up with me today. Had a spot of G.E.S. all day. Let’s see if you can work that one out !! Tell you what – if anybody guesses this acronym, I’ll send them a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher. If, like the last time I played this game, when pretty much EVERYBODY guess H.E.F.T., then I will put all the winning names in a hat and pick one !!

Busy Busy Busy!!!

I haven’t got a demo left in me, so how about a little picture gallery of the O.D.Team? I missed a couple of important people, (like Dave, Jayne, Debby, Leanne and Heather!). My bad. But in my defence your honour, there was a lot going on! A lot of people worked very hard, and I’m guessing they’ve all got a touch of GES today!

Aha! I spy Debby and Heather AND Dave!

It’s the best I can do today. Pooped, as they say. GES. And an early start tomorrow.

On the subject of G.E.S., I also want to mention something else. Many of our guests in Ditton travelled a long way to join in. From Birmingham, from Cornwall, from Manchester. I also spoke to several people who were very unwell too; people with severe physical disabilities, elderly, frail people too. It must have required huge effort for them and their carers to get to Ditton and spend the day with us. But they did, and they were thrilled to be there. I could sense their pleasure. I bet they are exhausted today.

One young lady, Elisabeth, who has Cerebral palsy, was so excited that we had come to Ditton, because she actually lives in the next village, Barming. I spoke to her for quite a while, and she put it beautifully. She said something along the lines of “Groovi is brilliant. It is the first time ever that I can craft and make something by myself, unaided. I can get in the groove and create beautiful lineart. I spend hours doing parchment art and I forget my pain, which is really unbearable at times. I can’t believe you’re all here! All the people I watch on HOCHANDA! This is the best day ever!”

And that’s what it’s all about people!

Or should I say, “That’s what it’s all about: People.”

Love & Hugs,

Barb xx

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  1. Mine today was Gotta Eat Something! Sam and I chatted till gone 3 am. Was a great weekend. As always thanks for sharing much love Jilly x

  2. Mine today was Gotta Eat Something! Sam and I chatted till after 3am. Was a great weekend. as always thanks for sharing much love Jilly xx

  3. Well done bringing so much pleasure to so many. Too often people with disabilities are ignored so it is wonderful that Elisabeth has found Groovi and is now able to be independent in her crafting.
    Hope you have had a good rest today.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  4. I think G E S stands for “generally exhausted syndrome” . You must all be shattered after a really busy few days. We do appreciate it.

  5. Well not too sure about the acronym brain not working after an early start so that we could get back to Tamworth in time for family gathering to celebrate Father’s Day. The Open days were fabulous, spent too much but met up with many friends and watched some great demos . xx

  6. Sounds like you had an amazing couple of days. I hope to join you in Leyburn. Think you and lots of others might have Got Extremely Sleepy today. Hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight and feel refreshed tomorrow and ready for action.

  7. Hi Barb and all the team, not at all surprised you’ve all got G.E.S. you all worked so hard to make it special for us and thank you for that. I had a great day on Friday – very inspiring. Loved the new venue felt very Clarity.
    I’m with Mandy General Exhaustion Syndrome was my first thought too ….. 🙂
    Take care of you x

  8. Such a lovely day.
    Excellent products.
    Fantastic demonstrations.
    Great cakes.
    Real feel good event.
    Such a feeling of togetherness.
    Barbara was so generous and Dave his usual friendly self.
    Paul helped so many. Loved the day. Thank you everyone

  9. Had a great day ty Barbara and the team my first open day and it was fantastic and I’m with the Generally Exhausted Syndrome x❤

  10. My guess is Great Exhaustion Syndrome! And I’m not surprised, you’ve hardly had time to think lately ! Everyone enjoyed themselves so you’ve done them proud yet again ! Well done Clarity Team, I hope to visit again one day ! X

  11. I think the acronym is general exhaustion syndrome. Looks as though everyone had a splendid day thanks to your fantastic organisation pal skills and a very talented design team and support staff. Oh how I
    Wish I could have been there.

  12. After the M25, my brain has no chance of solving the acronym. It has taken me till now to unload the car – it was hammering down with very wet rain when I got home. The first things I unpacked were my encaustic pictures (loved, loved, loved that lesson with Mike) and that lovely stencilled piece you gave me. Thank you so much for that. It means a lot. I am going to frame it and put in where I see it every day and read the sentiments. Looking at your photos, there is just one person that I have never actually met, and that is your lovely brother. The whole team are just brilliant and make us all feel part of the extended family. It certainly would not be the same without a chat to your Mum. I hope you all made time today to relax and rest. You all deserve it. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  13. If my memory serves me correctly it stands for Glassy Eyed Stare? Looks like you had a great time, lovely to see all the smiles. I second the request for a Midlands event & I would be second in the queue! Hope you had a peaceful Father’s Day with your family xx

  14. I think glassy eyed stare. Or could it be goggle eye syndrome? Some interesting ideas. I’m disappointed I didn’t get the chance to come to Ditton. I have never been to an open day or a retreat but seeing some of the comments on social media I am going to try and plan to come next year!

  15. Great Exhaustion Syndrome is my guess and I’m not surprised ! (I’m sure I wrote a reply before but it hasn’t shown up!). Everyone had a great time by all accounts so you and your team have surpassed themselves again. I hope to be able to come again one day x x

  16. I think Linda’s “general energy shortage” is a great guess! It could even be Gray’s energy shortage or Gray’s extra sleepy!
    Lovely photos of everyone and I was in my element as one of the team 💖

  17. Dear Barbara. It all sounds as those it was a wonderful two days, would love to have been there. Clarity is one fantastic family. Lovely to see the faces of people on the team and some of the people who work behind the scene and speak to us on the phone. You must be tired. Hope you have managed to have a restful day. Xxxxxx

  18. Hi Barb,
    Judging by your comments , I reckon it must stand for ginormous energy shortage!! Not even sure if that’s a word but I reckon you’re absolutely knackered!Pleased everything has gone so well and how lovely that Elisabeth is getting so much please use from Groovi – absolutely wonderful. Hope you can get some rest now, love and hugs Alison xx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Judging from your comments I reckon it stands for gi-normous energy shortage – not sure if that’s a word, but I reckon you must be knackered! Pleased everything has gone so well and how wonderful that Elisabeth is getting so much pleasure and personal satisfaction from Groovi – absolutely marvellous! I’m a bit brain dead at the moment following Linda Page’s challenging Groovi class today which I really enjoyed ( thanks Linda). Love and hugs Alison xx

  20. Thanks Barbara for giving us faces to match up with names of the talented Clarity Team. As ever the Best Blog!
    Love Eve xx

  21. Genuinely Exhausted Sunday is my bet lol!
    Try to take it easy this week lovely lady. One day I would love to attend but mine & my hubby’s health & disabilities are too bad right now. Hubby had me order the big Gelli plate so I have that to look forward too xx

  22. I think Grays energy shortage. I would love to have been with you but hopefully next year a trip to the uk!!

  23. Aha I think I have got it! Of course I don’t expect to win the voucher!!! Go Easy Sunshine!!! I do love working at the Open Days!!! See if you can guess mine! I A C C!

  24. Thanks for all the pictures. I enjoy being able to match faces to names I’ve been hearing for some time.
    I hope to make it to a Clarity event some day. It looks like so much fun.

    exc the caps I’ve sight issues

  26. Fantastic photos everyone looks so happy. Going to guess at Grey’s Exhausted Syndrome, whatever it is hope a day off helped.

  27. Hi Barb, not sure what the acronym is, but I do hope you got some rest. What a fabulous blog post, love the photos and all the happy faces. It is a credit to you and the team, that everyone enjoyed themselves, were inspired, and like Elizabeth have something that can take their minds off so many things. Well done all of you. Take care. Bx

  28. Many thanks to the whole Team Clarity for all the hard work you put in to make the Open Days so enjoyable, fun and inspirational. And to all the Clarity Crafters attending who made it such a happy time, especially Elisabeth whose smile and enthusiasm really lit up the hall. Many, many years ago my Art teacher told me I would never be able to produce a picture worthy of being called “Art”! Well, thanks to you Barbara and the wonderful Team Clarity and inspirational Design Team, I can and do! And that’s true for all of us irrespective of our abilities, our age or even our gender ( yes I’m a man, I have a beard and I craft!). That’s the magic of Clarity!
    Barbara, I have spent many moments with a “Glassy Eyed Stare”! But I love some of the other suggestions for your acronym. It was lovely to meet you Sam and I feel your acronym could stand for “I Am Clarity Crowe” but after all your hard (and beautifully messy) work it probably stands for “I Am Cream Crackered!”
    Have a lovely crafty day Clarity!

  29. Love this post Barbara, especially hearing about the special people that came along. It has taken the medical profession years to catch onto what crafters and educators have always know, crafting is good for you. There is nothing like getting lost in creating something to relieve stress, fear, pain and heartache. The beauty of it is you do need to be an outstanding artist, just the process of having fun is all it takes. More power to you, your team and all the crafters out there who do their bit to enable all to access the crafty world no matter what their ability is. I hope you have a really relaxing day today and take time to be proud of all you have done.

    1. Whoops just spotted a couple of typos. Of course it should read ‘you do not need to be an outstanding artist’!

  30. Hi, glad the days have gone so well, if the photos are anything to go by everyone was having a fantastic, productive time. My guess is “Glazed Eye Syndrome” I get it a lot – lights are on but everyone’s popped out for a Macdonalds! xx

  31. Love the photos, even spotted Steve hiding behind the display grids, at first I could only see 3 people but you had listed four names so zoomed in !!!
    Anyway on to GES – I think Great Energy Slump as that could apply to all the team. Sounds as though you all had a fantastic time & a lot of first timers looking forward to the next one. Like the sound of the makes & takes although once tried I am sure I would have had to make some purchases. My OH reckons I have enough craft stuff here to open a shop already but what does he know !!!

  32. G E S – Got Exemplary Staff 😁.
    I love reading about the clarity teamwork and it looks like the open day was enjoyed by all. Hoping to go next time x

  33. G E S – got exemplary staff 😁.
    I love hearing about the clarity team. The open days were obviously a huge success and enjoyed by many. I’m hoping to attend one someday. Add that to the bucket list.

  34. It was a wonderful weekend, Great seeing and chatting to people you recognised from other years and all your lovely team especially Jeanine who I only spoke to on the phone the Wednesday lunchtime to ask if there were tickets left and could I pick them up on the door. So thrilled with all my new Clarity goodies too can’t wait to use them all, especially my Faber-Castell pencils . The lunches were lovely as were the pretty cakes. Hope you manage to find some time to relax a bit in the next few days at least. My guess for, the acronym is Groovy Excitement Saturation or Girlie Excitement

  35. Get enough sleep is my thoughts here. It sounds as though a good time was had by all. I have been to the open days when they first started but the M25 really does you in travelling both ways in one day. But hey now I am retired I will have the time to renew my efforts next year.
    Well done all x x

  36. Sounds like it was a big hit and amazing open today at the new venue . Sadly I missed it first time for ages as I fell over and had surgery for Broken shoulder. Will be there next year ( fingers crossed)

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