Poetry Stamps on Sunday

Poetry Stamps on Sunday

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. What a glorious day! I won’t keep you long; just want to showcase the new stamps collections which are being launched on HOCHANDA by myself tomorrow 2-4pm. I love ‘em!

Only one hitch: if the weather is this lovely tomorrow, then you good people will be out and about, or in the garden sunning yourselves. Which I completely understand, and would actually encourage you to do! But it does mean that sales will be slow. Shrugs shoulders, and thinks, “Never mind. Can’t control the weather. C’est la vie.” Just so you know, there is a 3 for 2 sale on the sets. So that’s £20 instead of £30, while stock lasts. But it will, because you’ll all be at the poolside!

So I shall show you some lovely artwork from the design team, and just get philosophical about tomorrow. Que sera sera.

There you go! The Serenity Prayer. Says it all.
Julie Dunn
Barbara Lancaster
Jane Telford
Linda Spencer
Sarah Brennan
Maria Moorhouse
Elaine Milner
Sarah Brennan
Linda Spencer
Anne Dimitriou
Sarah Brennan
Carolyn Craven

Paul and I are heading up to the studios together at the crack of sparrows, and we’ll be meeting Linda and Rob Williams up there. She’s in charge of the 6pm One Day Special Show, launching a fantastic set of Groovi plates which she has designed. Very, very lovely they are too! I will tell you more tomorrow…

The other thing I want to flag up is that I’ve put my name down for another Craftalonga-Barbie in July! This is the set we have rustled up for that session, which is also right up my street! Dandelions we’ve called it. If you fancy a virtual arty lesson, crafting along with me in the comfort of your own home on Sunday, July 14th you can buy this little set at a really good price from tomorrow. Only from HOCHANDA though xx

Die + Stencil + Stampset + Sticker wordsheets. These designs are also abailable as Groovi plates, but we split them from the bundle, because there’s just not enough time to do a Groovi project too.

The sticker words are sayings and phrases which are dear to my heart, and which you may have heard me say on occasion!

Just heard Dave pull up. He’s been at work making stamps today! We are so backed up and busy! So I shall pour him a nice iced Sun-tea. Who knows what Sun-tea is?

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “Poetry Stamps on Sunday

  1. Oh Barbara, do you really believe it will be a slow 2 hours? For stampers, these are too good to miss and I am sure people will come in from the garden, even if only to place their order and record the programme to watch later. Just the above samples are enough to make the mouth water and I foresee a sell out.
    Safe journey tomorrow morning.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  2. Oh ye of little faith, Barb!
    Methinks those who are fortunate enough to be able to be out sunning themselves will have heard of mobile phones and tablets!!! And the rest of us who can’t or who have rubbish weather predicted for tomorrow, well we’ll be watching, and spending as per usual when it’s Clarity shows… Won’t we, everyone?!

    Lovely DT samples.

    Nope, never heard of Sun-tea.

    What else would Dave be doing on a Saturday…!!!
    Enjoy your evening together
    love you xxx

    1. Sun-tea. Well there you go, does as it says on the tin! What a rarity in the normal world that is…!!!

  3. Oh my goodness I think I need to sell an organ! These are stunning and along with Leonie’s new stamps and stamps for the craft a long in July – yep need to sell a kidney so that I can purchase it all. Love, love, love these beautiful words and fabulous artwork. You spoil us Barbara, have a good night with your lovely man xx

    1. Sorry, I don’t mean to upset you, but I feel that’s inappropriate to be joking about. I find it upsetting, so much so that I felt I had to say to you.

  4. Sitting in the sun is overrated, I’d rather be watching you Barbara create your magic with these stunning stamps 👍🏼 Looking forward till tomorrow 😊

  5. Hi Barbara,
    Well thank you for the dies in dandelions ,just love them this is a must for me .
    You are to good to us , your dies are great I made a lovely card for a special friend who lost her husband this time last year and put an insert in with a lovely verse no mush.
    She just loved the die they give you such a lovely finish and are always different from the rest
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow.
    Have a safe journey.
    Lynn xxx

  6. I am not a stamper, but always watch the shows, so will be outside in the sunshine, watching on my tablet. I am so looking forward to seeing Linda’s new plates tomorrow evening.
    Have a good evening and enjoy the show tomorrow.
    Hugs. Annette. x

  7. Maybe …
    Sun tea is lemon tea with a slice of lemon…..looks like the sun!!! Only guessing! Nice anyway .

  8. Hi Barbara
    What beautiful stamps and such lovely verses. I’m sure they will fly regardless of the weather. The artwork is stunning too.love the new craft along kit, that die is gorgeous. Have a safe journey, I’m sure you will have fun during the sessions and I know there will be lots of chatter with Linda and Rob! I’m off to look up Sun Tea, it sounds interesting.
    Love Diane xxx

  9. Recorder set for tomorrow. No idea what sun-tea is- no doubt you will tell us. Love all the samples, great work by the design team. Went to see ‘Hamilton’ today, brilliant performance and very slick scene changes. Safe journey tomorrow.

  10. Good luck with the shows tomorrow. I’m sure the stamps will be snapped up.
    Yes I do know what sun tea is. Have drunk it many times in America, though not recently. Have never made thought about making it here 😊
    Safe trip there and back xx

  11. Always read just had to reply and hope it doesn’t disappear. Love everything as always. Sun tea is when you put the water and tea – or teabags more often in the US – in a jar and leave in the hot sun to brew then serve iced. That’s how some dear friends over the pond used to do it. Hope all goes well tomorrow safe journey xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    The stamps are gorgeous, but as I have the plates, they might not fall into my basket. I do have a feeling that Linda’s new plates might though! There’s one certain fact , if the weather is like today, I’ll be watching sitting next to the fire., we haven’t seen the sun for ages!! Have a safe journey up to Peterborough and I’m sure there will be sellouts. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  13. Wow loving those stamps and verses I’m sure how ever hot we will all be watching you tomorrow phones iPads computers all out in garden I will be in doors watching those two hours. Is the Tea cold tea black with ice and lemon 🍋 as not sure but think we all need to know how to make it so we can enjoy it too please. sleep well save trip up here weather says 24 cloudy !! here tomorrow night xxx

  14. The new stamps look amazing, the new CraftalongaBarbie kit looks amazing…Oh my what to get…Can’t decide! Why is payday so far away! I don’t think it will be slow for your shows so get ready for the surge. Xx

  15. Great verses and the frames are stunning Barbara. I am looking forward to watching tomorrow and I think the chances are the stamps will fly regardless of the weather. I have read that sun tea is tea bags in a jar left in the sun and drunk with lemon, though it seems that some say that cold water with the bags left in the sun can harbour bacteria and make you ill and I haven’t made it myself but think that this view is possibly a little bit over the top. x

    1. I’ve had sun tea many times and never had a problem. Here in the US we love our iced tea in the warm weather and popping a few teabags and water in a jar and just letting it sit all day doesn’t heat up your kitchen. Some like it plain, some with lemon or mint, some with lots of sugar. I love iced tea with a couple of lemon wedges. Perfect on a hot humid day.

  16. If it’s a lovely day today, looks like it might be, I’ll sit outside with the iPad watching the shows. It will make a nice change from my book (which I’m sure I’ve read before!). Have a great show. Might make some sun tea today ! X

  17. Hi Barb, safe travels to you and Paul (probably there already), love the looks of these stamps, but will have to sit on my hands today, despite the fab offer. Well Maybe! who knows. The artwork is stupendous and beautiful. Enjoy the shows all. Take care. Bx

  18. Love those stamps Barbara. They’re definitely on my wishlist for the Open Day on 15th. Looking forward to another fun day and seeing you then. Xx

  19. Love those stamps Barbara. They’re definitely on my wishlist for the Open Day on 15th. Looking forward to seeing you then. Xx

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