Grace on Board! Hip Hip Hooray!

Grace on Board! Hip Hip Hooray!

Hi there!

Thanks for joining me. Big Day today. Well, it certainly is for our daughter Grace! She’s joining Team Clarity again! Woohoo!!

This time last week we were making plans in New York !
And being photo bombed by Baker Mayfield!
American Footballer apparently.

Many of you will remember her as a teenager, when she used to help at the shows, and answer the office phone. Delightful energy, hard worker, great fun. Working at Clarity paid for her University years! She graduated with no debts, no loans – not even so much as an overdraft. Thing is, she learned the ropes really really early. And she hasn’t forgotten, that’s for sure! The business may have exploded since those days, but the essence, the core of what we are about, is in her blood.

This afternoon, at bang on 1pm she facetimes me, all set at her new computer – and open for business! That’s 8am New York time, you see. So we can expect a dinglelingleling at lunchtime everyday now! I love that idea. Waited a long time for this. Yep, Grace is building the bridge to the States for us, by launching our New York Office. More will be revealed. I had to slow her down a bit today! She was all set to rock n roll, and we haven’t got our dancing shoes on yet! In fact, we are so swamped with work, she needs to get over here and roll her sleeves up before we can do any dancing on Broadway! Actually, she IS coming over the week after the Open Days, for training and working on the US plans. Oh yes. It will all come together Stateside now she’s on the team; you’ll see. Hip Hip Hooray!

It’s the first Monday of the Month, so the new Products of the Month have been launched. It’s a poppy thing this month – across the range. All available for the whole month at a great price.

This week, let’s highlight the FRESH CUT DIE: Enjoy 33% off our Poppy Seed Heads Aperture Die. This Bloomin’ beautiful Fresh Cut Die makes for a spectacular seasonal die cutting or embossing project. 

Beautiful artwork too…. thank you dear team players!

And before I call it a day for today, a big THANK YOU to my dear friend Linda Williams, for a cracking special TV Marathon today. Well done Linda. Wonderful designs and beautiful samples. Teamwork makes the dream work, eh.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “Grace on Board! Hip Hip Hooray!

  1. A New York office! Great news! I love all things Clarity, and hope a location in the US of A will make acquiring the products a little easier. Best wishes on the new venture!!

  2. I am so excited that you are planning a US launch. Will you have A7 and A2 Groovi plates, which are our standard in the US? I am so loving all of your projects. I wish I lived in NY so I could work for your new branch. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial/videos on YouTube. Congratulations on your expansion to the US.

    1. Even just basic oval and rectangles would be very useful for those of us in the US. Very excited about Clarity’s expansion. Looking forward to what you reveal next.

  3. Learned a thing or two from Linda today and I’ve been parching for nearly 20 years. Never really got into painting on parchment, hated the Pinta paints we used in the “old days” but now I will give it another go. Thanks Linda.
    You and Grace look so happy together – lucky you to have such wonderful kids.
    Once again the design team have done you proud with the samples on the Poppy offer.
    Been playing with Tina’s new plates today and was delighted to find the floral designs were not as fiddly as anticipated and were very easy to work with.
    Hugs to all 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Great to have you on board Grace! It’s a shame you won’t be home for the open days, it would be lovely to have a catch up! Your Mum must be bursting with pride for both her kids at the moment. You have both done so well and great to see you all so happy 💖.
    I love Linda’s flowers. The violets are my favourites! My dear beloved Nan was called Violets and I even have a tattoo of violets in her honour 💚.
    I’m looking forward to the open days sooo much xx

  5. Evening bloggy friends, back to work today no children though as they start tomorrow. Today was all paprework and tidying…just what I was doing last week! Xx

  6. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely photo of you and Grace – pride just oozes from you! Welcome on board Grace and good luck. My New Tina’s plates arrived today – thank you for such brilliant delivery time. The poppy seed heads die is a lovely one to use – great for the masculine cards too. In fact all of this month’s offers are excellent ( even better that I have them already!). Haven’t had a chance to watch Linda’s shows today as we went down to Bentham Cliffs , Flamborough Head to see the Puffins which I love ( they are so cute) . Had a lovely day but journey back was a nightmare – tractors galore on country roads causing quite long tailbacks – took us three and a half hours instead of the usual two and a half! Love and hugs Alison xx

  7. Well done Grace a hard worker obviously. No debts from University is a great achievement and she will be an asset to the company. Linda did great on the shows, those plates will be coming home with me from the Open Days. Always fab designs from Linda. X

  8. Such exciting news Grace is back on the clarity train all best Grace in New York office just wonderful mum and daughter team you will be rock and Rolling big time so excited for you and all of us clarity rocks New York here we come hope there braced and ready hitting it with a storm love Joy xxx

  9. What a great photo of you and Grace Barbara, and pride in her just oozes from every pore. She will be a great asset to the business and things Stateside will be moving on a pace. x

  10. I got hooked on clarity years ago when I saw you on create and craft . I use to read you everyday and have tones you f stamps and then it seems it didn’t work out and color burst . Followed you on hochanda also . Hope it works out for you and for Grace . Wonder if you still have your home in New Mexico ? Best of luck .

  11. I remember Grace doing a show on C&C many years ago and now she is back to take the helm in NYC. You must be so proud of both your kids.
    The new products of the month are so appropriate, with the 75th anniversary of D Day this week. Perfect timing.
    Hugs Annette X

  12. Hello Barb, I am sure Grace is just going to rock it. She is not doubt as savvy as her Mum. Love the products of the month, and the beautiful artwork. Take care all. Bx

  13. Morning Barbara, Lovely photo of you and Grace. Fab news Grace will be running Clarity in the US. How exciting! I know you are so proud of her! Really enjoyed your shows yesterday. Those stamps are beautiful and have gone straight on my wishlist for the Open Day on 15th. Looking forward to another fun day and seeing you then. Hugs xx

  14. Morning Barbara, Lovely photo of you and Grace. Fab news about her running Clarity in the US. I know you are so proud of her. Really enjoyed your shows yesterday . Those stamps are beautiful and have gone straight onto my wishlist for the Open Day on 15th. Looking forward to another fun day and seeing you then. Hugs xx

  15. Hi Barbara &Grace,
    You both look so happy.
    A great team, New York won’t know what’s hit them !!!
    Clarity is a great company ,wonderful products and excellent service.
    Long may it continue.
    All the best for the future business just remembered Clarity rocks.!!!
    Lynn xxx

  16. How exciting for you all. Bet there are lots of USA Clarity fans champing at the bit too, Grace!!!
    Oh, Barb, the lengths you have to go to just to make sure Grace checks in with you every day, eh…!!!😉
    I wish every success for you, Grace, Clarity USA, and team Clarity. Xxx

  17. Wow. That’s wonderful news for Barbara and Grace. Excellent Clarity businesses for British and U.S.A. Very happy for you both. I love 💕 with Clarity products. 👍👍👍

  18. Gorgeous photo of you and Grace. Happiness just radiates from those smiles I wish you all the best for this and future ventures.

  19. I have met Grace a couple of times, a few years back at the Port Sunlight Happy Stampers shows. The first time I turned up “welded” to elbow crutches a month on from a knee replacement. Although the show had only just opened and as per usual the Clarity stand was my first stop, the stall was heaving. Grace who was helping out at the till spotted my long list of Clarity “must/gottahaves”, clutched in my hot little hand. She swooped over and with instructions for me to “stay there”, she was off, tarring around the stall, filling my basket. She knew where everything was, (it helped that she had not long helped to put everything on the stand). Her friendliness and energy was astounding, a lovely girl. The second time we met I was unencumbered by crutches and was able to shop for myself before stopping off to watch a demo by Barbara. Poor Barbara, not only did she have a crowd to the front of her stand, she also had a lot of very keen but inconsiderate fans pushing from her sides and back ,trying to get a glimpse of her demonstration. It was the only time I have seen Barbara looking pale and panicked, I was worried about her. I made over to the till and told Grace what was happening. After thanking me, Grace was off to rescue her Mum, armed with some grapes and a bottle of water. I didn’t see the outcome but I am sure Grace soon cleared an area for her Mum and made sure she was OK. A young lady who is a credit to her Mum and I am sure she will be a credit to Clarity America too. it was a pleasure to meet her.

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