Day 1. I love my job

Day 1. I love my job

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Just sitting in the hall with Dave and Paul, chatting to you on my phone. What can I tell you? We had the best day! On the way here early this morning, I actually was feeling sick. Just so anxious about whether there would be enough loo roll, whether the car park would be big enough, whether the hall would be light enough, airy enough etc etc etc.

But it ran like clockwork . Our guests turned up on time and in their droves, full of enthusiasm and with a thirst for all that was on offer. It was so good to see so many familiar faces and old friends. (oi! Less of the old!)

Honestly, Halfway through the day, I knew we had nailed it. The loos were fine, the lunches were lovely and the creativity was through the roof.

Now let me see if I can put together a little gallery for you…. blogging on my phone is a bit of a challenge!

All in all, a splendid day! And I look forward to doing it all again tomorrow!

Time for supper with the crew.

Love and hugs

Barb xx

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  1. T’was such a loverly day. Looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow! Thanks for sharing love Jilly xx

  2. Fantastic day , thanks to everyone wish I could do it all again tomorrow but unfortunately not this year . ( hopefully 2 days next year)
    Lots of goodies and inspiration for me today , so looking forward to trying out all the things I have learnt today.
    So looking forward to the retreat counting the days
    Love to you all
    Denise x

  3. Hi Barbara and everyone, glad it all went well just knew it would.
    Looks from the photos everyone enjoyed the day, hope everyone going tomorrow will have a great time.
    Lynn xx

  4. Glad all went well. Sure tomorrow will be as good if not better.
    Still looking for a workshop or group to join, wish I could get to some of the events, they look such fun.
    Have a good evening with the crew.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  5. Thanks to everyone for a lovely day , learnt so much about the gell press, Sam’s demos were great so even though I don’t do messy I am looking forward to playing with my purchases. Have a good day tomorrow

  6. Looks fantastic you are great and putting together n events great crew to love you wish could be there but down in Norfolk for couple weeks while bathroom is being made into a wet room have lots fun tomorrow love to you all Joy and Katie bob

  7. You shouldn’t have worried Barb, it was all perfect. Really enjoyed the day and looking forward to

  8. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely day. I came to Ditton today with my friend Mary. Like you I was really anxious in the morning, and at one point I didn’t think that I was going to make it, but I did, and we both had a lovely day. Thank YOU ALL.
    We had a go at the encaustic art, Amazing, and what FUN!!
    Mind you our journey home was a complete nightmare. The M20 bit was fine, but then there was a diesel spillage at the Dartford crossing and they closed it. Everywhere seemed to come to a stand still!!!
    Anyway, we decided to come off the motorway and take the back roads. BIG MISTAKE!! The sat nav said turn left. So I did!! BIG MISTAKE!! We were taken down some country lane and I ended up having to drive up the bank so only had two wheels on the road!! Poor Mary, she was virtually in the bushes!! And the van drivers coming the other way thought it was all very funny!!
    Anyway, two hours later we finally arrived home!!
    Guess what! I’m doing it all again tomorrow 🤪, can’t wait!!
    See you tomorrow
    Love & Hugs

    1. Hi Penny, so pleased you made it and had a lovely day – so jealous! Maybe next year and you can show me the Ropes! Gill x

  9. Thank you Barbara and all the great crew had a great day with you all left with purse lot lighter bags full of great things do head full of great ideas to use thing had years and not used Thanks for a great day

  10. Alex and I had an amazing day. Spending time with all our Clarity family always makes me so happy! I think a few people may be worried that all the cakes went today (no surprise there!) but worry not! The cake fairy will replenish our stock ready for the morning! Sadly, Alex has prior commitments so I will be on my tod tomorrow but I’ll be fine, as long as I can have the odd cuppa! I may have a little extra pile of goodies for you all to browse tomorrow too 😉. Can’t wait to get up in the morning!! Big hugs to all the Clarity family who made today so wonderful! Roll on tomorrow xxx

  11. Still very jealous lol! Looks like fun, enjoy tomorrow too then take a break so your neck gets some rest. Enjoy yourselves everyone who goes xx

  12. Had an amazing day. Thank you to Barbara & all at team clarity. You all certainly know how to host an open day. Lots of goodies to play with & plenty of food for my creativity! One happy bunny here 😊

  13. Dear Barbara, thank you, thank you , to you, your family and splendid team for a truly fabulous day. The hall was filled with laughter and fun and your demonstrators were so selfless giving us all an insight into their creativity. Also the tombola was most generous, I came away with lovely goodies. I am now looking forward to next year.

  14. Sounds like a great day was had by all…I’m sure tomorrow will be just as good. Roll on Leyburn! xx

  15. Once again you’ve nailed Barb, soooo wish I could have got there 😢 never mind, maybe next year (please God )
    So pleased you’ve all had a great day, love and hugs xxx

  16. You didn’t have to worry Barbara. The best venue I have been too. Super demos and Makes and a good brand range guaranteed Catering spot on and good value. Thanks for having water “on tap” to save bottles. Btw the towel had run out in the loos!! Please come to Ditton again. Anyone going today? You will not be disappointed and if by chance you win a raffle prize – wow! Oh – the cupcakes are perfect and don’t forget to be generous putting a donation in the butterfly box. Thank you Barbara and team. We had the best day spent loads and came home very happy.

  17. It looks as though it was an amazing day. I see my ENGG friends in their ‘Tina’ t shirts in one of the photos, so look forward to hearing all about it at our next meeting.
    Have a great day today. Hugs Annette X
    PS. I listened to the podcast last night and can recommend it to everyone. A very honest insight into your life and Clarity Barbara. Thank you. X

  18. How wonderful Barb, that there were so many happy and enthusiastic attendees, and no doubt more today. Lovely pics. Enjoy everyone. Bx

  19. So pleased it went so well and very disappointed not to be there as planned but unfortunately I was quite unwell this week so had to abandon all hopes of joining the fun. Next year.
    Have another great day today. xx

  20. So pleased for everybody but also so jealous. I promised myself that this would be the year I get to go but wound up being “post viral” and the energy levels aren’t up to it. So, next year!

  21. Great pictures of everyone enjoying themselves.Sorry I can’t be there this year but youngest Granddaughters 1st Birthday party has to come first but I have persuaded OH that Yorkshire will be beautiful in September so Leyburn here I come !! can’t wait only 15 weeks to go.
    Like Annette I listened to the podcast last night & thought it was a great insight into your life & how Clarity has evolved into what it has become today.

  22. Barbara you are a star! ⭐. That has to be the best craft event I’ve ever attended. I loved it. We travelled all the way from Milton Keynes and it was most certainly worth the trip! Loved the workshops with Lou and Mike, fantastic demos from Leonie and all the others! I was lucky enough to have won one of your awesome raffle prizes too, bonus!!! We met some lovely people, learned lots of new things, and had great fun. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was the best, organised to a T! Huge congratulations to all involved. Xx

  23. Thank you Barbara for a wonderful day, you work so hard to make everything just right, special thanks to Linda and to Paul who shared there knowledge and skills answering every questions put to them they both helped me with some little problems I have had. You certainly have a wonderful and loyal team behind you Thank you to everyone who worked so hard.

  24. Such a lovely day, thank you all. Great demos, lovely to be introduced to the “backroom”team, nice lunch and what can I say about the shopping opportunity!! Good to chat with everyone and help your Mum set the world to rights!
    Friends from WI craftclubs really enjoyed the experience, shopped well and will be back next year probably with others. A great venue for me as I could keep a watch on my other half without having to keep running up and down stairs! We can no longer do the big shows, nor I the retreats as we need to be together all the time so this was a real treat for me . Thanks to everyone at team Clarity. Enjoy the planned holiday – it sounds amazing.

  25. Hi Barb,
    Well it looks and sounds as though you definitely nailed it! Everyone looks happy and judging by the comments above they certainly enjoyed it. I can’t wait for Leyburn! Love and hugs,Alison xx

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