Mr & Mrs Woody Woodpecker are in residence!

Mr & Mrs Woody Woodpecker are in residence!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Well, a pair of great spotted woodpeckers have moved into our garden – and they are magnificent!

Awesome couple! Or is it Mum and Baby? Or Dad and baby?
Or…. is it brother and sister?
Let’s ask.
Anybody speak Woodpeckish?

There’s something very magical about catching a pair of woodpeckers working away at an old oak together. They’ve been in residence for a while now; Dave caught them on camera today. They are so flighty and fast! Mind you, most birds are!

I just called my friend Tom from Clarity and asked him to get in the back of the website, (he’s a dab hand at that !) and adjust the price on our wonderful woodpecker stamps and stencil set, designed by Mel herself. So realistic! Look!!

Big, beautiful and bold – just like the real deal.

The mask is also included with the stamps and stencil. So you can stamp Woody and the foliage. Then mask them off, then add the stencil tree and hills. Great deal! CLICK HERE to investigate, and save £10 plus club discounts.

But now it is time to stop. Thank you for making this week’s TV shows such a resounding success ! And thanks to Linda, Paul and all the presenters and producers and directors and hardworking staff at HOCHANDA, for making the shows a pleasure to do and watch. Working at Hochanda with these guys is a good thing indeed. I love it there.

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Mr & Mrs Woody Woodpecker are in residence!

  1. Hi Barb, I used to see one of these birds out the back where I used to live. It was the noise that got me looking. I had to use my binoculars though as the trees were further down the communal green. I used to sit and watch it too.

    You, and your designers, come up with such good, innovative ideas, and make top quality products always, so of course folk are going to flock and buy, and not just us die hard Clarity fans either. Hochanda as a whole, and the crafty presenters too, sure have flourished in all ways since those companies left. Love it now, watch it pretty much every day now. You can feel it’s a good place to be, the staff are lovely, and care about each other, and about their presenting/demoing job, that’s what comes across when I watch.

    Hope you have a good, relaxing weekend, love you xxx

  2. Trying to catch up with all the shows but don’t think I am winning. Well done all and fantastic samples.
    How lucky to have woodpeckers in your garden, enjoy.
    How do we find out what is needed for the July craftalong apart from the kit (which I have)?
    It has been a very wet day but it has finally stopped raining and I think we are in for an interesting sunset. Have a restful evening. xx

  3. Hi Barb, I think your woodpecker (red on top of the head) is a young great spotted woodpecker with one of its parents behind. Male will have a red patch behind its head which is absent in the female. Love your products and Demos.

  4. I have a feeding pole just a few feet from my kitchen window, and all of the birds are bringing their babies down now -including a pair of woodpeckers and their 2 children who are now as large as their parents! I only know they are the babes when they beg for food. If left too long they give up and help themselves. They love the fat block in particular. They live in an old chestnut tree just over the fence in the woodland. I wish I had a camera to take such good photos as yours Barb!

  5. I am afraid of birds but I quite like watching from a safe distance . It must be magical to watch. Out of my window I only see rats on wings with the odd magpie.
    Enjoy them whilst they visit and I hope they come back next year xx

  6. Happy day – those bird stamps are gorgeous. We don’t see many birds here unfortunately although some are quite vocal at 4am. then I think that having woken me up they return to their nests for a kip.
    Have had these stamps for ages but had to cut my own mask. Glad you are showcasing some of the older items, means the bank balance can breathe easy for a while, and we get new inspiration for our crafting.
    Placed an order Thursday morning delivered noon today – Friday – can’t get better service than that !!!
    Thanks for all the work you and the team have put in to give us a fantastic week of shows.
    Hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  7. Been catching up today on the shows still have Paul’s to watch. Fantastic samples, you have a great team of designers. Linda is magnificent with her demos and tips too. Loved watching you with the dies as well. Your woodpeckers are lovely, Dave takes good photos, got the stamps and stencil but have to check if I have the mask. Have a great

  8. We have had the baby birds crying to be feed at are bird feeders love watching them and how attentive they are to there young boy do we go through lots food this time of year. Loving shows and lots lovely tips two shows to catch up on tomorrow just watched the 9am show 1@5 to go sure got the wood pecker stamp and stencil have to get them out xxx

  9. Lovely photos of your wood pecker. The stamp is good to use and makes a lovely card. What a good Clarity week, plenty of ideas. Xx

  10. How lovely to have these woodpeckers in your garden and what great photos of them too. We only ever seem to get sparrows and blackbirds with the occasional robin, nothing so exotic as this. I must admit that for crafting programmes I very rarely watch anything else other than Hochanda, it always seems to have a much better vibe. x

  11. What a lovely thing to see in your own back yard! I am just catching up on the die shows as been busy this week they look great

  12. Hello Barbara

    I am peckish, if that is any help, lol.
    I have loved all the shows, spending today with Paul and looking forward to the Open Days.

    See you soon, love,

  13. Hello Barb, what a fabulous sight to see in your garden, we have had a lone woodpecker come to the feeders before, but not 2 together. I love watching the birds in the garden. All the shows this week were fab, I loved the very arty and colour blouse you had on. Take care all. Bx

  14. We have a couple of bird feeders near our kitchen and day room windows. We were watching a woodpecker feeding yesterday. We live in a lovely countryside setting and see lots of birds.

  15. I love woodpeckers. They are often on our apple tree. I think they are greater spotted. The lessers are much less common and quite small. Beautiful photo. Xx

  16. Hi Barb,
    Lovely photos of the woodpeckers – we often get a couple who visit us in winter to eat at the feeders. We are quite lucky as we do get a lot of birds in the garden. Like Linda, I’m terrified of being close to birds but I love to watch them, especially their antics in the birdbath – so funny! Congratulations on the wonderful shows and well done to all involved. Love and hugs Alison xx

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