OMG!!! They did it!!!

OMG!!! They did it!!!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Thanks for watching the TV shows on HOCHANDA today if you did – well, somebody must have, becasue the sales smashed targets all over!! And lovely Linda is on again now as I write, having put a massive dent in substantial stock in the first hours at 6pm. Do tune in to watch on catch up – her designs are superb.

So picture the scene. Linda says to me as we are clearing away my 2-4pm set together, “Hey Barb, you don’t need to stay and watch my 6pm show. Why don’t you and Paul both get off down the motorway, and get home at a reasonable hour?” Well I looked at her, then wandered over to her and gave her a big hug. Then I whispered in her ear….“Bye then!!” And we were out of that door before she had a chance to rethink it!!

The reason being that our Mark was on a US IPTV Sports channel, and I thought if we motored, we might catch the last half of the game. I knew Dave was watching it, and when I called to say we were nearly home, he told me they were 7-0 down. Ever the optimist, I said that this can change quickly in a rugby game, and while I was on the phone – I kid you not! _ Dave suddenly exclaimed, well blow me! I think Mark’s just scored! Boom.

By the time we flew through the door, there were just 12 minutes left, and the score had flipped to 12-10!!!

Blow me down, they did it. They won the US League II Championships.

Here’s Mark, No. 8
Now take a good look at his boots….

Are you ready for a story? Right, sit down for this one! It’s pretty epic. And absolutely true…

Mark calls me about a month ago, and tells me he is going to Moscow. Moscow?? That’s a long way from San Francisco. Well, his best mate from England is getting married to a Russian girl, and has asked Mark to be his best man. Only snag is the rugby tournament, because if they get through to the finals, then the wedding in Moscow is on the Wednesday before the BIG GAME on the Sunday. But they haven’t even made the quarter-final at this point, so who knows…

But they do make the quarter-final, and then the semi-final in Austin, Texas. Now he knows that he has to be back to Columbus in Ohio for the final. So he celebrates with Fred in Russia, then the next day, he flies from Moscow to Ohio via Helsinki. Which by the way, is a helluva long haul.

Makes it in plenty of time, but there’s only one fly in the ointment. A pretty big fly. His suitcase doesn’t make it to America. And his rugby kit is in the suitcase. Scheissenhausen. So he spends all Friday or Saturday (I lose track) trawling through Ohio looking for a pair of size 15 rugby boots. Apparently they don’t grow them over there, but he found something similar, and I think he settled for a pair of football boots in the end. Hey! After this game, he’ll probably never wear anything else!!!

Honestly, when the whistle blew and they had won the final, I could FEEL his joy. He was in the middle of his team, jumping up and down, and so were we. Bloody brilliant.

#lifeissweet #againsttheodds

So there you have it. All that effort, all that runaround for Mark, halfway round the world. Lost his suitcase, his best clothes, his wedding suit, his best shoes, his rugby boots, lost the lot – and just kept going. Yeah. I am so proud, I could cry. Ah what the hell, let’s.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

28 thoughts on “OMG!!! They did it!!!

  1. Well he obviously has his mother’s genes doesn’t he. Problem?? What problem. Congratulations to Mark and his team mates and congratulations to you too, what fabulous shows. Xxxxxxx

  2. It was just amazing…A very hard fought game , but they did it, in spite of the fact that Mark’s try was ‘held up’ … Absolutely brilliant .. So glad you got back in time. xx

  3. So happy you got to see the last few minutes Barbara. And your shows today were just glorious! I have spent me pennies but boy am I looking forward to the lush new stamps.
    Congrats to your lovely boy too – he’s definitely a chip off the block so to speak xx

  4. Awww, so good to see you ecstatically happy, Barb. Well done Mark and your team.
    What a talented family you are, Barb the artist and creative soul, Dave the musician, Grace the actor, and Mark the rugby star. And you all work so hard, and have beautiful souls.
    You should all feel very proud of yourselves.
    Live in your happiness and pride from Mark and his team’s victory for as long as you can Barb.
    See, told you you were worrying over nothing, Clarity fans sitting on there hands be that indoors or outside, as if!!!
    Love you xxx

  5. Fantastic news. Well done Mark and your team mates. You have every reason to be very proud. I love the story and the happy ending. X

  6. Well the joy is written all over your face! Well done Mark and all his team, and so delighted you got to see the final phase of the match and their celebrations x

  7. Now lets see
    Where does he get his grit and determination from I wonder?

    Well done Mark many congratulations xx

  8. Oh well done to Mark, what a fantastic result. Also well done to you and Lindale and team Clarity for another successful weekend. Xx

  9. What a trooper! Takes after his hard working, never giving up mum! Congratulations to the Champions, especially after the epic mishaps and miles travelled. Missed this afternoons shows as was busy packing boxes (word of warning… if you’re an avid crafter don’t move house – especially to downsize!) they are recorded tho’ so will catch up at some point. Managed to see Linda’s 6pm whilst enjoying a cuppa and toasted teacakes… think I need those plates… is there room in a box????

  10. Hi Barb,
    Many, many congratulations to Mark and all of his team – you must be so proud. What a palaver though for him with his suitcase going missing. Pleased you managed to catch the last bit of the game too. Many, many congratulations to you too for the brilliant shows this afternoon. The demos were great and the samples just awesome. So glad that the stamps were such a success as well – just goes to show how loyal all of your followers are – and you were worried!! Just watching Linda’s 2nd show now and she is brilliant. The new plates are gorgeous and fell into my basket within two minutes of the first show starting!! Thank you to all at team Clarity and well done again to Mark. Love and hugs Alison xxxx

  11. Wow wow wow fantastic news if you didn’t cry made me he must be well buzzing I can imagine the atmosphere in your home at that moment what a proud moment well done mark congratulations great day all around xxx

  12. What a result, you must be very proud!! Hope Mark’s luggage gets found and returned.
    The stamps and samples shown today were beautiful, naturally they fell into my basket together with the mini archival ink pads which are a brilliant idea. Love the little’ uns as they don’t take up much room on the craft table and are so easy to pack into a crafting bag. Means I can carry all colours with me when I travel.
    Linda’s new plates are a wonderful addition to the set and I understand there will be more in the future. 👍Look forward to it.
    Hottest day this year, 28.6C here in Norfolk, and that is official according to the BBC. Had a smashing morning in the countryside but was glad to get home and get cool before watching Clarity.
    Bed time now – sleep well.

  13. What a wonderful end to the day Barbara and well done to Mark for not letting anything stand in the way and at least he managed to find a pair of boots that fit even if they weren’t rugby boots, and what a great result! So pleased you managed to get home in time to at least catch a bit of the match. Hopefully the lost suitcase will surface eventually.

  14. Many congratulations to Mark and his team.
    May I just mention Cornwall who won the Bill Beaumont cup at Twickenham today, I listened to it on the radio and it was a close run match.
    Haven’t watched today’s shows but they are all recorded so look forward to catching up tomorrow xx

  15. I could feel your joy just reading this and you must have been bursting. What an amazing story and well done to Mark and his team. Good for him for not wanting to let his best mate or his team down, but then he has you for a role model, so it is not surprising. I hope his suitcase arrives eventually.
    By the way, the shows were brilliant. I loved watching all your demos with the stamps and masks and Linda’s plates are gorgeous. As usual, the samples by the DT are beautiful. Hope you managed to sleep last night, after all the weekend adrenaline! Hugs Annette X

  16. What an achievement. Congratulations to Mark and the team and to his best friend. So glad you got to see a little of the game.
    I hope his suitcase does show up at some point.
    So pleased the shows were a success too.
    Hugs xx

  17. Hi Barb, what a lovely gesture by Linda, and so glad you made it to watch the end. #SuperproudMUM. And Mark does deserve it after all that. Hope he gets his case back. Shows were great, such lovely arty goodness. Take care all. Bx

  18. Wow, fabulous news about the result, I could feel the excitement as I read the blog. What’s a problem ? there is always a solution even if not a straight forward one. Hope the suitcase is located & returned in due course.
    Watching the shows in snippets but have recorded them to watch properly later. From what I have seen so far there have been plenty of hints & tips as well as techniques. With more shows on Thursday we are going to be all on dry bread & water but it is good for the figure & we can live a relaxing life !! What more can we ask for ??

  19. Dear Barbara that was a great story, well done Mark. It’s lovely when you can be part of the excitement. Glad you got home in time,
    Love watching Lynda such beautiful work. Might catch the later one today. Xxxxx

  20. Takes after his Mum then, dust off and get out there. Well done to him and the team… missed the Clarity shows so hoping to catch on Rewind.

  21. Oh wow! Fantastic Mark, well done! No wonder your Mum is so proud of you! AND you got to go to Columbus! That’s only a couple of hours from where I used to live (Twinsburg) and where I still have family 💖 xx

  22. Just a bit of a proud Mummy moment all round I’d say! – But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Barbara, You should be even prouder of yourself! Well done to you all and Yeam Clarity too!
    So lovely to hear your joy!

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